Monday, April 12, 2010

A Brand New Start

It's been a while since I last posted anything here. I truly did not mean to leave this blog woefully abandoned, but since I started with my new company, I haven't had the time!

It's been more than a week now since my first day in Loveclients (that's my new company). Believe it or not, when I first told my dad about my new company, he was like, what -- Loveclients? Is it a matchmaking company? And I immediately burst into laughter! Hehe.

NO, it is not, I repeat, IT IS NOT a matchmaking company. In fact, it is nowhere near to it! Loveclients is actually a premier search engine marketing agency, specializing in paid search (pay-per-click) marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Confused? Let me make it clear to you. What we do is basically make your website rank higher in search engines. That way, your website is more visible to users and you get more traffic to your website! Cool eh?

But why is it Loveclients? I have no bloody idea.

The office's lounge area

Anyway, being a part of Loveclients is really how I imagined it to be. Fun (mostly because I know some of them there) and conducive working environment. My first day as Loveclients's Content Editor was quite memorable though. I am not sure if it was the freezing cold office, or the fact that I had to walk a mile in my heels from the parking lot to the office, or that maybe my heart was still with Exabytes, but by the end of the of the day, I was down with high fever of 38.1 degree celcius!

My new work space, overlooking KLCC!

What a way to remember my brand new start eh? Heh. Other than that, my days sailed away like breeze. I love my new colleagues, my new desktop, the new places to eat, and my new challenging tasks.

The 3 sweethearts I knew even before I stepped into Lc. From left : yours struly, Fareeza & Syikin

Oh and I also love the coffee machine at my new office! Being a coffee-hater that I am, believe it or not, I have never operated a coffee machine before! So when I saw the coffee machine that is able to make just about 7 types of coffee, I was rather amazed! I remember asking Aien, "Yang, does this mean that I can just press on the button and the machine will make the coffee as printed on the menu buttons automatically?!" Haha. Jakun, I know. But since it's coffee, and I don't take coffee, the hype just lasted for about 5 minutes, and I didn't even bother tasting any of the coffee. I'm more of a chocolate person - coffee gives me headache.

Anyway, my new tasks at my new company require me to write still, only at broader subjects. If previously my writeup were all concentrated on webhosting-related articles and issues, now, I get to write about MORE things, from fashion to supermodels to healthy eating to business empire and more!

Syikin & I at the open-concept office

And did I tell you that besides learning new things, my English also got corrected for the first time in my two years of writing? Heehe. And the thing is, although it really did suck to get corrected by your own boss, but somehow a part of me actually felt glad that somehow someone finally is teaching me something! Mistakes are bound to happen, and if you don't get corrected, how are you supposed to learn, no? So yeah, I have nothing to complain for the time being. :P

Besides, why would I want to complain, when I have this VIP who, carries my bag, drives me to office as well as back home and accompanies me everywhere I go, in the same office? :)

Loveclients's Head of CSS Developer aka The Husband

Life indeed cannot get any better than this. :)


RuZaNNa said...

OMG Thara!
Our husband have the same shirt/T-shirt!! the one Aien is wearing in that photo!.. ahahhahah

Btw, what a view! i love office with good lighting and view.. kalau pening kepala, boleh rilek2 tgk permandangan ok! hehehe..

Anyway, office i pun ada that coffee machine.. masa dulu pun i was jakun like you.. tried each drink yg ada.. hahahaha

RieNa said...

tiqah, u look slim in here! wah, diet menjadik eh?alhamdulillah.

baguslah dpt better place.apatah lg ada suami disisi. nak apa lg kan?
happy working!

hushuss said...

Thara, I'm jealous! hahaha...u satu tmpt kerja dgn what it feels like to work in the same organization dgn hubby kan? misti best...hari2 leh kluar lunch together! errr...

