Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hijabi Girl

I never paid much attention to fashion & beauty ever since I conceived Aydein, despite my love for them. That changed however, when I wrote my resolutions for year 2011. Now I am friends again with my makeup, heels and shawls.

I have always wanted to wear shawls. I loved how they are soft, colorful, and can be styled in many stylish ways. In fact, I wore it for a while when I was pregnant, but when Aydein came along, it was just too troublesome that I just had to switch to instant hijabs.

Instant hijabs are very practical especially for a mom like me but I wanted a little oomph, a little spice in the way I look. That's why, come 2011, I was all for shawls and colorful colors. I was also bored of the same way that most ladies tie their scarves, so I tried something different, something that looks like this.

Although not everyone fancy this style, however to me, it is different, casual and trendy. It softens the whole look somehow and I just totally dig it! But of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some people dig it, some people don't. BUT I'm glad to know that many seem to dig it, from the response I got from my FB! :D

Heee thanks people, you guys rawk my sawks! :D What about you, do you dig it or ditch it? :P

Anyway, as you might have noticed, I don't usually put up vain pictures of me much on my blog. Eversince Aydein came along, he's been stealing all the limelight from me all to himself! Not that I mind anyway, he is ten times better looking than me :P But just for this one time, here's another piece of me with another shawl that I bought recently. Look at the embellishments, I love how they sway with me when I walk!

And then, as it happens, the country is suddenly shaken by this fashion icon in the muslimah fashion industry, the chic and the none other, Hana Tajima Simpson. I actually knew about her even way before she made her appearance during the recent Live Fashion/Love Music event. However, again, I couldn't care less about beauty & fashion then because the only thing that revolves around me then was my baby.

That's why, when she made her appearance in Malaysia recently, it just doubled my spirit! I am so inspired by her, I even purchased her infamous chiffon scarf snood, from her Maysaa label. I am telling you, the quality of the material is so top notch that it was worth the RM104 (including delivery fees) spent on this! Just look at the parcel. Have you ever received a parcel nicely wrapped like this? :D

And when I put it on, I instantly feel like a supermodel! Okay, I'm exaggerating hehe. But really, just like its website says, with one simple zip fastening at the back, it's the quickest way to a high fashion look!

It may just look like any ordinary hijabs with chiffon lining out there to you, but honestly, they are nothing quite like this. You will only feel the difference when you put it on. And the best thing is, you can style it in many different ways.

Another quick style that I like to do when wearing this Maysaa snood is by bringing the chiffon layer to the front (refer Hana's picture above). I find it classy in the effortless sort of way :D Of course, there are tons of other styles you can do with this scarf -- you just have to be creative about it! For example, I don't know this girl (I found out that her name is Yanny) but I was bloghopping and I like how she wears her Maysaa snood. Simple, neat and simply cantik! :)

Oh and this Maysaa chiffon snood also both covers the neck and part of the chest/back, so it makes styling even easier! :)

So for those of you who haven't got it yet, get it now and I promise you, it will be worth every penny spent! For any faulties, you can even have it returned and get a replacement for FREE. On top of that, you would also be getting 10% off the next purchase! BEST KANNNN! Jangan sengaja rosakkan tudung tu udah la ye.. :P

Until then, happy melawa-lawa, ladies! ;)


peah @ peps said... look gorgeous! know what? i am a minute away of buying that maysaa scarf...:P

hopefully my jawa face...will be uplifted by it...

"Love to me is ...." or "Cinta bagi saya adalah..." Contest by Cik Peah

RuZaNNa said...

Looking good babe!!! and love the Maysaa scarves on you.. you look so like anak dara! but how i wish die ada color selain black as i definitely can't wear black or else nampak cam nenek kebayan.. hehehhe..
Looking forward for more styles from you.. keep it up babe!

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

love it!!

