Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

In case you don't know, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is premier-ing soon and I for one, am very ecstatic about it!


Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) finds himself on an unexpected journey to the fabled Fountain of Youth when a woman from his past (Penélope Cruz) forces him aboard the “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane).

When I was a kid, I have always wondered how it would be like to be a pirate. How cool it would be to be sailing across 7 seas in 'em outfits that only beggars wear and STILL look cool.

But among the many good things about being a pirate, there are 3 things about being a pirate that appeal me the most :

1) The Language!

I have always had a thing for foreign language. Heck, I even learnt Spanish own my own just because I find that language very beautiful, thanks to the Spanish soap dramas that I watched everyday last time. Pirate language on the other hand, although uh, not as beautiful, but they would still come in handy during gossip sessions! For all I know, I could even learn the Mermaid language and be friends with them! Some say that mermaids are actually ugly and not how they're portrayed to be. Hmm, that's another thing I would like to know if I were I pirate!

2) You Steal, You Hero!

We all know stealing is bad, and in some countries, you'll even get your hands chopped for stealing! But not for pirates! The more you steal, the more glory you bring to your ship! Not that I want to steal, but, you know what I mean. T_T

3) Sharksfin and all exotic seafood.

Some of you are going to hate me after this, but I gotta admit, I LOVE SHARKSFIN! There, I said it. >< And, by being a pirate, I can take sharksfin and all kinds of exotic seafood all day, all night! I don't even have to worry about gaining weight because hey, who judges an obese pirate on a ship? NO ONE! That's another reason why it's awesome being a pirate.

Now, does anyone of you want to make me your pirate and take me to stranger tides?


reena said...

TAk sabaq nak tengok jugak!

daydeck86 said...

thara nak tiket bleh tak... ahahhah

TheFusionTea said...

Nak tgk la nanti


my hubby a big fan of jack sparrow too..biggggg one!
babe, u masuk contest ke ni..gud luck!

amirah said...

Babe, I think I know how much u love exotic foods. Cakap je apa benda, u surely know how to describe the taste that sometimes other people will go euwww..hahaha..

Thara said...

reena :
i know rightttt! so darn excited! :D

daydeck :
hahaha bole, tp kene join contest dulu! :P

thefusiontea :
jom tgk sama-sama! :D

nadia :
a'ah even nuffies have to enter contests made by our own to win tickets!

amirah :
haha u know me too well babe! xoxo :D

Eyriqazz said...

i love pirate...i don't love word verification...

lorr,penat2 orang ajak cik epal join event hypptv aritu,dia pulak takde..cik epal siap tanya, mana thara ya?hik3...