Sunday, April 25, 2010

Macaroni & Cheese For Baby

Last week, my maid told me that Aydein has not been finishing his porridge as fast as he used to. Could it be the dory fish instead of the usual salmon fish I usually put in his porridge? I'm not sure. But he didn't seem to enjoy his porridge like he used to.

I did not like the idea of forcing my baby into something that he did not like to eat, so I thought of trying something new over the weekend -- Macaroni & Cheese!

I personally love Mac & Cheese, especially the one in Kenny Roger's. So I thought it would be great to share my favorite American meal with my little one!

What You Need :

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1/2 cup of finely chopped macaroni (1/2 cawan macaroni dicincang) **
1 1/2 tbsp butter (1 1/2 sudu besar mentega)
1 tbsp flour (1 sudu besar tepung gandum)
8 oz formula/breastmilk (8 oz susu tepung/ASI)
1 cup of Parmesan cheese powder (1 cawan serbuk keju Parmesan)
1 cup of grated Cheddar cheese (1 cawan keju Cheddar dikisar)
finely chopped vege (sayuran yang dicincang) - carrot, broccoli & fresh mushroom **

** note : it is important that these items are chopped finely for younger babies so they wont choke

1) Firstly, cook the macaroni in boiling water until soft. Do not add any salt. Drain & set aside.
Pertama sekali, renehkan macaroni di dalam air yang mendidih sehingga lembut. Tidak perlu menambahkan garam ke dalam rebusan. Apabila lembut, toskan dan asingkan.

2) Then, boil the carrot & broccoli until soft. Once cooked, chop them as well as the fresh mushroom then set aside.
Kemudian, rebuskan lobak merah & broccoli sehingga lembut. Apabila masak, cincang sayuran tersebut termasuk cendawan segar, dan asingkan.

3) After that, place the butter in a small saucepan and melt it over a medium heat.
Selepas itu, masukkan mentega ke dalam periuk kecil dan masak menggunakan api yang kecil.

4) Stir in the flour and continue to cook for a couple of minutes, stirring constantly.
Tanpa berhenti mengacau, masukkan tepung gandum dan kacau selama beberapa minit lagi.

5) Gradually add the milk, still stirring constantly, and continue to cook for several minutes until the sauce thickens.
Masukkan susu secara berperingkat sementara masih mengacau, dan masak lagi selama beberapa minit sehingga sos pekat.

6) Still stirring constantly, add in the Parmesan cheese powder, ...
Tanpa berhenti mengacau, masukkan serbuk keju Parmesan, ...

7) ... As well as the grated Cheddar cheese. This will add to the very cheesy flavor. Continue to stir. If the sauce is a bit too thick, feel free to add in plain water into the sauce.
... Dan juga keju Cheddar yang telah dikisar tadi. Ini akan menambahkan rasa keju pada pasta. Terus mengacau. Tambahkan air kosong ke dalam sos jika sos agak pekat.

8) Lastly, add in the finely chopped veges then pour the cheese sauce over the cooked macaroni.
Akhir sekali, masukkan sayuran yang telah dicincang halus tadi, dan tuangkan sos keju di atas makaroni telah dimasak tersebut.

9) And voila! Delicious macaroni white sauce is ready to serve! :)
Dan tadah! Macaroni lazat sedia untuk dihidang! :)


bintiegenxyz said... tau... voila tu sm makne dgn tadaaa :p ahahah.

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hey you changed your background colour! Now I can read your posts.

I hantu mac and cheese! Yeah Kenny Rodgers' is nice! At times I settle for KFC's chickeroni.

About the recipe, I make it somewhat the same way except that I add in a lot of spices like oregano and Rosemary. But then it's meant for adults lah kan. I am very very generous with cheese coz I love em! However I only use cheddar.

Uh, btw, happy belated birthday! 25? I'm so jealous :P

BabyBooned said...

so did he like it? :)

seriously, thara, at this stage just sumbat him with everythinggg. betol ni i'm not kidding. later when they develop personal preferences, can be susah to paksa them to try new things.

and happy belated birthday! :)

semut-terbersin said...

yummmy! nampak sedap gilaa! i loveee mac n cheese! sangat2 suka!..huu nanti nak try laa resipi ni..hehe..
ni sure aydein makan bertambah2 ni..