Thara said...

peps :

awww thanks, babe! im sure anyone would look gorgeous in the snood scarf. it's the effect of the scarf -- it just does wonders on you! and yeay, can't wait for you to model it out for us! :) keep us updated!

anne :

mcm anak dara? hahaha. itu compliment terbaik tu! i hope it's for real? :P thanks babe, i think it's the effect of the scarf. memang sape2 pon nampak lebih jelita bila pakai maysaa snood neh. (ok now I sound like an unofficial Maysaa snood promoter) :P true, i thought of the same thing! i hope they come out with more colors so i can style it with colored outfits! :D

ps : nenek kebayan?? no way! u SO can rock this snood too, ok? sebab u're fair and it will be a gorgeous contrast on u! try lah! :)

nurul aima :

i love it too! the scarf, i mean. :P thanks for dropping by! :)

MommaHasya said...

you look different! Hampir tak kenal (hihi, kita pun baru kenal kan..) Sure your hubby terpegun..:))

semut-terbersin said...

wewittt!! cantiknye...

Thara said...

mommahasya :

hey there, thanks for dropping by! :) haha i nampak different? different in a good way i hope! :P honestly, my husband memang loved the way i looked masa the first time i put it on tu. siap tolong betol2kan tudung i masa tu, kasik nampak lagi cantik haha! :) im sure all husbands would love to see their wives looking pretty in this snood, so u should get it too and wow ur husband with it ok! :D

ps - kita baru kenal, lepas ni bole lebeh kenal kenal ;)

semut :

aww thanks, ila! sume org pon nampak tantik lah bile pakai snood ni. beli la beli la beli laaa. jom jadik santek sama-sama :P


babe u dah boleh masuk category hot momma k!
super gojes..I loike..!!

I pun skrang suka tgk all those muda mudi duk gayakan Hana Tajima I wish to join them too..
tgk lah lepas2 beranak nanti..I love those colorful shawl..mmg nice kan..

keep on experimenting..nanti boleh share with us!!
2 thumbs up!!

Nadine said...

Pheeeewittt!! ;)

Looks like somebody already achieved her resolution within few weeks. congrats, Thara!

Babe, u look really gorgeous in Mysaa! Like it :) Sorry tau tp I rasa you look younger in scarves than when you were wearing the instant hijab. Now mmg u nampak muda and sgt suitable since ur still way younger than us.

Keep us posted on the melawa2 activities of yours k. Would love to read n see the photos coming:)

mommaholicSURI said...

It's finally here!!! Lalalalalalalaa.
And There you are!! A stylista!! =D

I still remember our tweet tweet babe. How you're so excited + nervous with this purchase. Oh my!! you are looking superbly gorgeous!!

EH Eh.. you pun kenal Yanny ek? I'm following hana Tajima from her la. And she's the person who guided me on where to go and shop space when i was in Tokyo. Hihihi. Yesss.. Love her style wearing shawl!! And will be next babe!! :)

Dang!!!! I should start ordering now. Tidak syak lagi. Hahahaha :)

BabyBooned said...

lookin good, girl! dang u just did free marketing for them ;D

p!nkerton said...

wow cunn2! nampak muda & riang gumbira mcm tu. in other word, macam anak dara tau :D sesuai dgn u, serious (baca: sila beli lagi byk2 ;p)
i wonder dkt mmu skng sure ramai student pakai pesyen2 macam ni? zaman kita dulu ada tudung bawal je huhu ;p

mommaholicSURI said...

baca balik comment i.. i tertinggal 1 word :)

"And YOU will be next babe!! :)"

RuZaNNa said...

Wahh lepas ni ada 2 hot mama pakai scarves from Maysaalah ni.. satu thara.. satu nuurill.. korg mmg suitable pakai this type of tudung.. kalau mek ni.. sure nampak cam alien.. hohooh..
Can't wait to see the mommies melawa lawa!

mommaholicSURI said...

Awakku, saya belum tentu lagi wak. Not sure if i can carry the look or not. Urgh.

and Thara, U dah slim gilerr!! =D

Thara said...

nadia :
aww thanks nadia, tapiiii i rasa i belom bole lagi masuk dlm category itu, sebab i punye weight mission bole kecapaian lagi! tunggu i achieve my pre-pregnancy weight and bole fit in balik baju2 anak dara dulu-dulu, baru bole masuk antara the "hot mamas" category! :P

eh babe, tapayah tunggu lepas beranakkk! u tau takkk, how i wish i looked more presentable when i was pregnant with aydein last time! gamba i dulu masa pregnant semua sememeh. and i tengok skarang ramaiiii je pregger moms yang still look sizzling hot even with their tummies tauu! so ive promised myself, nanti kalau i pregnant lagi pon i still want to look smashing! ;) take advantage of the glow u have now babe! the glow won't last forever!

