Saturday, May 8, 2010

Attention All ENFALAC A+ Babies

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would know from my previous entry that Aydein is an Enfalac A+ baby since a few months after he was born, due to my poor milk supply.

I was so crushed to learn that I had to supplement him with formula that I made a vow to myself to provide him with the best possible alternatives just so he can thrive as steadily and healthily like other breastfed babies. That explains why I do not mind going through all the extra troubles to get him all the good ingredients to put in his homemade porridge, as well as the variety of fruits to be pureed for his daily meal -- to make up for the frustration of not being able to exclusively breastfeed my baby.

Anyway, I can still remember it vividly in my mind -- the very first thing I asked Dr Angelina (Aydein's paed) when she was done examining Aydein one day was, "Doctor, if you could recommend, what is the best formula milk available in the market for my baby?" Immediately she answered, "Enfalac. But make sure it's Enfalac A+ because it contains all the essential things that are needed for a baby's growth like, Triple ProGard, DHA & ARA, Dwiserat as well as Zinc & Vitamin A," From then on, besides breastmilk, Enfalac A+ has been Aydein's main source of nutrition since.

But of course, not all good things in life come for free. Enfalac for example, is actually quite costly compared to other formula brands. Which is why, it is important for all of you Enfalac fans out there to know that, Meads Johnson will be increasing ALL of their Enfa formulas price by 9% next month -- Enfalac A+ included!

You see, everytime I go back to Penang to visit my parents, I will make sure that I bring back 4 boxes of Enfalac A+ from this shop named Miki Babyland because one box of Enfalac A+ which can cost me RM58.90 in KL, can be gotten for only RM53.90 in Penang!

Anyway, I happened to be at the right shop at the right time when an official from Meads Johnson told me about this very info. According to him, the price was supposed to increase in May due to the new packaging and nutrition added, but "thanks to" production problem or something, they had no choice but to bring it forward to next month. Hurray hurray!

So without hesitating, I grabbed not 4, but 6 boxes of Enfalac A+ from that shop to bring back to KL! :D

oh another box is hidden! :P

Imagine how much I have saved and could be saving starting next month on wards! So for all you Enfa fans out there, it's time that you rush to the nearest shop and "borong" as much as you can. That price won't last forever, so hurry now before it's too late!

Ok now I sound like an unofficial Enfa formulas promoter.


MDiana@meanaidz said...

Hi Thara,
Thanx 4 da info, meaning this month's salary we hv to allocate some 4 my baby fm,bestnya klu dpt full bf kan but wat 2 do we r @ da same boat poor milk supply :( but I don't wanna gv up,still trying, btw so far I bli kt kl n my hometown ni pun cost me rm 55.40, mn u bli smpi rm58 tuh? Cekik darahnya...

Thara said...

yanz :
kalau dkt giant, RM58++. kalau dkt 99 Speedmart, 54++. kalau dkt tesco, about there lah the price. the best price is still in Penang! :D happy stocking!

irradhil said...

Hi thara
slm perkenalan

saya irra kwn izu....i reading member's blog tp i xder blog.heheheh bby pn minum enfalac A+ since day 2.heheeh.sbb mstu kan tgh urut,tungku so terpaksala bg still now 7mths i enable to pump my 1x jer 1hr.dpt around4@5oz.huhu baby xbyk minum fm.sampai skrg 7mths++ ni only 3box jer enfalacA+ kitorng bli.quite save kan.hehehe.


still remember time Adam was 8mnths,I try to back up him with the fm..yeap I choose enfalac A+ too..
I used to borong at speedmart b'coz I can get by RM 50 last time..but out of all the shops, the speedmart giving the cheapest price here in Shah Alam..
tp tak tahu plak speedmart pun dah naik RM53..;0

Thara said...

irradhil :

hey thanks for dropping by! salam perkenalan to u too :)

ala nape tade blog? buat lah satu, so we can exchange stories of the joy and challenges of motherhood! :) it's great that u still get that much of milk out of u even dah 7 bulan! congratulations, keep pumping! u will see that it will be very rewarding insyaallah :) i sedeh tak dikurniakan susu yang melimpah ruah like some moms, tapi i believe ada hikmah disebalik semua ni kan :)

ooh u pump skali je dalam satu hari? cukup ke bekalan for baby the next day?

and wow, 7 months baru 3 kotak? mmg sgt save! my baby sangat kuat gila minum susu. skali minum 5-6oz, and sehari die minum dalam 5-6 times!

nadia :
eh adam bukan fully bfeed baby ke? i thought dia fully bf baby! why did supplement him with fm dulu? susu u dah melimpah ruah u! jealous i! :P

oh babe, u tau takkk. smlm i saje pi 99 Speedmart dkt rumah i, just to double check the price. price skarang dah naik dah dkt sana -- RM58.95! gila kan! i think price dah increase dah dkt KL ni. naseb baik i dah grab dulu 6 boxes dkt Penang. kalau tak, pengsan!

Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing this info, Thara. Faaz pun baby Enfa. He's now on Enfagrow A+ :) Smlm we all sudah borong the triple pack x 6 packs. Hehehe..

