Sunday, January 23, 2011

Topshop Makeup Makeover

When I was a kid, I used to sneak into my mother's room and tried out her lipsticks and eyeshadows. I would try out all the different colors and get super pissed when my mother found out and asked me to wash them all off, all because she said I was too young for all that.

So imagine the joy that I felt when I am finally "old enough" to have a little color to my face. It's as though I finally receive the golden ticket to the Makeup Factory! I love how even a little dash of makeup could do wonders on one's looks. For example, these chic and adorable ones from Topshop.

To be honest, Topshop makeup is new to me, and thanks to ThePinkStilettos who first introduced them in her blog, I must say, after one try, I just immediately fall in love with them. Let's find out why.

1. Topshop Solid Gel Eyeliner in Etch

+ I like how the dark pitch-black color accentuate my eyes. It is precisely what I need because I like to go for simple makeup that concentrates more on the eyes, and less on the lips/cheek. Compared to pencil/crayon eyeliners that I usually use, this gel eyeliner makes a thick, dark line easily. Your eyes are guaranteed to pop up immediately.

- However, the thing that I don't like about this gel eyeliner is the fact that I need to apply it many times before I can get the look I desired because it tends to get out of "gel" halfway, being the gel eyeliner that it is. Sometimes, it can also smudge if you're not careful. So if you're new at applying makeup to your eyes, I'd suggest that you stick to pencil/crayon eyeliners because this one can get pretty messy easily if you're not careful.

* Anyhow, this gel eyeliner comes in 4 different colors ; Etch black, Facet pink, Steely blue & Ravine green. Check them out here.

2. Topshop Lip Polish in Rhubarb

+ I love, love, LOVE this one! It's actually my favorite! Not only that it smells good (it has fruity smell to it), it also has the perfect color to my skin tone! I also love that it has a little sheer effect to it, so your lips actually glitter under the sunlight, just like diamonds! So cantik, I tell you!

- However, the only thing that turns me off is the fact that it does not come with any applicator/brush. So I will need to use either my finger or the cotton bud each time I want to apply the lip polish to my lips. Such a bummer.

* Anyhow, this one comes in 5 different colors ; Rhubarb, Truffle, Poetic, Lavender & Iced Coffee. Check them out here.

3. Topshop Powder Foundation

+ I love that this foundation suits my skin tone perfectly and personally, it works fine on me as of now. It is pretty long lasting and senang cerita, tak over. I've tried other brands and I always get the same comment from my husband, "Yang, macam hantu," or "Yang, too much lah," or "Yang, macam opera cina,". #_#. Now, I am not sure if he's just simply dah tak kuasa nak layan anymore or what, but never once did he complain about my makeup ever since the first time I applied this Topshop foundation to my face. So it should be good right? :)

- The only thing that's a little alaaaa is the fact that the casing is white as like most powder foundations, so it tends to get dirty easily!

* Anyhow, this one comes in 3 different shades ; Nude 1, Nude 2 & Nude 3. In the picture above, I was wearing Nude 2. Check them out here.

So if you're interested, you can find these and more only at Topshop KLCC. Other outlets takde okay, so kalau tangan tu dah menggatal nak try Topshop's latest makeup collection ni, sila lah terjah Topshop KLCC hari ini. I promise you, misti rasa macam nak beli the whole rack! :P

Speaking of which, the next time I go there, I'm thinking of getting their Skin Tint, Powder Blush and Cream Eyeshadow. Sumpah sangat tempting ok!

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RuZaNNa said...

Babe.. you pakai ape pun nampak gojess ok! sbb you have flawless skin.. so senang nak pakai makeup.. love your picture.. looks so fresh and natural ok!!
Another job well done on the makeover.. keep on going :)!

Cherie said...

*whistles* someone's really taking this make up business to a new level! :P i dig gel liners too and my current favourite would be the bobbi brown waterproof gel liner in black. very easy application and most importantly it doesn't smudge. I even went swimming with it and it was still there! Anyway, you look amazing, cousin! two thumbs up :D

mommaholicSURI said...

Previously, Maysaa should hire you for the snood and shawl.

Now, Topshop should hire you for this one!! Sangat2 cantik gambar you! The make up assemble naturally on you face. Muka you sangat sangat glowing!!!! :)

Good job, Thara. A lot of girls must love you. Hot mama!! :)


seems like 2011 resolutions dah hampir berjaya babe!!

gojes Thara..Topshop make up really suits u..
lucky u have flawless skin..u picture nmpk sgt fresh and glowing..nice try babe!!

oowwhh...KLCC je wonder I tak pernah perasan Topshop ada jual make up..;)
* nmpk sgt lama dah tak usik bab2 make up ni ;)

Thara said...

anne :
eh tak lah flawless! kalau u tengok dekat2 ade jugak lobang calar sini sana, babe. mungkin dlm gamba tak nampak sebab dah conceal dgn the magic foundation tu kot :P and im glad u thought it looks natural! again, it's prolly the effect of the magic fondation kot :P

Thara said...

cherie :
hahaha as my MIL would say, "masa muda ni la kene melawa. kang dah kerepot mcm mak ni, stakat tengok dari jauh je la" :P my friend pakai bobbi brown and i just love how it totally transforms her whole look. very, very nice. one thing though, bobbi brown's price is not very wallet-friendly, if u know what i mean :P tu yang mcm, tunggu sat lah haha. but now that the makeup pro has spoken, i think i should go and check it out jugak lah hehe. thanks for the suggestion! ;)

irradhil said...

mmg cun melecun la thara!!!!
i likeee.....

irra xreti nk make up2 ni...sure hubby bising sbb lmbt nk siap mcm semangat lak.heheheh

ermmm...ank dara irra esya tu pn suke selongkar ambik compact powder.siap pecah dh u.huhuhu.

Thara said...

nuurill :
haha, u know, i'm thinking of doing review as a career. people get paid for this and im actually doing free review for them, tak aci kan! hehe takpe. i pon memang suka sharing is caring ni, so free review pon takape lah :P awww, thanks babe. mungkin ini effect foundation & lighting tu kot yang muka nampak mcm glowing ni. why don't u give it a try too? im sure u'll look just as gorgeous! :) :)

ps : my definition of a "hawt mama" is when i reach my ideal weight. skarang belom ideal lagi, so belom hawt! :P

ZuRin said...

Wow! You look gorgeous lah Thara...very beautiful eye..:) Great review on Top Shop make-up. Will look out for it whenever i'm over at KLCC definitely. It's been ages since i bought new make-up. Kalau tengok my make-up bag...sure sedih! Blusher dari tahun 2005 dok ader lagi...haha! Really need to get some new make-up...oh my!

Thara said...

nadia :
hehe i like that u used the word "hampir" berjaya! true that, i've got a lot more to do before i can reach my 2011 resolutions! skarang ni yang tercapai mungkin dalam 30% je. another 70% to go! pelan-pelan kayuh! :)

ehhh you, takdelah you. i punye skin takdelah flawless sgt pon. kalau tgk dekat2 ade je lobang calar sana sini. ini mungkin effect foundation tu kot yang nampak glowing & flawless tu :P but i have to thank Him for giving me this complexion since birth. muka i tak oily, sebab itu senang sikit nak maintain kot. i ni dah la malas nak letak facial scrub/wash ke apa. imagine kalau i ni jenis oily skin. hadoihssss.

a'ah KLCC je babe. ooh but don't be surprised. ramai jugak yang tak perasan ada makeup rack dalam KLCC Topshop tu itself, sebab dia agak ter-kedalam. so let's say u nak try kan, make sure u masuk ke dalam sikit tau, baru bole nampak. :)

Thara said...

irra :
aww thanks, irra. im sure kalau u pon ikut melaram, confirm cun juge! ye tak! ;)

oooh husband u dgn i sama la nampaknya. cepat je hangin kalau bini ni lambat bersiap eh? hahaha. u pegi office sama kereta dgn ur husband tak? kalau sama, u pakai je makeup dkt dlm kereta kalau tak sempat nak makeup dkt umah. i do that all the time! :P try lah u. it's very worth it sbb nak kata mahal, tak la mahal sgt sbb every item is below RM50. not bad la kan compared to other brands. sooo jom Topshop bersamaaaa! :D

hahaha omg sama la mcm aydein! my compact powder sblm ni pon aydein pecahkan! saba je la. dah la dapat tu dari hadiah hantaran! sedeh gilaaaaa!

