Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out, Here I Come!

Yesterday, I received an email from Nuffnang that read like this :

Hi parents!

The Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out is 4 days away and we're all excited about it! Are you and your kids ready to spend some quality time together with us this Saturday at Kizsports & Gym?

Kindly take note that all attendees for this event are required to wear socks in line to ensure the hygiene level of the venue is at top notch. After all, it is important for our kids to be in a place where hygiene is well maintained, isn't it?

Just in case you forget to bring your socks for yourself or your children, Kizsports & Gym does sell them at retail price. Kindly take note on this.

See you there this Saturday!


Blogger Relations Department

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

I was about to whoop with joy when I suddenly realized that I haven't gotten any official invitation from Nuffnang, and yet this reminder email came out of nowhere.

I called Nuffnang to clarify the invitation with them, and guess what?

I am officially invited to attend the event! :D I understood that the event was such a happening event last year, so yes, you could say that I'm super excited to attend the event this year!

Before the call ended, the Nuffnanger asked me, "So will you be attending the event?"

I was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But of course I had to hold myself back, acted my age, and so I replied in the most polite way that I can, "Yes, definitely." Heeeee. :D

But as soon as I flipped my cello off, I was bursting with excitement! So here goes again, WHOOOOOPPYYYYYYYY! :D :D :D

One down, and I'm crossing my fingers for The Most Creative Blog Post! Fat chance I know, but hey, at least I tried! ;)



congrats!nanti share the pix with us k..
after read ur entry yest,I was like berangan kejap nak create the entry jgak..than I checked the calender again..yest was the last date..gosh..:(
neway so happy for u..

Thara said...

ala nape tak join je? u should have just sent ur entry! pasal the last submission was at 11.59PM, 29th December 2009!

actually i pon tau last minute ni. Nuffnang called me on the 25th. 26th i pi wedding dkt ipoh. 27th baru i nak terhegeh2 start my entry + take related pictures. siap bangun tido pukul 3am (on the 28th morning) masa Aydein tido just to finish my entry haha. then 28th itself i posted my entry. memang sangat short notice. kalau tak misti kita semua dah sempat join kan? sighssss.

takpe, nanti kita semua gather dkt rumah anne nanti ok! ;) and thanks for the wish!


hehe..takpe u wakilkan utk kitorang ek..get lotsa of pix:)
oo..bout ur msg at fb,I got the notify from my email,I takboleh buka fb at my off:(..kat rumah 2,3 ari nih balik keje asyik kuar je..taksempat..mmg pagi ni pun plan nak email kat u..
InsyaAllah,kitorang pergi kalau takde mcm takde pape pun..hope to c u there..:)