Thursday, August 12, 2010

080808 - 080810 ; We've Made It This Far!

note : this is a delayed entry due to some technical problems.

Like I mentioned in my Wedding Website, Mr. Coulomb could not be any more right when he came up with the "Opposites Attract" Law. Because when north meets south, what do you get? A blooming love story of Aien & Thara! :P

2007 - Trip to Pangkor with the University

Really, it's amazing how we can actually get along well with each other sometimes. I, coming from the north, have thick penangite-slang to me. And Aien, coming from the south, has that distinguishable johorian-twang that he finds it hard to let go.

2007 - Prom Night

Since both of us come from a richly cultured family background and obviously different liking in food, deciding in most of the things would tiiiiiiny bit be a problem for us! Like, what to have for lunch – nasi kandar or nasi beriyani! :P

2007 - Prom Night

You've heard all about it. How we started to chat with each other in Yahoo Messenger. How he tried to ask me out on a date a couple of times before, but got turned down. And how it all began when he agreed to escort me to Disney's Princess on Ice.

2005 - First date to Princess On Ice

I can still remember that night vividly in my mind, as though it just happened a week ago. It was our first date and it was magical, almost perfect. It was, like I said, one of the nights when everything was so right, you didn't want it to end. But most importantly, it was a beautiful start to a happy ending. :)

Years gone by, and after 4 years of joy and pain, struggle and success, laughter and tears together, on 8th August 2008, with just one lafaz, Aien finally made me his rightful wife. :)

It was a very emotional moment! My dad cried, I cried! But one thing for sure, Aien was happily smiling and anticipating for the end of the event (if you know what I mean)! :P

2008 - Upacara Menyarung Cincin

Our receptions were celebrated joyously. I could still remember the night when I played dress up, trying on many different wedding costumes and posing away like nobody's business! :P It was so much fun, I do not mind doing it again! Next time however, they will have to make alterations to the dresses! :P Here's a clip of me on Malam Berinai, a day before the reception in Johor.

This Malam Berinai was specially reserved for close friends and families only. The next morning, I was all groomed for the reception in Johor. I could still remember the day. I was so tired from photoshoots, helping out with wedding arrangements, and not getting enough sleep (you know how busy a wedding week could get!), that once the day is over, I was completely worn out and down with fever! Here's a clip of me during the cake cutting ceremony, before I fell sick.

Behind the smiles, and the makeup, nobody knew I was actually already down with flu then! But if you look closely, you could see at some parts of the clip, I was actually sniffing! :P

Sure, like any other married couples, life is not always rainbows and butterflies for us. We've had our share of ups and downs. But one thing for sure, despite the challenges we faced, we held on to each other, through the good and through trying times. It's been 2 years since the day we became man and wife now, and alhamdulillah, we're still going strong, stronger than ever before, now that we have our little prince in our life. :)

2008 - Outdoor Photoshoot

Confidential to Aien, before I met you, I never knew I was capable of loving someone so much. You won me over with everything that you are; your generous smile and charming personality, and if I have to say this a thousand times over, I would -- I love you. :)

2006 - University's Library, not much studying done. :P


aien said...

Happy anniversary Love!

life songs said...

so happy for you, thara... you both will have many blessed years ahead with a bigger family *wink* hehee

RuZaNNa said...

Auuuwwwwww.. you guys were college sweethearts yea?? 6 years dataing baru kahwin?? lamanyaaa.. tp cam kelakar la babe when u cerita about going the Disney's Princess on Ice for your first tale.. mcm cerita fairy tale pulak.. ahahah
Wedding has always drama to it.. i had my ups and downs too.. so penat kan?? lega it's over.. but wouldn't mind to do it all over again.. hehehe
Anyway, Happy Anniversary to both of you and may the marriage is blessed with lotsa lotsa cute kids! heheheheh

RieNa said...

utk kali ke 2, slmt ulangthn yg ke 2 dear!! semoga bahagia hingga ke syurga. amin!

k riena ingat lg, k riena attend ur wedding n u was so gorgeous!
and, we're very sorry sbb kami amik gambar ramai2 kat kereta aien. sorryy aien n thanx too! hehehehe

maleen said...

hey thara, happy 2nd anniversary to both of us! i got hitched on 9/8/08 instead. So looks like u pun bunting pelamin la kan coz ur son born in may too? what are the odds! :D

irradhil said...

hepi anniversary to both of u!!May God bless your marriage ever....

wahh...lm gak u bercintan yer....hehehe.ermm...lbih kurang cam irra gk oppsss...itu cumer ex.sejarah lama.hehehe.xder jodoh nk wt camner kn.but luckily i found my great ...he is my truly BMW.hahahaha.

pst:lawa no 080808...ader ong ni.(just kidding)
mine 02062006.hahaha(nk jgk menyibuk)

Thara said...

