Thursday, April 1, 2010

The End of Journey

My journey with Exabytes, that is.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would know from my previous post that I have been serving as the sole Creative Writer of Exabytes since April 2008. And today exactly marks my two-year anniversary working with Exabytes with all its glory.

February 2010 Annual Dinner.

Serving for Exabytes for almost 2 years has been very rewarding. However, my career goal has taken a different direction and I feel that it is time to move onto new opportunities and challenges.

You see, I have always had a passion for writing and recently been offered to work with international writers from all over the world. I realize that this offer does not come knocking on my door every day, and with my potential in writing, I knew this is a golden opportunity for me to improve myself, whilst further expanding my wings in this field and gaining a lot of new knowledge along the way.

January 2009 Annual Dinner

It's been a wonderful journey with Exabytes, however. I have met a lot of wonderful people here throughout my two years of service in Exabytes. I have found those of whom I can really trust and rely on, some of whom I promise to keep myself in touch with even when I am no longer an Exa.

Earth Day celebration 2008. (notice we were all greens & browns! and I was still slim & kecik!)

It saddens me to have to make this decision, especially when Exabytes has been far too kind to me. I was given a few privileges that not many get, all thanks to the understanding CEO Chan Kee Siak, a young visionary leader with a kind heart to match. To Mr Chan, if you're reading this, again thank you for the opportunity, the professional and personal development Exabytes has assisted me with over the past 2 years. You have been very kind to me and I am so proud I had the privilege to work with you. You're one amazing boss anyone could ever ask for and I wish you nothing but the best of continued success that lasts a lifetime.

With CEO Chan Kee Siak (and Aydein in my belly) at Malaysia HR Awards 2009. We won!

To all my friends whom I have learnt to love dearly, you know who you are. Thank you for putting up with my silly jokes and crazy craps. I wish you all the best in your future undertaking and I hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

Team building at Pulau Jerejak, 2008. Oh I miss, I miss!

So, so long Exabytes Blog, Exabytes Newsletter, Exabytes Press Releases, Exabytes Website Content and Exabytes work related. I will miss all of you dearly (especially my oh so faithful HP Notebook!).

My access tag & HP notebook which are no longer mine :(

I have come to the end of the my journey and hopefully today will be a new beautiful start for me.


RieNa said...

lps ni keje kat mana lak tiqah?

adamLUBA said...

wah! international writters? really!!!
nice...semoga berjaya thara..^_^

bosscat said...

all the best, mak nyah oi...


congrats and all the best dear..
so where next??
dear,could u explain ur job nature..really tak paham wat were u doing as writer tuuh?


plus..u were they only malay kat sane ke??
hebat sunggoh!

Nadine said...

Penat I cari which one is you in the first photo..after that I knew oredi. Cari yg bertudung! heheh! U were the only Malay surviving there all these while? mmg hebat! ;)

Anyway, congratulations on ur new job and all the best in ur new path, dear! :)


Thara... bravo mommy!!!!!

I am so proud of you.
u're good.. eh no.. excellent in our mother tounge language, bahasa and english!!!! superb!!!!

jadi chekgu english i boley?

Thara said...

kak riena :
dgn web company jugak. satu company dgn aien, dkt tengah KL, jalan raja chulan. :)

adam :
yeah, exciting kan! thanks for the support adam :) lama aih tak nampak btg idong hang kt sini!

yeeling :
haha u sure do love the word dont u! :P i must teach u more malay words! :P thanks bapok! (go figure! :P)

nadia :
i'll be working with a web company jugak, tapi different focus lah. my new company concentrates on SEO. i'll be in jln raja chulan, same company as my hubs :)

err im a copywriter. i write everything for the company based on the company's business, from website content, articles, press releases (mcm berita dlm paper u), company's blog, newsletters, proofreading, announcements etc. basically, apa2 yang memerlukan "kepakaran" penulisan, im the lady! :P

for about a year, i was the only malay there. lepastu slowly ade masuk lagi 2, 3 org. before i left, ada 3 malays in my company. now tinggal 2 je lah. :P

nadine :

hehe thanks! im used to it la babe. ive been working with non-malays since my very first job. they're great people really. once u get to know them, they're really cool people actually. some are even better than some malays i know! seriously u wont even notice that u're the only sawo-matang skin working there once u can blend urself in! ;)

Thara said...

nuurill :
haha merepek je u ni tau. both of my languages are just so-so lah. tp my hubs salu bitau i jgn ckp melayu, psl bila i ckp melayu i buat malu dia je. haha. tak baik kan! but really, i personally think i speak EXCELLENT malay too! :D dont u think? (baik kata YA, kalau tak.. :P)


oowh wonder lah ur english superb!and ur blogwriting power seh!
betol Nuurill,Nadia pun nak mintak tuition class "bahasa Inggeris" dgn teacher Thara..:)

wah dah same company with Aein..best2!!
well,me too same company wit my hubby,so far takde prob,jrg liase directly,kdg2 aje meeting terserempak..
as my hubby always say,jgn tersasul panggil "bie" dah time meeting wuhuhuuu..!!:)
so kalau kat offc,I always him En Bie!hehehe

good environment better salary..cayyok!!

RuZaNNa said...

So you're joining the same company as ur hubs? bestnya! boleh carpool.. takyah susah2 drive through the jam.. hahha
But becareful with office gossip.. itu yg kekadang tak best if ur spouse is under one roof.. but other than that, CONGRATS on the new job!!!

p/s:this is not some april fool joke kan? u mmg some how dpt kerja baru kan? justttt checking.. hehehe

Thara said...

nadia :

hah tade la u. bese bese je ni. seriously. i just suka menulis tu je. bukan, silap. i just suke merepek meraban. itu betol. :P

oh a'ah kan ure in the same company as ur hubs too! yeah hopefully tade conflict of interest ke ape lah psl kitorang pon different dept. i dah terbwk2 dkt rumah, you! asek terpanggil dia "yang". kalau nak call him by his name mcm org laen, mcm rasa tak respect dia as a husband pulak. last2 hentam je "yang" juge :P

and ure right, good advancement, better salary indeed! :)

anne :

a'ah the beauty of being in the same company as own hubs. save sket in that sense lah. but honestly, kadang2 i risau juge. kot tergado ke dkt rumah terbwk ke ofis pon susah, you. mcm sblm ni kalau gado, pi office, balik ofis dah ok. psl masing2 dah surut. ini takut melarat je ni. and abt the ofis gossip, i'll take note of that. thanks for the heads up!

haha u ni dah terkene byk april fools ke ape ni. misti la serious! haha.

semut-terbersin said...

wahhh..syiokkknyee bleh pi keje, lunch n balik keje sama2..aii jeles!
all the best ye!
bila start keje baru? tgh cuti2 malaysia laa ni ek? eh ke dah start keje baru?

Thara said...

semut :
a'ah it's good in that way :) tapi tu lah mcm i ckp dkt my friend up there, kalau dah tergado tu susah sket lah kan psl kene ngadap muke dia like all the time! :P

thanks. i dah start dah smlm. tade cuti2 malaysia. start immediately! :P

Chan said...

at different stages of our life, we do different things and face different opportunities. Good opportunity does not come always. I sincerely wish you all the best and good luck for everything.

keep in touch.

BabyBooned said...

good luck on your new job!

there's always something else beyond the horizon, so venture on!