Nampak Yum Yum sangat!! :)

I pernah try bagi Oman cheese.
Dia mcm x berapa ngam.
He prefers soupy soupy food.
So, i buat macaroni soup. kekekekeke.
Mmg sounds pelik. Rupa pun pelik.
Tapi, anak bujang i tu.. layaaaannnn! :)

Nadine said...

mmm, skali 2 cheese, lemak berkrim nie! ;)

Faaz mmg hantu cheese...kalau nampak the cheese slice tu dlm fridge, tertenjet2 dia nak capai..hihi.

U know Thara, although Faaz is already 15 months I tak pernah introduce mushroom lagi kat dia..sebabnya I paranoid tgk few of my friends punya babies yg allergic teruk lps makan mushroom.

RuZaNNa said...

Wahhh loooks yummy! Did Aydein finish a bowl of it?
Dah boleh bukak class masakan baby la lepas ni thara! keep posting the recipes.. boleh tambahkan suggestion to my menu..
This week is the first week i'm introducing beef to imran.. mintak2 la budak tu tak allergic.. amin!


well done momma!
sgt delicious,tk usah tgu Adam, mommy Adam pun cair tgk..

Adam pun sgt suka makan macaroni and specially with cheese..

next recipe pls!

Thara said...

bintie :
haha yeah. smthn like that lah :)

irin :
hehe yeah, thanks to ur comment previously! :)

ooh ive read from some recipes to add some black pepper in the sauce, but i'd like to keep the use of herbs/peppers to a minimum, so i chose not to add anything in it, afraid that aydein might not be able to take it. i may add more herbs to my cooking gradually as he grows older though :) ooh parmesan is nice. try adding em to ur cheese sauce!

and thanks babe, really appreciate it! :)

babybooned :
he liked it at first, but i suppose it was too cheesy for him kot, that lama2 dia naik muak haha. last2 mama & papa dia yang habeskan. we both really liked it! i suppose it takes time for his baby tongue to get accustomed to the cheesy taste kot :)

thanks kak nina. really appreciate it! :)

semut :
yeah it was really nice! cuma aydein ni is more of a sweet tooth person, so he doesnt really anything very cheesy. he liked it at first, tapi lama2 dia naik muak hehe :P

u should try! mana la tau kot aariz jenis yg suke cheese :)

Thara said...

nuurill :
it was really yummy! -- for me and husband, that is. hahaha. we both really liked it! but aydein didnt really enjoy it that much. he liked it at first, but i suppose it was too cheesy for him kot, that lama2 dia naik muak haha. so maybe i should try macaroni soup like what u did for oman jugak kot. tengok aydein punye appetite pulak nanti. :)

nadine :
yeah, i mmg hantu cheese. anything cheesy and mushroomy mmg pujaan hati i :P

ooh ye ke! u should try la babe, mane tau kot faaz jenis yg ok je dgn mushrooms kan. aydein ok je i tgk die lepas he had that dish. so mungkin faaz pon ok je kot. u'll never know until u try, betol tak? ;) btw, i did google and look up for info about mushroom to babies b4 i cooked the meal, and it turned out that mushrooms are fine for babies. but since its a type of fungi, u kene be extra careful in the sense that, u have to make sure u wash and cook it thoroughly before feeding them to ur baby lah, to avoid anything unpleasant from happening kan :)

anne :
thanks, it was real yummy! aydein je kot tak berapa pandai lagi nak appreciate the cheesy and creamy texture that he stopped enjoying the meal halfway. like i replied to some of our friends up here, he liked it at first, tapi naik muak lama2. last2 mama & papa dia yang habeskan bcoz we both loved it! :P

insyaallah, will definitely share if i do have the time (and the recipe!) :P ooh, let us know how beef turns out for little imran! :)

nadia :
thanks babe! :) actually this dish was inpired by u tau, lepas i read ur entry dulu abt the mac & cheese u made for adam. but i didnt wanna use the commercial white sauce so i made the cheese sauce myself! :)

pink lavender said...

Nice recipe! a good tips for me to prepare myself as pulak reading ur blog, byk info2 menarik..=)

Thara said...

huda :
hey bride-to-be! how's preparation going on? u must be so excited eh! :D keep in touch! :D