Saturday, December 26, 2009

Roll & Fall

There's always a first time for everything, they say. True, but how I wish my baby did not have to experience the awful episode 2 nights ago.

You see, I have always been very careful when handling Aydein. Especially now that he has mastered the roll-over skill, I have always had an extra eye looking out for him whenever I left him playing alone on the bed while I shower, and extra hand during diaper changes because he tends to want to wriggle and roll while changing.

I knew a baby should never be left unattended on a bed or any other elevated surface from the very first time. That is why, whenever I do need to leave him on the bed even for just a few minutes just to shower or change, I will make sure to surround him with pillows to "box" him in.

But last 2 nights, my worst fear came true. Aydein fell off the bed for the very first time!

You see, I have always opted for co-sleeping method. That way it is easier for me to feed Aydein anytime he gets up for milk – which can be 3 to 4 times lately. And usually, he would be in the middle of Aien and I. But as fate had it, Aien felt like sleeping on the carpeted floor on that night, so it was just the 2 of us enjoying the wide space that night.

So as usual, I surrounded the bed with pillows and slept on the right side of the bed. But then when it was time to feed Aydein, I changed to the left side of the bed and fed him while lying down. I must have dozed off a bit while feeding him, because the next thing I knew, I heard a loud thud and Aien saying "yang!" and Aydein's loud cry!

My eyes automatically flew open and I quickly rushed to take the crying Aydein from Aien. Only God knows how I felt at that time. But I can tell you it felt horrible!

I was not sure if Aydein cried because it was painful or if it was more of a shock, but alhamdulillah he stopped crying in less than few minutes. Probably because he fell on a carpeted floor which was layered with a comforter that Aien slept on – so it did not hurt as much. He went back to sleep right after I fed him. But despite all that, I could not go back to sleep. I was so worried and felt sick right to my stomach. So while my 2 boys were back in lalaland, I quietly turned on my PC and read up some articles related to baby-falls on the net.

Once I finished reading about 6 articles, call me paranoid, but although my baby did not have the symptoms to be worried about, I still woke him up just to see if he was being his normal self. I took him downstairs, put him on his playmat, checked if there were any bruises or bumps (none) and played with him. He was his normal self – all smiles and giggly. And when I put an object in front of him just to see if he was able to track the object like normal, he did. And I did all these at about 4am in the morning! By the time he got sleepy, it was close to 5.30am, so I fed him again and we both went back to sleep.

For peace of mind, we went to SJMC the following morning. His doctor, Dr Angelina, was on leave on that day, so we went to see another doctor recommended by my sister in law, Dr Sanjay.

He was a good doctor. He checked Aydein thoroughly, did the Reflex Test and assured me that Aydein is perfectly fine.

We were lucky. Very lucky.


princess J said...

Glad Aydein if fine... There's a saying in Chinese that when babies/kids fall, they'll grow faster. Maybe not literally fall, but maybe it means facing challenges too big for them. But not too sure... Maybe it really did mean falling literally LOL. but glad Aydein is fine...and the worried mum can have peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

hai jatuh sket pon nak pi jumpa doctor?mmg buang duet..aydein you better appreciate all these when u have grown up..or else i'll kick you~

ila semut said...

haa tkt/risau gila kan bila anak jatuh..alhamdulillah aydein is ok..aariz dah banyak kali telentang/jatuh..riso die tak bleh dicontrol..asik nak memanjat je..pantang terlepas tgk je..

RieNa said...

ummi baru sempat baca kisah kamu hari ni.

itu lah, lain kali golek2 lg laju2 ok.mujur tak ape2.alhamdulillah..


gud to get opinion from paed/specialist,as u said peace of mind..extra carefull Aydein dah nak start active tu..neway glad he's OK..

Thara said...

jay : thanks jay. i surely felt much better after visiting the paeds and knowing that hes perfectly fine. :)

raqib : eh ingat bende ni bole buat maen2 eh. kamu tunggu la ada anak sendirik nanti baru tau. hish. eh jgn la buat cenggitu dkt anak sedara kamu tu, sedeh die dgn mama die nnt. :(

ila :
yes, alhamdulillah. :) ish bahaya tu ila. nampaknya, u cannot have 2 eyes anymore ni. kene ade 6 eyes just to watch out for him ni!

kak riena :
haihs tu la buas la babies zaman skarang ni haihs. ntah apa mama nya makan dulu masa pregnant sampai buas cenggini. and yes alhamdulilllah tade pape.. :) jaga nawal elok2 tau. tiqah pon dulu baca cite org je, tak penah sangka nak jadik dkt aydein juge!

nadia :
tu lah nadia. nowadays im even more alert. risau lah =/ and thanks for ur concern! :)

BabyBooned said...

sweetie, u were really lucky indeed. alhamdulillah aydein is fine.

we went through the same emotions and worries too the first few times gibran fell down. and then.. fortunately (or unfortunately!) as he fell down more often (and goodness they do fall down a lot as they start crawling and walking and even running!), we learned to take a deep breath and make sure we monitor him closely to guarantee that he doesnt have unwanted symptoms after every fall. it sounds awful that we got used to the falls...! ... but what to do.. sometimes there's very little we can do to protect them 24/7!