Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Sweet Surprises

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wondered how is it like to celebrate Christmas? To be hanging little socks at the fireplace, to be decorating Christmas Tree with little glittering ornaments, and of course, to be receiving gifts under the Christmas Tree from Santa Claus!

I must have behaved really well despite the horrible week I went through last week because Santa paid notice to my curiosity and sent me his buddy all the way from Sans Francisco, to let me experience a gist of Christmas fun!

Like a girl waiting anxiously for her gifts, I sat in front of Santa Aien as he unloaded the many, many gifts he brought for everyone all the way from San Francisco from his big, heavy trunk. I waited patiently as he showed me the gift he got for Aydein ..

As well as something for my elder sister, brothers, parents, his parents, his siblings, his nephews, his nieces, even his colleagues -- just like a Santa!

Then, after what seemed like eternity, he finally revealed the few little surprises he got for me! I glowed immediately :P

He got me something for me to wear..

And matching tees for the Little Family..

He got me something for me to leave myself richly scented..

Also something for me to use in the kitchen..

He got me something to put on the fridge..

And last but not least, he got me something that totally took my breath away. He got me..

A STYLISH COACH HANDBAG (with a matching purse) ! :) :)

He knew that I have always wanted a chic Coach handbag to add to my designer's handbag collection, and much to my surprise, my dream came true that very night! :D

Husband, if you're reading this, thank you so much for the wonderful and beautiful gifts! Next up -- Louis Vuitton and Prada, yeah? :D



wow!!bestnye ;)
pandai Aein beli ikut ur taste..
btw,Aydein dpt ape lagik ;)

Thara said...

hehe yeah i enjoyed each and every savoring moment haritu! :P err ape lagi ye utk Aydein? seingat i itu je lah kot -- a few baby apparels, 2 pair of shoes, as well as a few sets of socks :) mainan die tak beli psl di rumah punye toys pon Aydein tak main sgt :P

nad said...

amboi.. bestnye dieee... ade her own "mr santa".. hehe.. =))


Weeeewitt!!!! :)

Kalau i yg dapat Thara, i dah buat lompat bingtang dah. Hahaha :)

Kalau macam ni.. Lehla Aien selalu outstation kan? kan?..


Nadine said...

Uuuuuh, nice catch!! *drooling*
Tak sia2 you naik stinky trains tu kan, berbaloi2.

Bestnye Thara, kalau mcm I dont mind kena tinggal seminggu dgn my hubby. hihihi.. :D

RuZaNNa said...

"He knew that I have always wanted a chic Coach handbag to add to my designer's handbag collection"
Wah makcik.. how many designer bags do you have??

Btw, Aien did well in choosing the bag.. cantik ok!!.. nak kena suruh my hubs baca ur post ni so kadi hint hint.. heheh

Thara said...

nad :
heehe lucky me! :P

nuurill :
i nak buat lompat bintang haritu u, tapi bila nak buat, kaki tak bole nak angkat la pulak psl berat sgt hahaha.

kalau next time dpt LV, bole consider lah! :P

nadine :
tu la u, berbaloi baloiiii! :P eh u sure ke tak kesah? malam malam nak tido tade sape nak pelok u tau, tak ape?? :P

anne :
haha no lah tade lah banyak pon. :P

haha kasik hint hint eh! ok gak tu. haa i tau! mintak dia bwk balik pearl from bintulu! :D