Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kind Gesture

Remember my previous blog entry about my former company, Exabytes and the wonderful people in it? For those of you who aren't already aware of this, Exabytes is the leading webhosting company in Malaysia which is based in Penang (HQ) with a branch in KL.

Last Friday, I had the privilege to attend a post farewell party organized by the KL team just for me (I told you they are a bunch of great, wonderful people!). It was just a small private party, held in their apartment in City Gardens. There were just the 6 of us, and 1 person included (mr husband, of course). :D

The evening started with us grilling the marinated raw food which consists of marinated chicken wings, marinated lamb and hot dog cocktails. We also fried some chickens that were cooked way earlier and ended up in our hungry tummies even before the grilled dish is ready. Hehe.

The evening was filled with laughter and joy. I personally enjoyed the evening and spent a lot of time catching up with the lot. During the conversation, one of my colleagues pointed out that Timothy Tiah's -- yes, the very Nuffnang co-founder -- house is just one level above theirs. I was so tempted to give Timothy's house a knock and pester him about my blog's poor returns but thought the better of it. Hehe.

And then, it was the highlight of the event -- dessert! The oh-so-very-thoughtful Chow went inside to get the cake he bought earlier and when he opened the box to reveal the cake inside, I immediately gulped at the sight of the mouth-watering Chocolate Indulgence! :P Although I am not much of a cheese cake lover (yes, weird of me, I know), but this one definitely completed the course. With the sweet chocolate topping outside coupled with soft moist cheesy cake inside, it was really just the perfect ending to the night.

The evening may not be fancy, it may not be much, but as they say, it's the thought that counts and it was definitely an evening to remember. :) Confidential to Chow, Jai, Yazid, Ming Wee and Albert, thank you all for everything. I was deeply moved by your kind gesture. Until we meet again, keep in touch! XOXO.

(click on picture for larger view)
From top-left : Jai, yours truly, Aien, Ming Wee and Albert
From bottom-left : Chow and Yazid



Baiknya diorang.. untung u!!

Aydein x itot yer?

Nadine said...

the chicken wings look so tempting *drooling*

It was thotful of them,Thara...and like Nuurill said, u are lucky! :)

p.s: Happy Birthday! May u have a wonderful year ahead with ur loved ones :)

EinsamSoldat said...

No problem hehe :) We just finished the cake yesterday morning.


wah best nye..
when we left the company,part paling sedih tinggal kawan2 kan..??
neway, cake tu but I balik mcm nak g secret recipe aje tau!!

p/s :my frenz at Flex pun best2..kan kan..:)

Thara said...

nuurill :
yeah, they're very nice bunch of ppl :)
tak, tak dpt ikot psl i pegi straight from office. :)

nadine :
and they were as tempting as they look! :D and yes, i am lucky indeed. :)
thanks babe! really appreciate it. :)

chow :
u're the best! :)

nadia :
yeah, bcoz they're very dear to us! :( tapi nak buat camane kan.
life goes on. sighs.

hehe u should go and get it. its really nice altho i'd prefer sponge cakes better! :P