Thara said...

nadine :
thanks nadine, but not quite! i still have a lot to achieve, especially the weight part, so hold ur horses! :P

aww thank u for the compliment, but i honestly think that it's the effect of the snood! mcm i dah ckp beribu kali, sume org yg pakai pon misti nampak cantik sbb the snood itself tu dah gorgeous! bile pakai misti nampak mcm high fashion lah. cewah :P soooo bila u nak pakai pulak ni? misti bertambah2 glowing! ;)

ps : i pon rasa i look better in shawls. tapi kadang2 i sarung jugak instant hijabs tu, especially kalau nak cepat :P

Thara said...

nuurill :
OMG I KNOW RIGHTTTT! hahaha. i punyalaaaaaa nervous masa bukak parcel tu, lebeh2 lagi masa nak pakai. sebab i rasa muka i bulat, takut bila pakai nanti nampak mcm telur pulak! :P tapi thanks to the awesomeness of the snood itself, i was like hey, this ain't bad after all! :P

oh, i tak kenal Yanny tu sebenarnya. like i said, i was doing a little bloghopping and I landed on her blog. pastu i noticed that she was wearing Maysaa snood and terus jatuh cinta :P she's very sweet kan? comel-comel her pictures. and i absolutely love the way she dresses up! oh u kenal rapat la dgn dia eh? how did u know her? from blogging ke?

omg that's FOR SURE! you SO have to get it like -- NOW! i can just picture it on u. CONFIRM GORGEOUS! don't forget to share ur pictures with us once u do! ;)

ps : thanks for all the sweet compliments babe. u ni buat i ngembang lagi je :P

Thara said...

babybooned :
thanks kak nina! hahaha u know what, lepas i baca balik my blog entry, baru i realize like daymn, i DID just make a free marketing for em. they should pay me! :P

pinkerton :
weeee i love it that u said i look youngggg in this entryyy! macam anak dara lagi tu youuu! haha tak bole blaaa! :P thanks babe, really appreciate it. u tanak try ke beli tudung ni? misti gojes sampai husband fall in love over and over u! :P

a'ah kannnnnn! dulu mana laaaaaaaa ade pesyan belit belit ni. paling kuat pon bawal sape lagi banyak batu mengelip tu! haha. :P

Thara said...

anne & nuurill :

i seriously think that both of you, can carry this look. i really do! sebab both of u punya muka pon bujur sireh, and fairrr. it's so gonna have a gorgeous effect on u girls! serously, it's just a matter of adjusting je! mula2 i pon skeptical -- kene ke dgn muka i nanti. elok ke, kang nampak mcm ayam nak bertelur pulak kan. tapi belasah je pakai, aleh2 ok jugak lah -- bole laa lepas buat mak mertua sejuk hati mandang :P

u two should just buy one alreadyyyy! i guaranteeee korang missssti jatuh cinta jugak lah! the scarf really does wonders! (there i go again promoting the snood like Maysaa's official promoter. they should really pay me to do this ey! :P)

mommaholicSURI said...

ahahahahaha. Thara, i nak kata close sangat dengan Yanny tu xdela. I know her through her blog jugak. And then because she has some experience in japan before and she is so shopaholic, i asked her at her formspring about Japan. From there, we started being friends. :)

Awakku Anne: jom beli wak nak? leh jinat duit shipping. hahahaha :)

RuZaNNa said...

Thara.. kepala yg bujur tuh is nuurill ok.. bukan i ok.. kalau i pakai scraves tuh mmg huduh ok.. hahah.. but mana tau maysaa scarves will change that fact kan?
Nak nak beli gak wak!! saya hampir2 nak beli tau.. tp memandangkan bulan ni lari budget.. so kena KIV lah... hujung bulan ni wak??