aien :
awww happy anniversary to u too again, sweets! :)

jay :
thanks babe. i love seeing you and jerry together too! sangat cute ok! :) cant wait to hear your good news though! ;)

anne :
eh i typed 6 years eh? i must have gotten myself confused. tu la, bercinta lama sgt hahaha. ok, ive corrected it. :D tak lah, actually we were college sweethearts since early 2005! but yeah, how time flies kan! :) :)

ooh memang babe! my sister selalu ckp my blog sounds like a fairytale hahahaha. but that night, mmg a fairytale come true for me! it was.. just.. right. :) ok, lets not get any more mushy here hahaha. :P

yeah, my wedding was such a drama! but like u said, i wouldnt mind doing it again! :D

thanks babe. amin amin ya rabbal alamin. :P

k riena :
aww thanks kak riena! :D alah, semua org pon lawa on their wedding day. kak riena pon meletop ok on ur wedding day! ;)

ooh, ye ke! hahaha. ni nak claim seploh hinggit utk bergamba dgn kereta bole? :P

Thara said...

maleen :
lah ye ke! nape tak buat on 080808? tok kadi dah full ke ape? :P

babe, actually, i tak bunting pelamin. after nikah, i got visited by Aunt Flow once. on the 30/08/08 to be exact. (i rmbr psl dulu masa first got to know i was pregnant, doctor paksa i recall balik the Last Menstrual Period :P) and that was it. LEPASTU after a year baru jumpa balik Aunt Flow tu. :P and yeah, Aydein was born on the 31/05. ur baby misti earlier kan!

anyways, thanks babe. happy anniversary to u too! hope u had a great one! ;)

irradhil :
aww thanks babe! yeah, we were dating for quite some time! started become an item since early 2005 actually. so its been 4 years b4 we got married, not 6 years. silap type tadi hehe. pastu bertunang on 080208. after exactly 6 months of being engaged to each other, kawen pulak on 080808. senang kan nak ingat date tu! kalau my hubs tak ingat jugak, mmg nak kene cepuk lah! :P

oooh. cerita lama jgn dikenang, babe! bahaya, bahaya. :P mcm org ckp, ade la tu hikmah nye kan. im sure ur BMW skarang lagi hebat, tiada yang setanding, kan! :P btw, ur wedding date pon lawa lah! 020606! bole menang lottery gak ni! :P

MOMMY NADIA said... sweet dear..
Happy 2nd anniversary aein n thara!

wedding u gojes dear..perfect!
I love the white theme..smp keta pun cat putih ke?gurau babe ;)

I still cant find the right time to post entry of my 3rd anniversary..waaa!!
I did promised u guys, rite..??
tgk ur entry smngt jgak nak simpan memory in my blog!caiyokk nadia!!

btw 1st date bawak kawan teman ke?hehehe..muka u pun malu2 gtu time amik gmbr..;)


1. U sangat comel kat atas buaian tu!!!

2. I dah nampak gambar u pakai boots.. hik hik

3. Aaaaawww bestnyer tukar-rukar baju ok. Tetiba i nampak muka u macam Ikin Mawi sikit-sikit pulak. Ahaks!!

4. U.... Aie macam Armi!! ajak dating few times through space. But got turned down. tetiba i teringat zaman dulu jugak :P

5. U cantik gilerrrr.... semua gamba cantik. hehe

6. Happy Anniversary to you and Aien.. (i double check takut tertulis nama aydein lagi.. haha)


Thara said...

nadia :
aww thanks, nadia! yeap, we both love white! nampak suci murni gitu. hahaha. :P

yes nadia, pls get your love story revealed at your blog asap! teringin nak dgr ur love story with harith! misti sangat sweet! i dah jadik pembakar semangat u, so cepat2 blog about it ok! :D

hahaha. first date ke Disney On Ice tu, mmg dah pakat pegi dgn member juge. hahaha tu la! muka sememeng gila! and biasalah, awal2 dulu innocent je, semua nak berteman! hehe :P

nuurill :
wah, berpoint-point u ni! ok nak amik nafas jap reply u satu-satu! :P

1. hahaha budak tak penah jumpe buaian bwh pokok, mcm gitu lah! :P

2. oooh finally! hahaha. u should see me dulu! bertukar2. that's just one of my boots collection! dulu pakai baju kurung or skirt pon pakai boots. tu yang budak2 ni chop i "minah boots" tu dulu! minat gila dgn boots :P skarang dah leceh la. psl boots kan berzip2. pakai crocs je senang. seluk, masuk, jalan! :P

3. hahaha. babe, ure not the only one! dulu ramai juge relative aien yang ckp i ada iras Ikin. tak masal! haha :P but yeah, Upacara Persalinan tu memang best! tercapai mimpi i nak jadik model walau se-malam! :P

4. awwwwww thats so sweet! last2 camana bole fall for him jugak ni? u pon satu lagi! kene reveal your love story ni! :D

5. awwwww thanks babe. mcm u ckp, all brides are beautiful on their wedding day! ;)

6. hahahahahahaha. sangat funny ok u ni! haha. and yeap, thanks for the lovely wish! :D

fuh, fuh. penat reply ur comment ni! :P

maleen said...

aunt flow? haha, this is the first time im hearing this :D my aunt flow came 10/8/08..kesian suami :p then after that, BAM!! yes, my yasmin was born on 17/5 :)

ZuRin said...

