Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Talk

It has been a long time since I last buried my head under a good book, for hours and hours. I think it was a year ago. Or more.

You see, I love reading. And I found love in English reading back in my secondary years. Before that it was just Ahadiat Akashah or Kisah Pengembaraan 5 Sekawan or.. Doraemon!

But it was after this first English novel that I fell in love with the beauty of English.

Like Sweet Valley novels, Stephanie (Full House) is a book series with different story in each book. So you can imagine how I would pester my mum to get a new one, once I have finished reading the previous one. I was so addicted to it, that my mum decided to get the whole series in bulk! She would keep them in her room, and handed me with a new book each month if I do behave well. What a way to bribe me kan! Hehe. But being the cheeky me, I could not wait. So I would sneak into her room, opened her closet, and indulged myself in the pool of Stephanie books happily! (Aydein, I will keep my eyes on you, so don't even dream of doing this! No means no ok!) :P

some of the 33 books from Full House (Stephanie) collection

Since then, my love for English novels keeps growing and what started with an innocent teenage novel, blossomed into more serious, adult romance novels like those written by Judith McNaught.

some of McNaught's brilliant pieces

McNaught's pieces are brilliant. However they are more to heavy reading and I wanted something light, something for me to just relax and laugh my head off. That's when I stumbled upon this.

Since then, I found love in chic lits and I got so addicted, that I started getting all of Sophie Kinsella's stand-alone novels!

I have yet to complete her Shopaholic series though, but I plan to!

And recently, I have just finished reading her latest novel, Twenties Girl.

And as expected, this one is simply addictive and brilliant, like all of her other gems. I was so hooked with the book, I even found time to read it while I ate, worked and breastfed Aydein! It's true, where there's a will, there's a way. :)

Kinsella's Remember Me? has been lying untouched on my dressing table for days now. My cue to find time to finish another of her gem? You bet!


RuZaNNa said...

Thara.. Are the Shopaholic book series urs? If yes nak pinjammm!!..yea yea yea..i ketinggalan zaman baru nak baca..better late than never kan..heheheh..
Let me know now if blh pinjam yea.. :)

Thara said...

anne :
kinsella's shopaholic book series i tak complete lagi. i only have her Confessions of A Shopaholic. but her 4 stand-alone (bukan shopaholic) novels i dah complete. bole je kalau u nak pinjam. i have 2 of em with me now, the other 2 ada dkt rumah di penang. once i get them all, i'll definitely let u know ok! or kalau u nak pinjam yang i ada dulu pon bole :)

Anonymous said...

dont let aydein read all those books..i want him to be a man..i mean a real man!oh yeah!

Thara said...

raqib :
what book does a "real man" read? Satria Baja Hitam? Pendekar Gunung Sakti? eh. ada ke buku tu. :P

IRIN PUTRI said...

I have all the shopaholic series if u want to swap. I wanna borrow twenties girl!

Thara said...

irin :
that will be very nice! jom meet up! we can set a time and place to meet up, or u can pass it over to kenji (we're both working in the same building) or we could just swap the books at aydein's first bday bash nanti! (if u can come that is)

what say u? :D


Welcome to the club, Thara!! i love Shopaholic Series to the max!! It's too good to pass up -USA today! :)

Well, Kerana kefanatikan, i created Mommaholic Series (:p).. kekekeke

I dun have the full shopaholic collection in my custody.. The only i have is Confession of a Shopaholic. I read the rest during my uni time (my x-room mate has them all!!)

But if you or Awakku, wanna give a try to "Can you keep a Secret?" and "The Undomestic Goddess" by the same Sophie Kinsella, :) rodger me okay. Best giler!!!!!!!! hehe

Thara, Twenties Girl, how is it? i wanna buy next!! :)


wahwah dear..such a gud reader!
sobsob!!I'm the one with M word!!
Remember I used to luv sweet valley n roald dahl back,I really dont hv time to read!!or b'cos of the M word again!!
my last book was the collection of SheilaO'Flanagan..after that full stop!!sgt seddey!!

btw,I heard of the birthday bash!!*wink*wink :)

Thara said...

nuurill :
yeah, kinsella's are the best kan! oh but i also heard that there's this writer named Jillian Hewitt with the book Knickles and Dimes pon best juge. nanti nak carik after im done with Remember Me lah :)

oh babe, ive read Can You Keep A Secret & The Undomestic Goddess. memang best! haa, nice one! mmg the 2 of em pon yang i ttinggal dkt Penang. so if Anne wants it, i can let her have my Remember Me & Twenties Girl, and u can let her have ur Can You Keep A Secret & The Undomestic Goddess!

and u should get Twenties Girl! sangat best, sangat exciting! it's really a page turner, and i highly recommend u to get it! i saje tak letak the summary here, so it wont be a spoiler for all of u! :) get it get it get it! :D

nadia :
i loved sweet valleys! i still have their collection back home in penang. u dulu baca kids ke, junior high ke, senior high?

roald dahl tu sounds very familiar lah. mcm penah baca his piece dkt skolah dulu. sheila o'flanagan punye buku tak penah try lagi. best eh? must try one day then! :)

hehe yeah, coming soon, so look out for it! ;)


haha sweet valley tu..3 stages tu semua bc..but not the whole collection..

roald dahl is the writer for charlie n the choc factory and matilda..I read the whole read at library..
bila dah keje..I started to buy as collection..nanti Adam bolley bc..!!
I'm one of the happiest person bila Charlie n the choc factory the movie kuar tau!..mcm dream time bdak2 jadik kenyataan !!..

shiela O'F..pun best..shud try dear!

Thara said...

nadia :
i see i see. ok nanti i try carik shiela punye buku pulak! :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

I'll be leaving for NZ this weekend :( kalau nak meet up pun sometime mid April lah I guess. Wah, I sound so busy!

Isn't lil Aydein's bday sometime in May? Lemme know when and I'll make time for it insyaAllah.

uh, btw I have 1 of Sheila o'flanagan's book called 'connections' :D

Thara said...

irin :
ah, yes. the NZ trip. safe journey yea! and we can meet anytime convenient to the both of us. mid april sounds good. nanti kita plan balik the day & time ok! :)

oh yes, he was born May 31st, but im planning to hold his bday party on june 5th, so mark ur calendar yea! excited ni, pasal tu dah start planning awal2 ni! haha.

oh nice! if its as good, i'd like to borrow that too! :D

sarah sofian said...

can u pls return mak's judith mcnaught books yg u songlap from the bookshelf....??tinggal 1 je okay