RuZaNNa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

kak ngah.pakai la tudung macam na pon.lilit lah macam mana pon.tutup leher tutup dada.ikot shariat.lagipon kakngah tak payah stail-stail sangat r beautiful just by the way you are.and i mean it kak ngah.

your brother.

Thara said...

nuurill & anne :
yeaaaay! watch out world, hot mommies alert, hot mommies alert! :D cant wait for both of you to get it and model it out for all of us! confirm gorgeous punye lah, i have no doubt ;)

raqib :
awwwww. hoho ye baiklah, akan saya usahakan. -__-

Fain said...

Thara, lama menyepi rupanya ada ada project baru ngn Maysaa Scarf rupanya! Thara, your new look so awsome. Dari jauh da bole nmpak coz lain dari yang lain.

hushuss said...

Only 1 word Thara "GORGEOUS". Thara nampak lain dan cantik! I love ur new look Thara. Keep it up!

diana a.k.a melon said...

nice..different look indeed thara..

mommaholicSURI said...

Awakku: set wak!!! :) hujung bulan kay. Mari kita ber roger roger an :)

Thara said...

fain :
hahaha project baru takde maknanye! :P awww thanks fain, i really appreciate it. :D saje sekali sekala nak melawo. skang tgh muda lagi lah nak melaram kan. kang nanti dah berkedut, dah terlambat ye dak? :P u mcm mana pulak? tanak try ke this Maysaa snood? skali pakai, teros jadik mama vogue gitu! :P

Thara said...

huspa :
one word : THANKS! haha. babeeeeeee i can't waitttt for you to get this and wear it as discussedddd! and when u do, don't forget to share with us with loads and loadssss of pictures of you okkkk! watch out malaysia, hot mamas are coming your wayyyy! :P

Thara said...

diana :
hehe thanks diana. kalau u pakai, confirm misti nice jugak! lagi nice dari i! ;)

nuurill :
weeee cant wait, cant waitttt! babe, jgn lupa. one more mum is joining both of u! jeng jeng jenggggg -- presenting -- huspaaaaaa! :D u girls rock lah! :D

An Opinion :) said...

bagi saya..tudung tu cantik, cume care pemakaian awak buat nampak kan sifat keislaman tu pudar. maksud saya, dgn baju ikut badan, dan posisi gambar awak tu dalam keadaan mendada. gambar awak tu buat orang bkn alert kat tudung, tapi kat lain. if u got what i mean. ;) dan cara pemakaian tudung yg awak tarik ke tepi tu, menimbulkan soalah2 imaginasi itu rambut kamu. selaku wanita yg sudah berkahwin, berfashion itu tak salah, cume ada batas. maruah suami kena dijaga. yer kan. sorry, it just my 2 cents. ;) tp, saye btol2 suke tudung awak. :)

Thara said...

an opinion :
thanks for your input, i really appreciate it. :) in fact, u jugak buat i sedar benda2 yang i tak sedar sblm ni, mcm part "imaginary hair" tu. bila i tgk balik, baru nampak apa yang u cakap ni. thanks again for this, i'll take note of this :)

RieNa said...

k riena suka cara tiqah trima teguran (rujuk komen raqib n opinion). tiqah punya hati yg jernih dan ikhlas. i mean it. kalau k riena mesti dah sentap abis. hehe

pinjam ayat raqib : you r beautiful just by the way you are.

seriously! :)

Thara said...

k riena :
thanks :) bukan apa, dalam dunia ni, tak semua orang suka apa yang kita buat. jadik kita buang yang keruh, amik yang jernih je lah ;) lagipun, apa yang derang cakap tu pon betol. salah lah bagi tiqah kalau nak menegakkan benang yang basah ye tak! ;)

ps : thanks. itu pon apa yang aien cakap. :) cuma tiqah ni je yang nak try something different sekali sekala. :P

Kartini said...

so prettyyy. at this age after delivered my 3rd baby i sure want to melawa right after my confinement hehe

hamzah ian said...

stalk thara.. baca entry lama2.. huhu