Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello London! - The Wild, