Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodbye Shawls, Goodbye Bawals

I am so in dire need of some of these!

Now that Aydein can grab, he will grab just about anything that comes in his way and that will usually be my hair, my cheeks, my nose or.. yes, my tudung (head scarf).

This can get quite troublesome especially when we are outside attending a function or anything as such. Because when my brooch is at my cheek, and the front of my tudung is at my eyes, and a few strands of my hair coming out from my tudung, (the result of him tugging on my tudung), it can be, well, pretty tempting for me to duck and hide. And usually, even when I attempt to style it back nicely to its place, it usually won't be as neat anymore.

Besides, whenever I carry Aydein around, I will often have to literally look over my shoulder just to see if the brooch that I pinned nicely on my shoulder does not rub against his chin, cheek, forehead, or eyes!

That is why, it is time for me to say bye-bye tudung bawals & shawls, and hello.. well, tudung barus.

Ps: Any suggestions on where I can get good quality tudung like these at affordable price? I absolutely adore Ariani's.. but they are a bit pricy for me, especially when I'm planning to get 3 or 4 of them.


RieNa said...

jalan TAR kan byk?? pun ada kalau malas kuar sesak2 dgn org ramai.(tak pnh plak beli tudung online.kalau baju baby adalah.:)

sarahrashid said...

what about on9 shopping @ sugarscarf lawa2 jgk..only sugarscarf blog that i knw setakat ni yg tudung lawa2..hee ~ :)

Thara said...

kak riena :
pasal byk sgt lah sampai tatau mane satu kedai yg elok quality tudung nya :P sama juge dgn online stocks. ade yg kak riena bole recommend?

sarah :
if im not mistaken sugarscarf only sells shawls kan? yg tudung cenggitu takde kan? ade ke?

RuZaNNa said...

I'm like you too.. recently converted to tudung awning.. dah jarang pakai tudung bawal.. senang ok.. i don't have to iron my tudung every morning.. but i still have a long way to complete my color selection.. i beli dgn my mom's friend.. way much cheaper than ariani.. same price as sugarscarf.. happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

hye thara..
yes sugarscarf ade jual tudung2 ade awning ni.. ade da beli byk n sgt2 comfy to wear..
cantik2 n murah2 also.. plus u bole COD at cyberjaya since u work there kan? u can have a look here

Thara said...

ruzanna :
itu lah kan. kalau tak nanti senget sana, senget sini. haihs. oh really? ive checked sugarscarf out too. ada tudung awning cenggitu rupanya. and at reasonable price too! will be getting a few from her soon :)

anonymous :
ive checked the website out and will be getting a few from her soon :) thanks for the info though! ;)

BabyBooned said...

these are the only type i wear now coz PANAS lah nak pakai tudung lilit sana lilit sini ;p i'm a real lazybum, i tell u!

i get mine from Ratu in Semua House, it's cheaper than Ariani (esp. when they're having a sale, very much cheaper). But right now Ariani is having a sale to get rid of their old stock, so I've bought rm400 worth of tudungs there in the past 2 weeks! heeeee. in my defence.. they're buy one free one lah babe! try the Ariani in kota dsara coz they've got more choice.

and lastly, never ever overlook the small stalls at shopping complexes selling those tudungs. u can get really good bargains if u buy more than 1 helai. my family and i like Giant kota dsara coz there're so many tudung sellers there with Ariani and Ratu knock-offs. LOL

ummi said...


try search kat assyaima jer senang...

Thara said...

akak :
seriously? thanks for the info! i'll be sure to check them out soon!

kak an :
ive checked that website out. it really does have good collection! thanks kak an :)

Zaki N Ilyia said...

tiqah, kalau blk penang bley try butik DEENA kat perda, price cheaper than ariani tp same quality..kalau nak murah sket dia ada bukak kiosk kat tesco seb jaya, kak ilyia selalu bl kat kiosk sbb kalu beli kat butik dia mahal sket..dr segi kualiti mmg puas hati..

.D d L a L a. said...

i always go for sri munawwarah and currently they having sale up to 20% discount. maybe u shud try.

Thara said...

kak ilya :

ye ke? nanti tiqah pi jengah kalau tiqah balik penang lagi. thanks for the suggestion!

ddlala :
oh? but munawwarah's price is just about ariani's price kan?