Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello Dubai!

We boarded the morning flight the next day. I was very nervous for this trip for many things. Well, the many things revolved around one thing : Adeena.

Besides being a fully breastfed baby, she was also going through that bad stranger-anxiety stage where no one could come close except for me, my hubby or my helper.

So, I thought, what if Adeena got restless and cranky in the 14-hours flight? What if I get sick and wouldn't be able to care for Adeena? She won't want anyone else but me! What if my milk supply dropped, how would I feed her with no EBM as backup? What if we all get too tired after travelling and needed rest, but the kids won't sleep? So many what-ifs!

In the end, I decided to go with the flow and surprisingly, Adeena behaved quite well in the plane! In fact, she slept most of the time.

Tip #1: Dress your baby with loose and comfortable attire during the flight to avoid crankiness; sleepwear is best. If you can, breastfeed her during take-off and landing to help with the pressure in her ears.

Tip #2: If you're travelling with a baby, try to get the "hot seat" and request for the baby cot!

There were a few times when she got restless too, and during this time, I did the one thing that I knew best -- breastfed her. Works like a charm everytime! ;)

So for those of you who are wondering my secret weapon to travel with a baby during this trip, I got one word for ya - breastfeed! Basically, 60% of my time in the flight is spent breastfeeding Adeena, no kidding! :P Aydein was so much easier to manage, thanks to the in-flight games & his own gadget to the rescue!

When it was time for meal, the rest of us and Aydein would have the meal in the plane. As for Adeena, I used this to feed her on the go.

Besides being organic, the thing I like about Baby Natura is that it comes in packets, in the form of powder. So it doesn't get messy. All I need is to pour some powder in a bowl, add a bit of water, done! I can even bring some packets in my handbag anywhere and everywhere, in case Adeena gets hungry! 

After 7 hours of flying, we stopped by in Dubai for transit. Behold Dubai, the rich land with unlimited Maclaren strollers for rental (within the airport only)! :P

Lucky for us (me, especially!), my SIL had a friend who's working in Dubai. So they brought us around Dubai and tried some of the good food in Dubai. :)

Yeah, you can see how tired we were on our faces! So good to be able to be off the plane! After the meal, the good host brought us back to their house for us to freshen up, pray or just chill to relax. God bless them for that! There was nothing more that I needed other than a good bed to lay down and rest!

That night, the good host offered to take us out for sight seeing in Dubai, but I was too tired to go! Adeena was also getting cranky, so I decided to skip it and stayed back with my MIL at home, while the rest (my husband and Aydein included!) went to see the Burj and other famous places in Dubai. (Mental note: Must go visit Dubai again one day!)

Adeena, my MIL and I had a good rest that night. For that, I will eternally be grateful to our host for their awesome hospitality, and most importantly, for lending us their bed! :P

When the rest of them came back, I asked them about their trip and unexcited, they said....., most of the time they were sleeping in the car and missed all the good things in Dubai too! Hahahahaha baik takyahhhh. :P

After that, it was time for us to get on our 7-hour flight yet again, to London this time! (To be continued)

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julia abu anuar said...

must be hectic when travel with kids... i salute u