Monday, May 2, 2011

Nuffnang On Bernama TV

As most of you might have known, Nuffnang was featured on Bernama TV (Ch : 502) last week.

I know, big deal right. But being a jakun girl that never appeared on TV before, I practically told the whole world about it via Twitter and FB.

Tak masal, I know. But really, I was darn excited that day, I had to make sure everybody was as excited as me too! :P

I still remember the day of the shooting. Everyone in the office was super excited and even made an extra effort to wear something nice and put on a little makeup just in case any of us got captured in camera. One of them was (ahem) me, and I was glad my effort paid off because my boss wanted me to be part of the "acting" group!

Haha yeap, on camera we were asked to act as though we're having a discussion, but off camera we were actually laughing our socks off! :P I mean duh, that's expected la kan! :P

The shoot was taken at our new office and this shot that I am going to share with you below is taken while our boss, Timothy is interviewed by the TV crew. One thing for sure, I really admire how he composed himself throughout the interview -- so relaxed and cool okay! If it were me, I am sure I'd be sweating profusely and stuttering every 2 mins! :P

This is another shot taken while Tim is showing the viewers how the ad campaigns are assigned.

Not everyone gets the chance to be on TV and for me, it was such a very memorable day even if I only appeared just for a brief second! Hehe. Ye lah, lu ada? Takde kannn! :D I also loved the part where a picture of me, my husband, Redmummy and Reddaddy at the Nuffnang Footprints is zoomed at one part of the video :D

Tak sia-sia you follow I pi events kan, yang? :D

Anyway, for those of you who have missed the show, don't fret, because I've actually recorded the show using a video camera just for memory's sake.

Oh and do excuse me if the video is a little shaky, senget and also if you hear a little 'TENG! TENG! TENG!" sound at some parts of the video -- that's actually my 'smart' maid banging the milk carton with a spoon and later on got shhh-ed by me. T__T

Alternatively, you could also watch another recording of us here, thanks to Iman! Last but not least, long live Nuffnang!


Myvitrd said...

sempat juga tengok hari tu..

Shahrul Hairy Shaharuddin said...

Goshhh!! new office yang lebih ummmphh!!

mommaholicSURI said...

Ayu sungguh you berbaju kurung!!! :)

Thara said...

myvitrd :
thanks for watching & supporting us! :D

shahrul :
yeap yeap, come pay us a visit! :D

nuurill :
aww thanks, u tu ayu all the time! :D