Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nuffnang, Here I Come!

If you do follow my Twitter updates, you would know that I have been actively seeking for new jobs and attending interviews for the past 1 week.

It saddens me to have to leave Loveclients and the fact that I won't be working under the same company as my husband any longer, but given the company's current circumstances, I believe this is the right move, and that I am clearly better off with a new position in a new company.

I knew that I made the best decision by leaving Loveclients, because less than 24 hours from the point that I was interviewed with this company I've been dreaming about, I got a call from them telling me that I am accepted in their team! I was dizzy with happiness. I landed the job!

Okay, so here comes the news. Some of you may already knew about my new company from my tweets, but as for those of you that don't already know, well, ladies and gentleman, there's no secret there -- as you can see from my blog title, you're looking at the new Blogger Relations Executive at Nuffnang (MY) Sdn Bhd! :) :) :)

Yes lovelies, I will be working with Nuffnang the leading blog advertising company! Basically, my job scope requires me to communicate with bloggers, write anddd plan events! I love writing, I love blogging and I love planning events! So you can imagine the joy that I felt when I actually received the offer! This job and I are like match-made in heaven and I was practically flying without wings! :) :) :)

Today marked my first day working with the team and so far, so good. I love the working environment, the team and the company's policies, but most of all, I love that I was given a personal, brand new laptop to do my work! :) :)

With that said, I can't wait to see what tomorrow and the future has in store for me in Nuffnang! I have successfully achieved resolution #4 and I can't wait to achieve more! Here's to the brand new year, brand new me with the brand new job! Here's to 2011! ;)


RuZaNNa said...

Wow.. this is indeed a good start for 2011 kan.. so lepas ni boleh la you hint2 to us for new events that's coming up..
Are you involve with the event planning as well.. if you are, then i can imagine a hot mama running around making sure things are going right..
So happy for you.. and looking forward for more achievement this year :)!

ZuRin said...

Weeehooo...Congrats again! Definitely a great start for 2011, Thara...:) I think they have found the perfect candidate for the position. Truly match made in! All the best yeaah...!

Cherie said...

Oh ni la news yang kau nak cite tp sbb kau wirid lamaa gila lepas asar teros tak dpt nak crite kan! Anyway, here's a belated CONGRATULATIONS! Kesian aien..malam2 ntah ntah meleleh air mata dia sorang-sorang :P

semut-terbersin said...

wowwiee! congrats!

p!nkerton said...

wowww interesting! all the best thara! bestnya dapat job yg kena dgn minat u, lucky! jgn lupa hint member2 kalau ada event ;p

rockee said...

so you really joined nuffnang, haha, congratulation for getting a job there.

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

Congratulation!! All the best to you in your new job. :)

Nadine said...

Congrats Thara!!

Murah rezeki you :) Eh, u punye old company kalau resign notice 24hrs eh? Cpt tul you masuk keja office kalau resign 2 months notice ok..huhu.

bestnya Nuffnang! Sounds fun and exciting. Haahla babe, kalau ade pape event yg best ke ape ke jgn lupa buzz we all yer :D

mommaholicSURI said...

All i can say is that, 2011 is really a Thara year!! :)
Congratulations again, dear. I'm so happy for you. You deserve the job, dear.!!! :D

diana a.k.a melon said...

congrats Thara for you new job!!! we never know what is in the store for us until we enter the store..(ape aku merepek daa)..hehe.. gambateh!!chaiyok2!!

diana a.k.a melon said...

I think you should change you profile in blogger too!!

irradhil said...

tahniah dear.....
i'm so hepi 4 u.
keje elok2 tau....