By the way, let me share a tip to buy FM in KL since I'm a KL-born person. In KL, kalau nak beli FM murah, beli kat kedai sensei cina. Kitaorg adik2 beradik mmg mak beli susu kat sana la. Enfalac A+ kalau kat kedai sensei Taipan, (Food & Herbs) cost you rm55.20 but rm1.30 extra than Penang lah :) Tp kalau di Gombak, I can get it for rm54.20

Thara said...

hey nadine, thanks for the info. we should have this discussion about FM price a long time ago -- then i would have saved even more! haha.

oh Faaz is on Enfagrow eh? im supposed to change aydein's FM to enfapro already. tapi tak tuka2, pasal i baca some studies kata tak payah for a few reasons, so i tak tuka2 lagi hehe. have u been religiously following the milk step-recommendation? from Enfalac to Enfapro to Enfagrow? did it have any effect to Faaz? lemme know!

next month onwards, im thinking of switching Aydein to Pediasure Complete since he will already turn 1 next month. will that milk be available in sensei shops as well? will it also be as cheaper?

eh banyak pulak soalan :P

irradhil said...


xder ms nk tulis blog.umah xder broadband.huhu.kt office jer layan blog.heheheh

psl pumping tu mmg xcukup la stkt 1x pump jer.huhu.that's why campur ngn fm tu.

btw...dua2 doter i pn baby Enfa.from enfalac A+ to enfapro then enfagrow.erm..derg ni jnis kuat bf so mmg fm ni minum skit jer kakak..esya skrg ni mnum enfagrow pn paling byk 50z.she's 2yrs 7mths now.

yg adik lak..dina is now 7mths ++.i pn xtukar lg enfapro.biasa 12mths i tukar enfapro then 18mths br tkr enfagrow.

tu la kt kelantan pn mhl gak susu derg kalu dpt rm50 mcm nadia ckp tu mmg murah la.saya penah gak bli kt farmasi...murahla rm2-3 compared to mart.

Nadine said...

Hihi, tak Thara. I skipped Enfapro, terus pegi Enfagrow when Faaz turn 1. Alhamdulillah, transition went well, no effect.

Yes dear, u can get it at sensei shop. usually they sell all brands/types, its just their stock is not as much as supermarket's. So far sume sensei shop we went, mmg harga rendah dr normal shop :)


Alamak. Oman x leh geng lah kali ni nampaknya. Hehe.

He was first introduced with Enfa at his 7th months old but then Oman experienced frequent sembelit so my cousin who works with Danone Dumex recommended Oman to try Mamex Gold Step 1. Alhamdulillah, Oman sesuai bangat dengan susu tu. :)

So til now, from Mamex Step 1, Oman dah upgraded to Mamil Gold Step 3 ( we skipped Step 2 sebab x sesuai dgn Oman. Asyik Diarrhea je)

For me, yang penting, susu formula yang kita bagi to our baby tu established and sesuai dengan baby kan. :)

Tick Tock Tick Tock.. Aydein dah nak setahun kan? wee!! :)


hehe,I did mentioned in one entry last time..during Adam 8mnths, I couldnt coped up to pump 3x per day to get his 22oz..2x dpt around 16oz risau I back up with fm..but he refused!
thats keep me pumping till now..ntah2 kalau Adam happy with enfagrow tu,mesti I pun malas nak pump ;P

but according to my fren, enfgrow is almsot similar with susu ibu,in term rs..but yet Adam still able to beza kan..

I shud read more that time, with Adam dah start weaning, 16-18oz actually dah enuff,I shud not pumped him wit fm at that time..seddey ;(

btw,Nadine is right too,time beli susu for me time preggy I suka beli kat sesei..mmg cheaper sgt compare to even speedmart..harga speedmart pun fluctuate..
sb I selalu survey beli Huggies Adam there..

heheh...sorry terlebih commentg plak!

Thara said...

irradhil :

i see i see. ooh so u're a kelantanese! very nice! i selalu teringin nak pi sana. last time pegi masa kecik. i ingat lagi pegi pasar dkt kelantan ; best sangat! i would love to go there again! :) tapi tu la. i think the price is standardized lah. misti 50++ and above kan. tapi i tak penah lah lagi jumpa yang 50++ tu. untung banyak kalau jumpe tu! :P

nadine :
ahh right. will look them up soon! thanks babe! :)

nuurill :
ooh oman baby Dumex la ni eh! yeah, ive heard of that brand too. and u're right, i think the best formula is the one that fits our baby the most! :)

yeah babe, aydein is close to 1 year old! save your 5th June for little Aydein! ;)

nadia :
oh yes, now that u've mentioned it, baru i teringat abt ur entry yang dulu. ooh ye ke nadia! i tak penah try enfagrow, so i pon taktau rasa + bau dia. but i definitely dont like the smell & taste of enfalac! rasa mcm nak muntah je. but i love the taste of my own milk. hahaha. yes, dare i say it? ive tasted my own milk! hahaha. sedap la okkk. manis! :D

takpe la nadia. motherhood is an ongoing process. next baby, kita sama2 fully bfeed our baby ok! ;)

and yes, i should try the sensei shops in the future. thanks for the input! ;)

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog. i am a first time mother, so not alert about the price increase. today at the chinese shop in goodyear court is selling new packing at 57.90 for 650g (rrp is 63.10)....sob..sob..sob...

