Sunday, September 26, 2010

Raees Aryan's 1st Birthday Party

I love birthday parties! Birthday parties are always filled with fun, food and colorful balloons! You see, my friend Raees just turned a year old. We first met each other at my very own first birthday party just a couple of months back. This time around, we went to his place to celebrate his first birthday!

Kids like me love gifts you see. That's why, I helped mama to wrap the gift I especially got for Raees earlier, and brought it along to the party!

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the birthday boy who happily accepted the gift that we brought him.

And then, without wasting anymore time, I started making my way into the living room that is filled with colorful toys and played with them.

However, eventhough there are so many toys scattered around the room, somehow, I have got my eyes fixed on this one thing.. It is..

That's right -- the baby pool! Yes, I would play with the balloons, I would play with the colorful blocks, I would play with the push toys, but in the end, I would still end up jumping back into the pool of balls!

Even when when everybody was busy playing toys, I would be busy in my little "hut"!

So you get what I mean. Auntie Irin even said I am the pool dominator! :P

Oh and another thing that caught my attention were the flying balloons! They were so beautiful, I even asked papa to lift me up so I could catch one!

Anyway, as I was busy playing, I couldn't help but to notice that, at a glance, Raees's outfit looked a lot like mine! Some even mistook me for Raees that day. Luckily they gave their gifts to the rightful owner of the gift or someone would have gone back smiling quietly by the end of the day! Hehe. Can you spot the difference?

I was not the only one having fun there. Mama too was also having a good time catching up with some of her friends there.

Oh did I tell you that, she also got the chance to meet Auntie Anne and Auntie Airin (also a mummy blogger) there? She obviously got the chance to meet Auntie Irin too, because, Auntie Irin is the host lah! Hehe.

And then, it was the moment we were all been waiting for -- the cake cutting ceremony! All of us gathered around the table and sang a birthday song to Raees. Once we were done, Raees -- or rather, his mommy and daddy -- blew the candle out!

Once we had the cake, we hung around a little longer before saying goodbye. But before we left the place, we took a little time to sign our names and wrote down our wishes for Raees at the Guest Book section.

We also brought back a little gift with us. It has chocolates and candies inside, and the best thing is, it is 100% handmade by Raees's mom!

Birthday parties always make me happy. And lucky me, I will get to attend another fun birthday party very, very soon too! Oooh I can hardly wait! Until then! ;)


RuZaNNa said...

What a colorful update! now i know what i have missed from the party due to coming late.. berbaloi you stayed longer huh.. hehehe
I love the balloons irin had at the living room.. imran asyik dok mintak nak hold them.. hehhe


betul u..I asyik tertukar between Raees and Aydein..mcm berjanji plak ek baju sama..
Neway, Aydein mmg betul2 enjoy conquer pool tu..
the party is so colorful..n bnyk toys Raees..the kids must enjoyed it so much kan??
hehe..Anne and Airin pun ada..a semi mommyblogger gathering jgak lah ni ;)

Nadine said...

Masa I tgk gamba part pool dominator tu kan, dlm hati eh, mcm kembar plak Aydein & Raees. What a cute coincidence ;)

Agree with everyone. I like the balloons on the ceiling too..

mommaholicSURI said...

The balloons on the ceiling, mmg cantik. I saw once from my friend's daughter birthday party too. :)

Thara, from your entry ni, i masuk page Irin Putri, hihi. I remember i saw her and Raees during Aydein's birtday bash haritu. Kagum, she still breastfeeding kan.. even she sometimes abroad too. hihi.

To Irin, if your my comment, i just want to say, i salute you :)

Thara said...

anne :
cantik kan balloons tu! i love them too! i noticed that's the latest deco dkt parties. next event bole buat mcm tu :)

nadia :
hehe. kan! dah mcm kembar pulak. dah la rambut pon lebeh kurang sama je, kalau u tengok betol2. :P and yes, we enjoyed ourself during the event :) real mommy bloggers gathering will be by the end of this month!

nadine :
hahaha. yeah, a few people commented the same thing :P yeah, love the balloons!

nuurill :
wah, sume org ckp balloons tu cantik. and yes, mmg skarang trend buat mcm gitu dkt events. i didnt know about it masa buat aydein's party masa tu. kalau tak, would be nice to have them kan! then by the end of the event, bole kasik dkt the kids bwk balik. :)

yeah, that was her. and yeap, i admire her determination too! bukan senang kan. :)