Monday, December 7, 2009

More Mama, More!

Dear Diary,

Last weekend was different from any weekends before this. As soon as I woke up, papa took me with him into the bathroom and in there, he bathed and shampooed me. Outside, mama was busy getting all the necessities to dress me up.

As soon as I got out from the shower, mama took over and dressed me up to my handsomest hurriedly. I wonder what the rush was all about. I also noticed she was extra excited that day. In fact, papa was too! Hmm. As soon as she finished combing my hair, papa lifted me up and carried me to the living hall and seated me on his lap. Mama came a few minutes later, with something in her hand. You know, that thing that she always uses every time she dines with papa? She had a big smile plastered on her face too.

The next thing I knew, that thing with something soupy in it flew right under my nose. I did not know what it was, but it smelt really good. So I opened my mouth excitedly as mama gently fed me with it. Mmmm. It was really good! Mama watched me intently while I swallowed, as though trying to observe my reaction. Haih mama ni. Tengok-tengok orang pulak. Cepat la orang dah lapar ni! I got impatient and started going cranky. I wanted more – fast!

Mama smiled even wider and fed me more happily. Papa wanted to be part of the experience too, and took that thing from mama and fed me the delicious thick liquid.

It was so yummy, I tell you. So yummy, that I finished them all! Heeeheee.

*Burppp.* Oops, eshkush me. Heeheeee. This is me after I've completed my yummy yummy meal.

Ahem. Please excuse my frown. I was so full that I began to get sleepy lah. :D But of course the meal would not be complete without my milk, so mama took me from papa and fed me the milk she prepared for me earlier.

Once I finished the 4oz of milk, I was so full and so happy, that I fell into a deep, contented slumber. This is me sleeping and looking very satisfied.

Mama told me this is only the beginning and that I have yet to taste the different flavors of life! She said if I like what I had that day, I would love the more things to come. Hmm. Could there be more things out there that are more delicious than what I had recently? Oh I can't wait for more sweet surprises like this to come! Until then, goodbye for now!

Love love,


Amy Ali said...

red pants! suke! nak! :p

Thara said...

amy :
ooh red pants mau. the 2 big tree trunks tamau? teehee. :P


aww..bestnye aydein makan..yumyum..masak ape tu thara?

Thara said...

tak masak pon lagi nadia. kasik die try Rusks dulu. :P lepas dah habes Rusks + Heinz food from jar tu nanti, baru nak start kasik home made food pulak. hehe. :P

ummi said...

ehh..pandainye asben tiqah mandikan baby...bagus la camtu..senang kalau nak dapat adik nanti

Thara said...

kak an :
hehe. kalau nak ikutkan, masa aydein baru lahir dulu, aien (husband) lagi pandai handle aydein dari tiqah. pasal die byk experience handle baby from anak2 kakak2 dia sblm ni. :P but ure right. senang nanti kalau aydein ada adik nanti (not so soon though!) :P

bintiegen said...

i mmg ske mknan baby. dulu pnh suapkn adk dgn biskut rusk yg dh penyek dgn susu. sdp! spi skrg i ske mkn biskut yg dh lenyek dgn milo.

Thara said...

haha i know! masa bukak kotak Rusks tu, i yang rasmi biskut tu dulu ok! heehee.