Again Thara, congratulations! teringin nak kerja company best2 mcm ni...bila la my turn will come, tp bukan editor mcm u la...i am thinking of sending my boy tuition English dgn u, bole eh? hehe...

happy working dear!

bosscat said...

now I know why you left... LOL

hope you have a great time there..


hawwt momma seh!!
dear u dah slim bangat!!
only me yg makin naik, macamane ni..!!
seriously ur new workplace sgt best!!
boley tiap2 ari tgk klcc,ada various coffee to choose with VIP service..wat else dear!!

goodluck,btw I was suprised too..ingat agensi cari jodoh!!:)

Sabrina said...

hi thara, congrats for ur new job! send regards to aien k :-)

*miszleen* said...

thara! bertuahnya dia ;)

kem salam kat ikin....windu sama diaa ^_^

BabyBooned said...

hahahaha patut la seronok gila, mister hubs is in the same office rupanya! ;p

my old office pun ada the same machine. and i have to say that since i've always been a coffee-lover, i got addicted to that machine! its an evil evil evil machine! extra calories, eek!

Anonymous said...

jgn tertipu semua..dia maseh gemok..juz dia tahan nafas masa amik gmbr.hahahahahahaha

Thara said...

anne :

they do? if im not mistaken, its from Soda kan? he doesnt really fancy that shop, tapi masa tu nampak lawa pulak that shirt. teros grab it! :P

yeah this office has got much better view than my previous office in cyber. dah la my place sebelah tingkap kan. mmg best! :)

ooh so ure a coffee-lover! believe it or not, i sampai harini tak merasa lagi any of the coffees there. milo masih menjadi pujaan hatiku! :P

kak riena :

haa? tak lah kak riena. itu ilusi optik je tu. sebenarnya masih dok gedabak lagi ni :P

yeah, true. i cant ask for more. :)

huspa :

ada pros and cons dia, huss. kalau tgh angin baik, mmg semua indah suria. tp skali dtg angin tak baik tu, rasa mcm nak resign pi carik company laen masa tu jugak! :P

haha i ni english writer tak bertauliah lah huss. psl tu yg siap bole kene corrected by my boss lagi tu! :P

yeeling :

yes now YOU KNOW. :D
thanks babe, i miss ur nyah-ness! :P

Thara said...

nadia :

no no no! semua ini ilusi optik semata mata! i am NOT slim. i am STILL HUGE AS EVER! but yes, my new office mmg better in all that sense lah hehe. and i cant be anymore thankful! :)

haha. gotcha!

kak sab :

thanks kak sab. he sent his regards back to u ;)

leen :

tu lah, bersyukur sgt2. :) salam mu telah ku kirimkan ;) hey, rindu cik sikin saje ke? empunya blog ni tak windu? :P

babybooned :

hahaha yessss! best tau ade bodyguard pi mana mana although it can get pretty annoying sometimes.

haha ye ke! ive never tried any of the coffees! nak kene try ni. tapi nanti pening la!

raqib :

haha FINALLY someone is actually not buying the pic trick! :P


1) Thara u dah kuros!!!!!!! I jelos!!
2) Office u best giler!!!!! I jelos!!
3) Ade coffee machine yg memang menjadi pujaan hati coffee addict macam i nih!!!!! I jelos!!
4) I dun really prefer to work under the same roof with my hubby, but dapat pegi kerja sekali, balik sekali.. Owh! sapa tanak??? I jelos!!

kesimpulannya, I jelos!!!
Hehehehe :)

Nadine said...

Wah Thara, u look hawt! Like ur style, babe ;)

The coffee machine tu pun available in my office. Setia betul serve I yg coffee addict ni. So far semua ok for me except Cafe Mocha. Somehow it taste weird, not like the usual mocha. my colleagues pun said the same thing. U love milo eh..sama cam my hubby :)

Thara said...

nuurill :

haha funny je u ni nuurill. tapayah jealous2 lah. firstly, i am SERIOUSLY NOT kurus ok! pictures can be deceiving tau! and abt my office, it is indeed better compared to my previous office in cyber, nak nak lagi ade ppl like my hubs & my bffs kan. tapi part coffee machine tu, tak mendtgkan byk kesan pd i lah pasal im not a coffee addict! sobs sobs. nape tade milo/cocoa/horlicks/vico machine dkt office ni hah! haih nak kene propose carik ni :P

nadine :

thanks babe. nak tau tak, i beli outfit tu semata2 nak start my new day with the new office tau. hehe semangat tak? :D

ye ke u! i wonder how they taste like bcoz ive never tried any of em even up till this date. i should try kan! mane tau kot2 bole join the coffee-addicts club :P but the few times i tried sblm ni, buat i pening. haihs. and yes, im a milo (or anything cocoa) lover. :D