Monday, December 28, 2009

Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside

Hi everybody! It's Aydein again!

I've got a story to tell all of you. But before that, although I think I need no introduction since most of you here already know me, but just in case you're new to this blog, my name is Ahmad Aydein, mama's one and only little precious. I've been blogging since 3 months ago, and now that I am 6 months young, I am already an expert at it. Yes, I take turns to write here with my mum! And as of today, I've got a berry interesting story to tell all of you.

You see, mama has always encouraged me to explore anything and everything although I always catch her monitoring my moves at the tail of her eyes. I guess she understood that being curious is a natural trait to a healthy baby, that's why I was always allowed to do whatever I wanted to do as long as it is safe for me.

Speaking of which, I was at the living room, playing happily with my toys, when suddenly I saw something I've never seen before from behind the door, left ajar at mama's bedroom.

They were colorful, and really attractive to me. As usual, me being the curious baby that I am, took no time to waste and rolled and rolled over towards the door just to see what they really were. To my delight, there were some jelly beans floating in the air!

They looked different, though. But that's okay. They looked delicious still and I was so going to swallow them all. Honestly, all those months looking at my elder cousins chewing on them have left me feeling quite green with jealousy. Mama must be crazy to want to hold me from eating all these until I am at least 1 year old! Ha. Sorry, ma. Better luck next time!

I peeked around just to check if someone was watching, and once the coast was clear, I smiled my sweetest smile and said hello to them. Oh, the jelly beans seemed friendly! They even invited me to come closer! So I did. But the more I went further and reached out for them, the more they grimaced and inched away from me. Eh, what's happening? They can't seem to get near me. And sadly, after a few attempts to touch me, they gave up and flew away.

Mama came just in time to pick me up when they flew away. She told me as soon as she saw the floating jelly beans, she knew immediately what they were and came to rescue me hurriedly. Little did I know that, they were bad, bad jelly beans which are called pathogens and had bad motives on me. Mama explained that these pathogens are called bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites which can cause me to be very ill once I catch them. I was confused at one thing, however. Why weren't they able to touch me? Mama explained that it was because she has done all the necessaries to help boost my immune system.

Let me tell you the 8 things my mama did to help boost my immune system.

1) Breastfeeding

As soon as I was born, mama made sure I got all the vital antibodies which are found in the colostrums. You know, that thick, yellowish premilk during the first few days after mama gave birth? And then, she continued to breastfeed me as much as she can. You see, not all mums are blessed with abundant milk supply, and my mum is one of the unlucky ones. But she still made sure I get my dose of breastmilk everyday without miss, even if it is little, and supplement me with formula milk.

2) Immunization

You see, during the first year of life, the immunity that I get from my mama at birth wears off. That is why, mama made sure that I got all the compulsory (and optional) vaccinations to help boost my fading ability to fight certain diseases. In this case, my doctor, Dr Angelina will examine and gave me a shot every month to keep me healthy. However, I am still not a fan of those evil needles.

3) Healthy, Home-Cooked Food.

I love home-cooked food so much! I am thankful that mama always find a time to make delicious, healthy food for me which range from pureed fruits, veges and porridge.

4) Good Rest & Sleep

Lack of sleep equals immune system break down! That is why, mama always made sure that I get the good amount of sleep in order to allow my immune system to regenerate itself and fight off disease. A warm bath before sleep definitely helps me to sleep through the night much better!

5) Drink Plenty of Plain Water

This is a must! Although I don't fancy plain water much, mama said it is important to keep me hydrated and avoid me from getting constipated especially now that I've started to take solids. That is why mama will feed me with a bottle of plain water everyday. She said I will need to take in more as I grow older.

6) Fresh Air & Fun Activities

Mama thought it's important for me to see the world and go out and about once in a while. It is good for my brain development and health too. I especially love hanging out with my mama & papa because then I can breathe-in a taste of fresh air :)

7) Guard Against Germ Spread

You see, there are a lot of ways for germs and bacteria to affect babies like me. That is why mama has taken such great effort to avoid me from getting them by :

Washing her hands & my toys frequently

Keeping her nails & my nails short and trimmed

Getting all my bottles washed thoroughly & sterilized

Using only natural/organic baby-accessories cleanser

Mama said if we take good hygiene care of ourselves, then germs and bacteria won't come near us. So make sure you take good hygiene care of yourself ok!

And last but not least,...

8) Love, hugs & kisses. And prayers too!

Mama just loves showering me with loads and loads of hugs and kisses. Whenever she kisses or hugs me, I can feel her love flowing in me. It's the best remedy for me ever! She told me she prays for my well being every day in her prayer, and I strongly believe that I am as healthy as I am today because of her love and care for me. I love you, mama. :)

So those were the reasons why the bad jelly beans were not able to touch me. I was lucky that my mama was there in time to save me, like always. :)

Oh and in case any of you are wondering, there's a contest going on at Nuffnang, and mama thought I should share my experience bumping into the bad jelly beans with all of you. The good news is, if the good judges find my story worth reading, they will grant us invites to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out this coming 2nd January 2010.

And in case you don't already know, Friso® Gold is formulated with Frisoshield™ with P2 Dual System™. It is a nutritious blend of prebiotics and healthy live bacteria such as GOS, lcFOS, DHA, AA, and SA as well as other essential nutrients that make healthy, active kids! I am still too young to try this formula, but typical mama who always have my future well planned, has already got her eyes on it. I can't wait to try this soon!

Anyway, I do hope I get the invitation because I would like to start my New Year with a bang! Contest ends 29th December 2009, so if you've got some ideas of your own, come and join in the fun!

Love love,



great entry Thara..gud job..:)
tgk aydein tido kat buai tu teringat time Adam kecik2..buai tu lah yg mampu mendodoikan dia selain hanging with me for bfeed..
neway gud luck to u mama!Aydein will growing up as healthy boy!

maniscinta said...

haha...thara..thanks so much for the entry..i pon nak try masuk contest nie...lepas tgk ur post terus i sign up for nuffnang and try to join it! taktau sempat tak siap b4 today midnight..haha...wish u all the best!!

Thara said...

nadia :
thanks nadia :) really hope i could win the invites! :P hehe. ye ke. aydein sebenarnya tak suka sgt buai tu. itu first time die atas buai tu, teros lena. lepastu try tidokan die lagi on the buai, dah mengamuk dah. :P he sleeps easier while i breastfeed him. ;)

aimy :
yeay! masuk tau jgn tak masuk! nanti kalau kita dpt invites, kita kumput ramai2 and jumpe di sana ok! ;) MAKE SURE U SIAPKAN MALAM NI JUGAK!! :P good luck to u too!