Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 4)

Oh goodie! At last, after what feels like eternity, mama finally allows me to touch her notebook! Oh, did you know that I just turned 8-month recently? Mama said I'm a big boy now. That is why I can do a few thing more as compared to before.

If a few weeks back, I was still a wobbly and unbalanced little baby when I sit, but at 8 months, I can now sit unsupported steadily on a flat surface. I am so loving my new ability because this way, I get to turn left and right, left and right, ALL that I want.

I get to lift and toss the objects around me freely and I am also showing signs to lunge forward and creep from my sitting position too. So hopefully this new milestone would stop mama's worries when I start crawling soon. :)

I can also hold my bottle all by myself. It makes mama happy, because that way, her arms won't ache so much while waiting for me to finish the 5oz – 6oz of milk everytime.

Oh and of course, my gleaming white teeth. I do not know why, but my teeth seem to grow very quickly. You see, over the last few weeks since my last entry, another 2 teeth sprouted on my top gum, making my teeth a total of 6 gleaming pearls altogether now.

Not sure how true this myth is, but I heard that if a baby's teeth develop fast, the baby is said to be slow at walking. Is this true? I don't know lah. But I sure hope not! Cause I can't wait to join my elder cousins to run around the field!

Well, that's all for me so far. Mama is giving me cues to hand her notebook back to her. Oh I cant wait to tell you what I can do next! Until the next milestone from me!

Love love,

- Aydein


RieNa said...

oh,aydein..u're sooo handsome!!

dah boleh duduk dah..nawal masih terkial2 lg kalau duduk. eh, achik kagum betullah tgk gigi aydein.mcm budak besar!

Thara said...

kak riena :

dah bole dudok, tapi belom bole menyulur laju mcm nawal, apetah lagi merangkak! :P

amirah said...


I've got a t-shirt for you. Make sure you claim it from your mama after I pass it to her okay!!=))

Thara said...

auntie mirah :

haaa? ye ke? bestnyeee! tshirt all the way from aussie! bile nak dpt ni bile nak dpt ni? tak saba ni! :D :D

ni aydein btw. :P

George said...

Yeah! I remember that myth! I used to hear that on my grandpa when I was a just a little boy in Murrels, Inlet. SC dentists then were just a street away that forgetting to visit them was impossible. Actually, I was a dentist boy, and in the name of being vain, ‘til now, I feel incomplete if I forget dentist appointments.

Anyhow, your kid is super cute!