Monday, May 24, 2010

Husbandless For A Week

It feels like forever since I last updated this blog. It also feels like forever since I last saw my husband!

You see, the company where I work with believe in development "outside of the box". That is why, the company encourages the employees to go abroad and learn a lot of new things from the people outside Malaysia. It helps opening up the horizon you see.

That is why, my husband and his friend Shankar (who is also my colleague) were both sent to San Francisco, United States for a week to attend one of Google's biggest events called Google I/O. To find out more about the event, you can click on the link provided.

Aien at Google I/O conference, San Francisco.

I was supposed to follow my husband, initially. Heck, the first thing I said when he broke the news to me was, "CAN I COME WITH YOU?!". Haha. And we did think of the possibility. But after much thoughts and considerations, we figured that it's best for me to stay home since the cost incurred to bring Aydein and I along is quite costly. Besides, what would Aydein and I do when they both go to the conference? Sit in the hotel and do nothing? It would be a waste! So Aien promised to take Aydein and I to a nice vacation real soon to make up for this trip instead -- which makes even more sense to me. :) I mean, baiklah bila dah spend banyak2; use it to the fullest kan! Kalau setakat nak duduk hotel je, baik tapayah. Membazir je. Betol tak? (ayat nak sedapkan hati ni hahaha) :D

Aien checking in his luggage at the airport

We reached the airport at 4.00am in the morning. Poor Aydein was also dragged to the airport just because his papa wants the last few hours with him.

I tried so hard to blink back tears after Aien waved bye-bye, but as soon as my brother teased me by singing one weird Malay song that goes something like "janganlah kau menangis...", my tears fell down my cheeks almost instantly! Ntah apa apa je, I know. After all, it's only for a week! But I dont know. We've never been separated this long kot. Sighs. Now I wonder how my friend Anne and my elder sister Sarah do it! The same goes to my other friends Nuurill & Irin whose nature of jobs need them to go abroad every now and then. Seriously, you guys have my vote for the strong ladies of the year!

But anyways, as expected, Aydein was not his usual self the first night of Aien's absence. He was rather cranky. So I called Aien and put him on loudspeaker for Aydein to hear but it still didn't help. Nothing like papa's very own smell eh? So I did the only thing I know to soothe him -- my teetotheteetees. And that managed to lull him to sleep. Poor Aydein, he must have sensed his papa's absence!

Papa can you take me with you? I promise I'll stay very quiet in this luggage!

But Aydein is a strong boy. The next day, he was back to his normal self once again! :) As for his mama, ooh his mama went through quite a lot more! If normally his mama would be driven to work and here and there, this time, his mama had to take the trains (yes, commuter AND monorail) and walk a thousand miles just to reach the office! And this is what his mama has to go through every single day since the past 1 week!

And that's not even half as bad! Needless to say, it was exhausting. SO exhausting that his mama lost 2 kilos! Yes people, I actually lost 2 kilos after only 4 days of braving through the rain, crowd and more smelly crowd! It was a nightmare, I tell you. Such a nightmare that I really felt like collapsing on the fourth day, and was not fit to go to office last Friday (the fifth day). Yes it was that bad.

Not that I did not want to drive to office, it's just the traffic there that makes me want to hurl. It's not worth it. The traffic there is always, always bumper to bumper. And people will honk at you for no reason at all! It's so bloody annoying. But then again, it's Jalan Raja Chulan, what do you expect?

Yes, it has been tough without Aien around. Luckily I had my sweethearts around to keep me company for the first few days :)

my siblings ; mmmwahs!

So how come they can all be at my place at one time? Simply because they can! My brother Raqib from USM Penang, is now doing his internship in RTM. He will be staying at my place for the next 2 months. My elder sister Sarah, is now doing her Masters in HUKM/HKL. Oh and she just passed her exam -- congratulations again sister! Thanks for the Zanmai Sushi treat the other day! :D And my youngest brother Hakim, is now struggling to finish his second year in Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Gombak. We've always had this strong bond with each other despite the age gap, so during this so-called hard time of mine, they were all there to offer me support. Thanks loves!

But on top of all, I am glad that today will be my last day to go through the hell as I will be picking up my dear husband at the airport that is estimated to touch down at 9.30pm tonight!

So hello husband, goodbye stinky trains!


RuZaNNa said...