Thara said...

anonymous :
yes, actually i have noticed that some shops have started to increase the price already. lucky for me, though, my baby aydein will be off enfalac in a month's time! :P

ijannina said...

thara, thanks for the info! byk woo naik...ashman pun minum enfagrow A+ since his 1 year old. Tapi die minum just 1-2 bottle /day (the rest still breastmilk) so I tak berapa aware on the price.

Thara said...

hello ijannina

thanks for dropping by :) ooh good for ashman that he's still breastfed! :) in that case, it wont effect u so much lah ;) smlm my friend baru msg. she said enfalac's price is now RM62.50! crazy kan?

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

I am a father of a 20-months old daughter. My daughter also on Enfa since 6 months old from Stage 1 to Stage 3 now. Enfa price memang crazy. I am working in Singapore, as far as I know, the price naik 3 times in 1+ year.

Where you bought the Enfa from in Penang? Tesco? Last time I went back to Penang, I bought 4 tin of the 1.7kg in Giant.. hahaha..

Thara said...

Hi worryfather,

Yes, Enfa price is memang very crazy indeed! I have always felt that Enfa milk is very costly even when the price was just RM53.90. And with the price increase now, I think it's just really insane! Lucky thing that my son just turned 1 year old. I will be switching to Pediasure which I was told is just as good this day on wards considering the crazy price increase!

In Penang, there is this shop called Miki Babyland in Bertam, Butterworth. They sell cheaper milk over there as compared to shops in KL!

Oh, I've never bought in tins -- usually in boxes! Good for you! Hehe. :P

worryfather said...

So fast your reply.. Hehe..
Is Pediasure as good as Enfa?
Hmmm.. Maybe I can consider Pediasure.
At least, I think I won't be giving my second one Enfa anymore next time...
Belum ada sudah biased.. Haha..

Bertam? Too far for me. Thanks for the info.

I wanted to buy those 3 packs in one box, but no stock that time..

Thara said...

worryfather :

oh yes, i receive notification via email everytime there's a new comment, thats why! :P

I was told by my sister in law (a mother of 4) that Pediasure is good, especially for fussy babies. I have yet to check about this milk with my son's paed, but I will soon, and will fill you in with the info soon yea? :)

Hey, what you said got me thinking.. How about my second one later? Oh no! Must start collecting money from now! Haha. Or another cheap but better way is by breastfeeding! So, make your wife breastfeed your baby as much as possible! Haha. :P

Thanks for dropping by btw :)

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

We also hope can breastfeed as long as possible, but supply is not control by us. :)

Thanks first for keeping me updated on Pediasure.

No problem. I will drop by when I have free time. Do drop by to my boring blog sometimes. :)

Nice to know you.

haQ said...

Daniel is 4 months old by now. Susu cap Gantung no more in production..

Who wants Enfalac A+? I have 3 carton more 650g packaging..

1 carton = 12 pack (650g*12)
1 carton = RM663 = RM55.25

You need to pay in cash. Actually one sensei reserved for me 5 cartons, I took 2 cartons. Still have 3 carton left.

Promotion until this week only.
Please email me to get shop owner number: w n q 6 0 6 0 [ @ ] y a h o o . c o m . m y

Thara said...

hey haq!

thanks for the info. actually, aydein just turned one so he'll no longer be on Enfalac. im now struggling to finish the remaining one box from the six boxes i bought for him earlier! thanks for the offer though :) as for the rest of you, feel free to get them for haq! ;)

Anonymous said...

Salam ,,,produk enfalac A+ dari Thailand..Tapi Halal...klu nak minta tlg saya belikan pun blh.bby sy pun minum Enfalac A+.skrg dah nak masuk 7 bulan.dekat Thailand 3box 1.8kg baru Rm150.00

Thara said...

salam anonymous,

thanks for the offer. tapi baby saya baru je masuk 1 tahun, dan dah tuka susu kepada Pediasure. tapi, pada sapa2 yang berminat, bolehlah hubungi anonymous :)

EasyBébé said...

Kalau nak beli susu formula dan diapers baby, silalah lawati laman web kami di

Susu Enfagrow, Enfalac A+ ader. TQ

nana nazlan shah said...

hi sis thara,

i dah baca blog u n i nak minta share gambar enfalac tu untuk blog saya. sangat bermanfaat. izinkan yer untuk pengetahuan bersama

Thara said...

nana :
hello there! yes sure, feel free to! :) thanks for dropping by! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi im new here just i want to advice to any moms out there coz im.a liitle bit worried to my daughter shes coming 2months old now and im.using enfalac before but i switched to.s26 because its hard for her to poop like its 2days aftr she get ima.liitle bit woried about it,can any one out there give me some advice?pls

Porika Tanglo said...

Hi Thara,

Thank you for sharing this.
I've tried Enfalac but unfortunately my kids hated it, so I decided to try Pediasure and thankfully it solved my problem and it has increased my kids appetite. Perhaps you could give it a try as well :)