Friday, May 14, 2010


A year full of blessings, happiness & fun.
Come join us celebrate as Aydein turns one!

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Come join us for some birthday fun!
RSVP online by June 1st at


Nadine said...

Aydein!! U are one lucky baby to have a creative mom like ur mama tau..the website is really sweet, aunty suka!! :)

Thank you so much for the invitation. Nanti balik keja aunty let uncle Fadzil know about the invitation. Hopefully we are all free on that day, would love to meet u and ur mama :)

p.s: Aydein, what do you want for 1st birthday pressie??

kunaz said...

wah bestnye besday party. kalo kunaz kt semenanjung, i will definately go there!! ckp kt aydein, adik irfan kem slm. huhu...

Thara said...

auntie nadine :
thanks auntie! we look forward to see you at my event really, really soon!

ps : you & your family's presence!

kunaz :
tu lah wont it be fun to have u around? :) oh hey, aydein kem salam balik pd adik irfan :P


Thara, i did post my comment my i think u didn't get it right? issokay, lemme write again.

X sangka Aydein dah nak 1 tahun. Wee!!! dah Big boy ni. :) I bet his birthday gonna be semeriah yg mungkin kan? tgk invitation pun dah gempak you. hihi.
Well, insya Allah we'll come if no hassle. Lagipun, Seksyen 11 tu sebelah je. We'll try to make it Aydein's day k. Daaaaa :)

Thara said...

nuurill :

looking fwd to see you! :)

BabyBooned said...

oh my one year old dah. time zooooms by. hope the celebration goes great! ;)