Babe, you actually went through my entries and carik my post about this.. rajin gila!.. hehehe
Well on the brighter side, at least u dah pernah experience handling Aydein on your own.. mmg mencabar at first.. but it got better as the days progressed kan?
How i did it? well definitely with the help from my family as well.. dulu ms takde maid, my mom mmg byk tolong ok.. but lepas dpt maid and imran pun dah makin besar and easier to handle.. life gets much better and i have more time for myself.. hehhe..
Tp but emotional tuh mmg nobody can help la.. kekadang i have to turn to my bff for support..

Anyway, congrats for your achievement! and be proud that you manage to handle Aydein by yourself for 1 week :)

izdi said...

lucky betol aien..hope he will be back safetly :)

Nadine said...

Thara, my first reaction everytime Fadzil told me dia kena pegi oversea assignment is, "NAK IKUT!" hahaha...mmg clingy betul n tak blaja2 altho I knew in the end mmg takkan dpt ikut :P (just tried my luck tho..hihi)

wow, u lost 2kg cam tu je??! sian you..but its ok, ur nightmare is finally over...few hours je kan?? weeeee!! :)

and u are really lucky...when aien away, skali 3 org dtg teman tu!! :)


Dear, Since i got married to Armi, i'm the one who had left him for works. Many times! huhuhu...
Armi pun dah used to it. I am lucky sebab he's so understanding and supportive. I yg tingglakan dia, tapi i yang lelebih rindu kat sana ok. haha. Tapi i ingat lagi dulu when i was in Brazil sebulan, i balik je i tgk dia berjambang bagai..hehe.. and his colleague, reported to me that Armi agak miserable dgn ketiadaan i.. alalala..kesian dia. hihi.

well, disebabkan i yg selalu meninggalkan.. sekali bila Armi told me baru-baru ni that he may have to work abroad somewhere in Europe/US after raya, i dah start rasa miserable dr skrg. HAHAHA.. Lagi teruk.. Haha, i cakap i nak ikut x kira apa. But kene tgkla jugak cemanakan.. Kalau ongkosnya x cukup.. bye bye je lah jawabnya.. hehehehe

By the way, tahniah sebab u berjaya harungi those 5 days dengan tabah. Aydein pun Good boy kan. And you have your loved ones teman u. Agak2 kalau your hubby kene OS lagi, mesti u dah rilex je. hehehehe


hehe..if I were at ur place pun..mesti berbunga2 hati nak ikut!
manamahu duk hotel..jalan2 cr kawan je lah...hehehe..
my hubby's last buss trip was 2months before we got married to japan and korea..rasa nak suruh aje postponed after wedd aje..boley honeymoon..;)
tu la asyik doa aje cepat ade buss trip..mmg confem i follow..weee..!!

tak sangka that tough dear..smp lost 4kg!
mesti Aein bwk balik hadiah best..wife dia dah kurus!;)

but actually dear, Aydein mybe lagik cranky klau u yg tinggal dia kan..thats I salute sgt kat pergi training 3 days, I bring along Adam and the whole family heheheh ;)

BabyBooned said...

bahhh, i hate those smelly train-rides! so i get your sentiments ;D

nasib baik seminggu je. and 2 kilos gone too! a blessing in disguise tu!

Thara said...

anne :

thanks! i pon bangga dpt handle aydein sorang2 without aien seminggu -- with the help of my maid of coz :P but still, u mmg hebat lah to be able t go through this for a few years now, right? tabik springgg sama lu beb! :P

izdi :

hey iz :) lama tak dgr cite! tu la so lucky of him kan! thanks for dropping by. and yes, he has landed safely alhamdulillah :)

nadine :

yes babe i lost 2 kgs just like that! tapi ni dah gained back 5kg kot! hahaha. and yes im really blessed to have such caring siblings :) oh babe, next time fadzil ada oversea assignment, u just wrap urself in a bag and ask him to carry u with him over there lah! :P

nuurill :

ooh now its time for u to be left at home pulak? pi mana u? uish kalau ongkos nya mengizinkan, jgn ditunggu lagi dong, naikkin pesawat, terus terbang deh! :P

thanks nuurill. im very proud of myself too! :P

nadia :

tu la nadia. bukannya berbunga lagi, dah bermadu dah pon hati ni nak ikut! tapi apa kan daya.. mcm nuurill ckp, ongkos nya tak cukup.. hehe.

and ure right. i pon cannot imagine camana kalau i tinggal Aydein for oversea assignment. :( mungkin kena bwk jugak mcm u lah gamaknya nanti kan!

babybooned :

yeay someone's with me about smelly train rides! :P betol kak nina, ada hikmah tu, although the hikmah doesnt seem to stay long since ive put back on weight since aien's return :P