Friday, January 8, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 3)

Hi everybody! It's Aydein again.

Time really does fly, and before you knew it, it's 2010 already! It felt like yesterday that I first screamed my lungs out in the bright labor room, and now, at 7 months young, I am beginning to see the beauty of this world which is now not very new to me anymore, although I still have a lot to explore!

At 7 months, I can now sit unsupported for a few minutes before I topple over. Hehe. Mama said it would take some time for me to really master this sitting skill skillfully, so until then I'm going to keep trying to balance myself until I get it right!

I heard mama conveyed her concern over to papa the other day about me not being able to crawl or even push myself forward just yet. Gees, mama. Take it easy lah. Don't you know that all babies are unique and develop at different pace? Pelan pelan kayuh la mama. I also heard she mentioned to papa that she would start picking me up less whenever I cry to stimulate my crawling skills from today onwards! *gasps* Don't lah mama. Sampai hati you. I gigit you lagi kuat nanti baru tau!

Speaking of which, I now have 2 sparkling new teeth at the top of my gum! See my beautiful new choppers?

Which makes a total of 4 sharp choppers altogether!

Yes. Sharp enough to make mama scream even louder than before everytime she nurses me. Hehe. It's funny though 'cause everytime she yells "No!" and glare at me, I would return her glare with a big smile. And when she says, "No, not funny", I would return her frown with an even bigger smile. She would then surrender to my adorable smile and ended up kissing me on the cheek and hugging me closer to her instead. :) Yes, I am a very cheeky boy indeed. :D

I also have a newfound habit lately. Everytime someone says something to me, I would make this very weird look on my face.

Mama told me to quit doing it. She said it looks ugly. Ugly ke?

Okay okay fine. I got the idea, I'll stop. Heeee.

Oh and lately, I have started to recognize my name. So everytime someone calls my name, I will turn to look at the person. Sometimes when that person duck and hide, I will turn my head left and right frantically to look for the voice. Tak baik la buli Aydein macam tu. Pening kepala Aydein tau :(

Until the next milestone from me!



RieNa said...

eh,aydein boleh speak in malay rupanya!

hahahaha!! ok,ok mama aydein, achik bergurau sj..

anyway, gigi aydein tu..wahhhh..(sambil membayangkan dia mengigit mamanya while bf.wee..menakutkan!)

RuZaNNa said...

Hohoho.. Aydein mcm imran rupanya.. gigi tumbuh dgn jayanya.. hehhee..
He's looking more and more like ur hubby la thara..

BabyBooned said...

aydein's super-adorable lah.. love his choppers!

u know, when i was breastfeeding gibran and he used to bite, one trick seemed to work. whenever they bite, shove the booby into their faces so that they cant breathe. hehh i know it sounds evil, but they'll stop biting. try it ;)


cute sungguh Aydein buat muka gtu..commey..!!
nanti dia start crawling,u sure tk larat nk kejar..;)


ayoyo. kalah Oman. Gigi Oman baru 1. Hihi

Thara said...

kak riena :
ooh aydein ni dari kecik mama die ajar bilingual languages! hehe :P

tu lah kak riena. sakit gila kalau die dah start buat naughty die pastu gigit kita. the thing is bila die gigit, die tau die tak bole buat mcm gitu. psl tu bila die nak test gigit, die pandang kita dulu, pastu gigit pelan2. mcm nak test tgk kita marah ke tak. saba je la.

anne :
tu lah. skarang ade lagi 2 gigi lagi dekat atas nak tumbuh lagi u. making a total of 6 teeth altogether soon!

and yes, many ppl say the same thing. tak aci lah. :P

babybooned :
hahahaha. klaka la akak ni. ok ok nanti i try! but but, kesiannya! haha.

nadia :
cute ke? ugly ok! seb baik skarang die dah jarang buat muka pelik tu dah hehe :P

ye ke u. i tak saba nak tunggu die start crawling!

nuurill :
haha chomelsnya keluar satu gigi! itu yang mahal tu u! :P