Cinta Utara-Selatan...Nasi Kandar suka, Nasi Beriyani pon suka...may u have a many more sweet memories to share in your journey together. Happy Anniversary Thara and Aien...:)

~lalala~ said...

hello. first time neh kt sini. my officemate & i love watching those clips. sangat cantik. sume orang cakap pengantin perempuan sgt cantik (tak brani ckp pasal pengantin lelaki :P). i hope my wedding nnt pon as cun as yours, which is in december nnt. :)) i wish you the best, for u and ur baby, and do keep on blogging~ :))

p!nkerton said...

awwww so swweettt..! i tergelak2 tgk vc malam berinai tu esp bab pusing payung & aien pegang prop tongkat ke pedang tu hihi cute aje. tapi mmg cantek baju2 & mekap u! esp part mata, lawaa!
anyway happy anniversary to both of you! :D

worryfather said...

Happy anniversary!!

Like your writing..
like reading bestseller story... :)

semut-terbersin said...

happy anniversary!
ahahaha mmg library mmu tu tmpt org berdating/bergossip..hahaha

Nadine said...

Awwwh, everything is stunning including you! What a lovely and grand wedding you have there Thara. :)

Owh, d dress yang you pakai masa prom night tu pun sgt cantik. mcm pengantin pun ade. you tempah kat mana yer?

Happy 2nd anniversary again to both of you, smoga jodoh berkekalan sampai ke syurga :)

Thara said...

maleen :
alahai, mmg kesian suami! misti frust menonggeng kan! hahaha. tapi kan babe, sebenarnya my pregnancy ni pon sebenarnya unplanned. silap budget. i was planning to wait until at least 6 months. sekali sebulan lebeh je lepas nikah, teros melekat. dah rezeki kan! :)

zurin :
yes, cinta utara-selatan indeed! :D thanks babe! really appreciate it :)

lalala :
hi there, thanks for dropping by! awww thank you so much! very nice of all of you. :) im sure ur wedding
pon nanti misti voguedevaz punye lah! congratulations on your coming wedding and hope everthing goes well! ;) thanks again!

pinkerton :
hehehe. masa tu, i dah tade idea dah. videographer suroh buat aksi, jgn dok kaku je. so nak buat ape dgn prop payung tu? pusingkan je lah! haha :P twas crazy, and tiring, but twas fun! dpt la merasa jadik model se-malam! :P thanks babe, really appreciate it :)

Thara said...

worryfather :
aww thanks! do pray that i become one in the future! ;)

semut terbersin :
ehems ehems. mcm tau2 je. ade experience ke? :P hahaha.

nadine :
aww thanks, nadine. very kind of you. wedding i tak lah grand mana. tapi one thing for sure, semua org pon stunning lah on their wedding! :)

oh yes, i love that dress! sampai skarang i simpan lagi, buat pembakar semangat tau! hahaha. it is a full beaded dress, aien belikan utk dkt Sommerset Bay. bukan tempah, mmg dah ready made :D baju tu kan, sebenarnya, mcm ala2 spaghetti strap je. so i had to tempah the inner je, myself. so the satin inner tu, i tempah. dkt boutique mane tah, tak ingat dah. i still rmbr. punye lah semangat dulu nak carik the perfect dress for the final year prom, siap buat research prom dress kaw-kaw lagi! :P semangat gilaaaa! hahaha :P

anyways, thanks babe! amin amin ya rabbal alamin. :)

kunaz said...

hi thara yg sama date kawen (haha!) hasben kunaz tanye hasben thara ms upper form skolah mane dulu? heh.. jejak kasih

Nadine said...

wow, good taste Aien. Sgt cantik ok. Kalau I ade dress mcm tu sure simpan punyer. Im sure lah you can wear it again nnti. dress mcm tu pun sentiasa tak out of season kan. Pandai you matching kan dgn satin sleeve, mmg tak nampak pun its a spaghetti strap dress! :)

ijannina said...

hey i really love the pic at pangkor tu. You looked different - relax & laidback. In love sudah semestinya;). Happy Anniversary dear!!!

Thara said...

kunaz :
hahaha funny la u ni. husband thara dulu katanya study dkt High School Muar dgn High School Batu Pahat. kenal ke?

nadine :
ure sure i bole pakai that dress again? hahaha. amin amin ya rabbal alamin. bulan ramadhan ni! harap2 doa u utk i tu termakbul lah ye! :P and yes, dulu masa body masih slim, i rajin mix match kan baju i. skarang, nak mix match pon dah susah. pasal asal baju teketat sket, nampak boyot! grr.

ijannina :
aww thanks so much, babe -- for the compliment and for the wish! :)

Salty Bodice Ripper said...

you mean he was anticipating to "consu-mate" the marriage? hahaha