Thara said...

zurin :
alhamdulillah syukur. i thank Him for all that he's bestowed upon me :) :) tapi sume org pon bole jadik gorgeous! kene rajin sikiiiit je! :P as for the eyes, effect tu lagi menawan sebab i pakai contact lense kot? kan i cakap bila pakai contact lense mata mmg automatic jadik besa & cantik! hahaha. tapayah minum brands innershine bergelen pon, confirm mata jadik cantik gitu :P

yes u should, u should! tu la babeee! sejak jadik mak-mak ni, kita jadik terosss lupa nak melawa-lawa kan? i gotta thank my new resolutions for this wake up call. i rasa kalau i tak buat my new resolutions tu dulu, none of this would have happened! tak payah ckp u, i pon samaaa! i still have my one & only blusher yg i beli when i was still a student! hahaha!

yeah babe, lets all be pretty together! :) :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

i almost didn't recognise you in that picture! very nice! i've never had contact lenses on's just something about sticking a finger in my eye.

i hardly experiment with new makeup. once i try something that i think suits me, i just stick to it sampai ke la. my mom pulak rajin bagi make up for my birthday. recently i started using liquid liner. need very steady hands for that.

you're lucky that your skin isn't oily. i on the other hand, macam boleh goreng telur :(

Nadine said...

Awwwh babe u look glowing in the photo! nice! :)

bertuah org kulit tak problematic mcm you ni boleh experiment dgn mcm2 product. kalau i, silap sket habislah. nasibla i'm not into make up sgt. tapi suka baca anything about beauty :) keep on writing on these interesting stuff ok :)

hushuss said...

Thara, satu je nak ckp, u look stunning in the pic. Cantik ok!

Thara said...

irin :
hehe it's amazing what contact lenses can do to one's looks kan? :D u know, i was like u too. i was SO DAMN AFRAID to put them in my eyes, it took me a good 10 mins just staring at myself in the mirror, kejap nak letak, kejap tak jadik, sebab takut gilaaaa. but i was determined to conquer my fear, and i did! :D i was actually so proud of myself on the day i first put them on tau. i siap tanye the optometrist tu, "i wont go blind after this right? u'd be here if anything were to happen to my eyes right?" :P

oh no liquid eyeliner is the messiest! ive never been any good at that. gel eyeliner is the closest i'll ever go when it comes to eyeliners. mungkin bila expert sket nanti, i'll try liquid pulak :P

yeah, my skin isn't oily but it's pretty dry. sampai harini taktau nak letak apa kasik moist sket. :P

Thara said...

nadine :
thanks, babe! it's the effect of contact lense & the powder foundation kot :P yeah im blessed to be bestowed with a skin like this. i hardly get any pimples on my face, but my skin is rather dry. so kadang2 bole nampak the skin peels off mcm tu. still looking for products to moist the skin. do u know of any good ones?

thanks nadine. i tgh "musim" ni. tgh dok bersemangat lagi. nanti musim nak melawa ni over, it's back to naked face & instant hijabs la nanti :P

huspa :
thanksss huspa! alhamdulillah, syukur pada Tuhan. :) huspa pon cantik jugak! tapayah pon makeup bagai, dah naturally cantik gitu :)

Humaira Yahya said...

I found your blog when i google - topshop make up in Msia.


I wanna ask, The powder foundation is how much babe ? And after put on the powder foundation, do we need to apply compact powder pulak ?

Ya Allah. Im craving for all the make up!

Thara said...

hi humaira! thanks for dropping by :) the powder foundation is RM53 and it works just like compact powder, so i mmg tak pakai compact powder pon kalau dah pakai topshop's powder foundation ni :)

haha i know what u mean :P topshop's makeup mmg very irresistible! go buy, go buy! :D