Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Snappy Side of Aydein

At 9 months, Aydein has started to show a side of him that we never knew existed behind that adorable, innocent looks of his before – his snappiness! It happened a few times when we tried to take something away from him. So one day, when it happened again, I quickly grabbed the video cam nearby and recorded this adorably funny (yet snappy!) video of him - just to remind him how "garang" he was, even at 9 months!

Not sure where he got the temper from – his mama or papa, since both of them are pretty hot-headed. Ngehe. But from the way he said "EH!" every time he gets snappy, I'm guessing that he picked it up from the both of us. You see, ever since he mastered the art of putting things into his mouth and getting the prohibited things into his mouth, it will immediately followed by the infamous, "EH, no!" or "EH, Aydein!" or "EH, stop that Aydein!"

So I'm guessing, this is his way of saying, "EH! (stop disturbing me!)" Hehe.

Oh and speaking of which, Aydein has learnt to hit whenever he's upset too! This usually happens when I passed him over to my maid. He will usually stomp (cycle?) his little feet in the air (when being lifted from me), smack smack smack the poor lady's face and cryyy his heart out. Not bad for a 9-month-old eh? Kecik kecik dah pandai throw tantrums ye. But really, I kesian my maid! And mind you, his slaps are usually hard! Sighs. My mother instinct tells me he's being pampered a wee bit too much. Time for some disciplinary action, don't you think?

Anyhow, enjoy the clip & have a good and CHEERFUL day, everyone! :D


semut-terbersin said...

uihh garangnyeh aydein..tp comelll! hehe


smp berkerut dahi Aydein..garang betoi!!..but he's so cute..
but its true..susah sgt to take out the word "NO!!! n JANGAN!!...huhuhu..

Thara said...

semut :
tu la ila. tapi mcm funny kan? kecik2 dah pandai ah sana, eh sini :P aariz dah start garang2 tak? misti chomel nanti, dgn mata bolat die! :D

nadia :
hehe thats why! so garang! and ure right, its hard to take the word out - bcoz they keep doing the forbidden things! :P

RieNa said...

budak2 at this age mmg dah pandai tunjuk emosi kot..

nawal pun skrg dah pandai menangis bila nak tinggal dia di rumah mak langnya.tak nak ikut mak lang, nak dukung dgn ummi. jenuh pujuk tp biasanya tinggal je dia dok nangis2. kesian sungguh.

mencabar betul nak didik seorg anak.

Thara said...

kak riena :
hehe. tiqah rasa nawal is experiencing "separation anxiety"! itu ayun yg ckp lah, pasal aydein pon salu jadik mcm gitu lately kalau tiqah pass die dkt sape2. tapi aydein ni ade masa2. ada masa, die tak kesah pass dkt sape2. ada masa, die tanak dgn org len, nak dgn mama die je. haih ambo pong tok pahe lah. pape pon, itu menandakan putera puteri kita dah besa! :)


Alamak..semalam i ade post my comment..i xtekan publish la tu!!! clumsy me :)

Well, aydein sangat comel walaupun tgk marah!!
Xpe u, aydein tgh belaja jaga territory dia. Pernah x dia main dengan other babies? macam Oman, kalau xde sapa2 x heran pun dia kat toys dia yg bebanyak tu.. tapi cuba ade member main toys dia.. pergh.. dan dan masa tulah semua tu "aku yang punya".. hehehehe :)

Thara said...

haha ye ke nuurill! aydein belom lagi tunjuk taring die pada member die, pasal usually die yang superrrr excited kalau nampak other babies! beselah baby i kan jakun, asek kene perap dlm rumah je haha. nanti nak kene experiment dgn baby oman ni! :P

RuZaNNa said...

Babe.. you should see how imran marah when i wouldn't give something to him or i wouldn't allow him to crawl where we wants to.. siap jerit2 nangis ok!.. but most of the time i would laugh sbb i ni suka sgt sakat imran and make him mad.. hehehe.. funny la tgk diorg marah..

hushuss said...

Masyaallah, cerdiknya Aydein nih, baru 9 months!

Tunggu la bila dia dah turn to 1, hahaha, lagi byk akal dia Thara. masa tu lagi pening.

To add to the list of NO, JANGAN... ni lagi satu...HAPPPPPPPPPPPP...heheh... huspa selalu bunyi mcm tu, konon nak babap la klu hazrat masuk benda dlm mulut. haishhh...

nuurill, hazrat pon sama dgn Oman. klu tadak member, tak heran pon toys dia, tp klu ada member, aduyaiii...berebut smpi nangis2.

Thara said...

anne :
haha kan! its so funny to see them get pissed off! i pon suke kacau aydein tu. lagi marah lagi adorable! :P eh i nak tgk la imran ngamok! record la anne! :D

huspa :
ye ke huss! i pon tak saba nak tunggu aydein besa sampai bole berckp ni. i have a feeling mulut die nanti misti becok ni! haha. haaa betol huss! yang itu pon i salu pakai juge. tapi i tak kata HAPPPP, i kata HEPPPPP! :P

BabyBooned said...

disciplinary actions wont work at this stage coz they'd forget it within the next 10 minutes. very frustrating!

my mom tells me the best thing is "continuous positive reinforcement". beats me. i'm as lost as you are!