Friday, March 5, 2010

Mama's Or Papa's Boy?

When Aydein was a newborn, everybody keeps telling me that he looks a lot like me when I was a baby. Even the makcik that came to urut (massage) me during my confinement days told me that Aydein was like a photostatted image of mine. From his nose, to his lips, to his eyes, to his face shape. Easier said, memang sah-sah anak mama lah. :D

Until recently, as he grew older, his features began to change. More and more people started telling me that he's looking more and more like his dad. Among the earliests to notice this were my blogger friend Anne, from this entry.

Although deep down I knew they were right, as usual, being the stubborn me, I was living in denial. I still feel that they may be wrong, and that Aydein still has a lot of my features.

So when I found out about this site, without hesitating, I thought, hey, this is where I could prove them wrong! And the result is..

Huh? Can't be right. There must be a system's glitch. Let's try it again! (With a different picture again this time!)

No no no! The system is playing tricks on me. Maybe the picture of Aydein just now was not clear enough. Let's try it again!

What? No, not again! Hmm. It MUST be the angle. Let's try another picture!

Ahh, THAT'S more like it. I TOLD you it was the angle! :D

** If it's true that he looks a lot like my hubs, which part of it? He definitely has my eyebrows. And my nose too. So what say you?


RieNa said...

mata bulat mcm mama dia. :))

alah. dah aien tu bapak dia. kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke roti canai!



haha..funny Thara..rajin sungguh buat few attemps..:)
I pun pernah buat dulu,as u said, its about the I took picture yg ngadap straight nye..still gv same results which is 50/50..awwhh!!..
our close family semua ckp Adam copy my face time kecil..:)

and for Aydein,lets make simple math calc..

Aydein = ur hubby
ur hubby = iras ur self..
so Aydein pun ada iras u lah..

the last meter tu mayb correct..hehehe

bintiegenxyz said...

raut aydein cam aien.
tp in certain parts, cam idung lips etc sme tu...same cam u...

i x reti nk ckp cn. hope u understand. ekeke.


Comella u ni Thara.
Xkiralah Aydein ikut muka sapa pun, parents dia dua-dua sama cantik sama padan, so Aydein ikut sapa-sapa pun messsssti comel nyer!!!!!!!! hehe :)

RuZaNNa said...

Hhohoho.. adalah i membuatkan you sedih sbb i tak kata muka aydien mcm you??
Sorryyyyy babe.. didn't mean to hurt you.. but actually this is a very interesting topic sbb i and my hubbs slalu argue muka imran mcm siapa.. everyone kata muka die cam ikhwan.. i sedih sungguh ok.. huu huuu.. so now i know perasannya when you read my comment.. sorry again babe!
Then again.. no matter who he looks like more, he's definitely a wonderful and cheerful baby who is growing fast right in front of your eyes :)

hushuss said...

kelakar la Thara, usaha betul smpi meter tu ckp muka Aydein's face mcm ur face ek?

My personal opinion, mata i nmpk, Aydein's face lebih kepada muka u Thara. maybe i tak nmpk sgt kot pic hubby u dlm meter tu....

tp i klu pegi mana2 pon, semua org ckp Hazrat mcm muka i sbb his father kelam a bit. hahah..luckily his complexion ikut i. hahahaha..

tp betul ckp anne, no matter how our children look like, they are cute and adorable babies yg sedang membesar depan mata kita.

Thara said...

kak riena :
mata bulat mcm mama dia? ye ke? kadang tengok mata dia ikut papa dia pon ada. haihs ntah.

betol, naseb baik muka papa dia. kalau rupa mcm will smith, susah juge kan! ngehe. :P

nadia :
i pon personally rasa adam is a good mix of the both of u. die ade features ur husband, and features u jugak. but confirm putih melepak mcm u! :D

babe, muka i sama ada iras my hubs ke? wah, first time i dgr ni! :P

bintie :
tu la kan. seriously i pon taktau nak ckp mcm mana. psl, kadang2 mmg i rasa aydein has my lips, eyes and nose. tapi mmg muka aien tu pon ada nampak dkt dia jugak. how is that possible? hmmmm.

nuurill :
haha well said babe! haha. pannnndai u play safe ehhh. :P thanks though haha! :D

anne :
eh dont worry abt it lah. haha ape la u ni. but really, u were among the first ones to notice! observant lah u ni babe :P and ure right. tak kesah la rupa dia mcm sape pon kan. as long as hes growing into a beautiful prince, who cares who he resembles kan! :)

ps : ade yg ckp muka dia iras my dad / bro pon ade tau. haih mcm2!

huss :
nanti aydein's bday i invite u dtg jumpa my little family & me in person. masa tu, u buat penilaian u sendirik ok! keputusan penilaian kene kasik betol2 yg bernas ye, kalau tak i tak kasik mkn cake! (sempat lagi kasik rasuah ni! :P) hahaha. no lah j/k.

haha kutuk laki sendirik! hahaha. klaka la u ni huss. but ure right. ur baby mmg ikut ur complexion! lawa and halus mulus tulus gitu! :D

BabyBooned said...

hahahaaaa i remember doing this too when gibran was about 10 months old. God that felt like just yesterday. and of course, the fella looks more like the Baba than the Mummy ;p but nevermind... his perangai is definitely ALL mummy. havent met anyone who's denied that yet!

p/s: i frankly think aydein looks a lot like u.