Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tok Mak!

Aydein dearest,

I was supposed to record this down for you earlier but again I was tied up with office work, so excuse me for this delayed entry okay? :)

Anyhow baby, can you still remember the birthday celebration we threw for Tok Mak about two weeks ago? You probably don't remember much, since you dozed off half way through the event. Adults' celebration must be boring for you, eh? Hehe.

Time flies and before we knew it, Tok Mak is a year older now – 56 now, to be exact. Yes baby, the very Tok Mak that helped to bathe you when mama was confined is now 56. Let's do some recapping now, shall we?

You were only a week ++ young when she first bathed you. At first, the plan was for me to bathe you myself, but you were so fragile, so delicate, that I was not brave enough to bathe you myself. Lucky for me, both your Opah & Tok Mak were very kind to take turns and help taking care of us, which includes bathing you. But only you lah. I mandi myself ok. Hehe.

Your Tok Mak was also at your Cukur Jambul ceremony and took part to trim your hair along with the rest of the guests before your papa himself shaved your head bald. I am sorry we had to shave your head bald, though. But it is believed that it is sunnah to do so. Yes, our culture adds its own things along with it, but the core of it is Islamic and it is sunnah.

See how tiny you were a few months back? Hehe. But look how far we've come and look how big you've grown now, alhamdulillah! Hehe. Yes, big enough that we can drag you along to celebrate your Tok Mak's birthday recently! Hehe.

It was a memorable one, though. Everyone managed to make it – your cousins, uncles, aunties, even your not-so-old grand-auntie!

your one hot grand-auntie!

Yes, still hot even with 4 of her own boys to look out for. :P And then there were your immediate aunties that I look up to. I mean, look at them ALL. Semua dah beranak pinak but still manage to look like slim-slim anak dara ok. Sighs. Stress, stress! :P

But it was a good, good night for everybody nonetheless. The place was beautiful, the ambience was nice, the company was amazing and the food was excellent!

So Aydein dear, when you grow up, be a good boy and make sure you thank both your Opah and Tok Mak for taking good care of you since you were this small

Till you are this big!

But as for this moment, let's take this chance to wish her another wonderful year of good health, laughter, happiness and joy, okay baby?

Happy birthday, Tok Mak!

Tok Mak with her husband, 5 children, currently 9 grandchildren, 2 son in laws, 2 daughter in laws, 1 brother, 2 sister in laws, and 7 nephews!


bintiegenxyz said...

aydein tok mak is look younger than her ages! serious! btw, why opah? does the penangite call their grandmother as nanny?

princess J said...

you are so blessed, Thara... you and your family! may the good Lord keep you and bless you in many years ahead... hugs!!!

Thara said...

bintie :
why opah? ntah la eh. dah my mum nak cucu die panggil die cenggitu? hehe. ooh. panggilan Opah tu tade kene mengene dgn penangite kot haha. i know, usually kalau org penang misti panggil Mak Tok la ape kan. tapi since my dad dibesakan di Perak, kitorang satu keluarga terikut banyak bahasa Perak. psl tu kot jadik Opah tu. :P

jay :
thanks jay. i do feel blessed :)