Saturday, March 20, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 5)

I know, I know. I have been a little quiet lately. But there are reasons behind my quietness, you see. I have actually been gaining more skills slowly and silently everyday!

At 9 months plus, I can do a few more things compared to before. If a few months back I could just bring my hands together and stare at them fascinatingly, now I can express my happiness by clapping my hands happily!

And my teeth! I don't know why, but they keep growing more and more (and fast too!) each day! My first two white caps sprouted when I was as little as 3 months young. And now, at 9 months, another 2 gleaming white teeth are beginning to appear at the bottom, making a total of 8 (4 above, 4 bottom) gleaming white teeth altogether now!

Speaking of which, I am now able to add more vocabs to my baby talk, like "mama" "a-bah", "puh", "beh", "ehh", "ba-ba" and a few others that I can't recall at the moment. Papa is still waiting for me to say “pa-pa” though. He keeps going like, paaaaaaaaaaa-pa? Baby, paaaaaaaaa-pa? Hehe.

Oh and I am very mobile now. Very mobile and active to be exact. If a few weeks back I was struggling to get something which is just a few feet away, now I can creep from one end to another effortlessly and quickly!

This helps mama on her effort to lose her weight! Because every now and then, she would shriek and run towards me to stop me from getting into the kitchen, toilet, under the table and all other forbidden parts of the house! One time she almost fainted when she found out that half of my body was already inside the toilet, trying to grab the shower handle! And another time, her eyes almost popped when she caught me at the door grills, trying to reach out and put the slippers into my mouth! And there was another time, she shrieked again when she found me creeping to the dustbin, and trying to mess with the rubbish inside! Poor mama, I think she's going to get heart problem soon.

Oh and just in case you're wondering, I have not started to crawl yet. In fact, I am not showing any signs of crawling, so mama thinks that I may be skipping the crawling part altogether and leap straight ahead to walking. Not sure how true this is, but I am definitely showing interests to walk. I love to stand at every chance I get and have started to pull myself up in my effort to climb on something (or someone).

I can now place my steps properly and can definitely walk like everybody else when mama or papa held both of my hands too!

Mama thinks of getting that Push & Walk thing, like my friend Aariz has. What do you think? I'll bet it will be so much fun!

Before I go, here's a clip of me clapping happily away. Until the next milestone from me!



Hihihi.. aydein's teeth dah 8??? wau!! Oman masih lagi 2 batang tu je tau.. xde petanda nak tumbuh lagi pown.. hehehehehe.

Good job aydein!!!

p/s: u, bila aydein dah start berjalan.. lagi heart attack kita ok!! hahahaha :)


congrats Aydein!!
dah bnyk gigi n start parctise jalan dah ngan mama ek..baguuusss!!

Thara, now Aydein makan ape..??
gg dah bnyk mesti dah best mama masak kan Aydein??

btw,Aydein tk ngap ke time feedin'??huhu..

hugs n kisses to Aydein :)

RuZaNNa said...

8 batang gigi?? wow aydein, u're developing as fast as imran!

Last night imran pulled the same act as aydein.. he was playing with his car and he crawled in front of the toilet, only to find the door was opened.. since ikhwan and i was busy testing the tv, we totally didn't realize where imran was.. until i didn't hear any sound of him playing, terus lari gi toilet.. and there he was, happily lap lantai dgn tangan and his pants.. aihhhhh.. nasib takde pape!

So mommies, always remember to close the toilet door and not to have pails filled with water inside the toilet, a big no-no!

Thara said...

nuurill :
yeah, dah 8! tu lah, gigi aydein tumbuh dgn berjayanya, tapi merangkak tak jugak lagi! hehe.

tu la u! i can imagine! tapi still i cant wait for him to start walking. nak lari2 sepak bola dgn dia! :P

nadia :
hes mmg an early "teeth" developer lah. haha. u imagine, 3 bulan dah tumbuh gigi! masa tu air liur die mencurah2, sampaikan semua org ingat i kempunan mkn smthn masa pregnant dulu (padahal takpon, sampai gemok mcm gini lagi adelah! :P)

now i buatkan bubur ayam / salmon (+broccoli+jagung+carrot+pumpkin) utk dia in the morning. and all types of fruit puree for him in the evening. thinking of increasing his meal to 3 times daily. what do u all think? is it time yet?

and yes, bile dtg naughty dia tu, die ngap la! sakit okkkkk!

anne :
hahaha comel je imran ni! dia nak tolong bibik dia kot! :P aydein pon haritu pegang paper, pastu lap lantai u! klaka je. should have taken his video. :P

yeah betol betol betol. nanti i nak pi carik all the child proofs. tangga lah yang i paling takut ni! takut masa kita tinggal dia tido dkt atas sorang2, takut die pelan2 sedar, then nak turun tangga "sendirik" pulak nanti! nauuzubillah. i think it's time for me to get that stairs gate tu lah kan.

princess J said...

thara!!! aydein is growing up so fast! sekelip mata, he'll be a heartbreaker! LOL

Thara said...

jay :
i know! and once he starts walking, it's bye-bye babyhood! sobs sobs. seriously, it's exciting and sad at the same time! am i crazy or what? :P

ps : heartbreaker? he breaks a girl's heart, i break his neck! haha.