Thara said...

anne :
alhamdulillah, it is a good start for me, anne. i bersyukur sgt2 pada Tuhan for this wonderful opportunity. dah mcm2 jadik dkt office lama i sblm ni, so bila dpt offer ni, it's like, u know, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. :) and yesss, i will be involved with the event planning as well! that's one of the job scopes that i can't wait to get started! skarang ni baru buat all the easy-easy stuffs. can't wait to start on the real thing! :P here's to 2011 for the both of us, babe! ;)

Thara said...

zurin :
thanksss! i sure hope i wont dissapoint them! :)

cherie :
hahahaha omg sorryyyyyy! seriously lepas asar tu, i had to rush back sbb aien was already waiting for meeee! hahaha. sorry weh sorry! :P and THANKSSSS for the wish! haha, i think u got it the other way rounddd! :P

semut :
wowwieee thankssss! :D rezeki tahun baru ni, alhamdulillah :)

Thara said...

pinkerton :
kan! i've always believed that in order to be successful in your career, u need to do something that u actually love. let's just hope that i really do get to go far this time! aminnnnn. :)

ps : itu sudah semestinyaaaaa! :D

rockee :
yes rockee, i did! i cant believe it myself :P thanks rockee, all the best to u too! :)

Thara said...

worryfather :
thanks, lim! if we're lucky, we might even get to meet each other one day. :) nuffnang has a branch in singapore, so if we happen to be there, i'll definitely holler and u take me jalan-jalan yea! ;)

Thara said...

nadine :
alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah, nadine. i pon tak sangka i can land a job in nuffnang. it's such an honor to be serving them! :) a'ah my ex-company (cheh ex-company :P) bole kasik 24 hours notice sbb mmg that office is having some crisis pon. many have left and are leaving, so they memang cannot do anything about it. as for nuffnang, notice period sama jugak mcm ericsson! 2 months for both probation & confirmed staffs!

im enjoying my days in nuffnang so far. hopefully it stays that way forever lah! :P and yes, kalau ada event best2, u guys are for sure gonna be the firsts to know! :D

Thara said...

nuurill :
hahahaha. 2011 is thara's year?? hehe not too fast la babe! i ada banyaaaaaaak lagi nak achieve ni. tapi i aminkan lah doa u tu. moga2 menjadik kenyataan :D thanks for the support nuurill, here's to 2011 for the both of us! ;)

diana :
hahaha takpe takpe, i faham what u meant :P true true, as for me in nuffnang, so far so good. mmg banyak lagi yang kene catchup, but im taking one thing at a time now. :) thanks for the vote of confidence, babe! here's to 2011 for the both of us! :D

ps : thanks for the reminder, i dah tuka dah profile description i :P

Thara said...

irra :
thanks for the encouragement, irra! really appreciate it! :) :)

ps : bila la kita bole berjumpe ni ek? hope to see u in person one day! :)

hushuss said...

Thara, congratulations! A good start in 2011. NuffNang, sgt sesuai dgn u Thara...

Thara said...

huspa :
thanks, huspaaa! alhamdulillah, the year has been kind to me so far :) and yes, nuffnang seems like the best decision ive made thus far! :D thanks babe, and here's 2011 for us! :D


Congrats babe!!
Its really ur year lah..
Early of the year pun dah bnyk resolutions berjaya..good job Thara!!

psst..nanti bnyk event nuffnang, boleh lah selit kan kami sekali..hehee ;)

Thara said...

nadia :
thanks nadia. i have no one to thank but Allah for this wonderful start to the year alhamdulillah :) ive got a lot to achieve this year. im just hoping that i'd get to achieve em all successfully! amin. :) :)

about event invitation tu, u guys are for sure gonna be the firsts to know! ;)



yanmie said...

Salam,1st time singgah sini, wah congrats yea....mesti best keja dengan nuffnang kan, pernah sampai ofis nuff sekali je :)

DaHLia said...


datang jenguk Nuffies baru di sini :D
Selamat Menjalankan tugas dengan Nuffnang ya :D

Thara said...

yanmie :
so far, mmg best hehe. ooh ye ke! lepasni dtg la lagi, bole kita jumpa! :)

dahlia :
hehe terima kasih la sudi menjenguk! :D insyaallah, insyaallah. i akan cuba berikan yg terbaik!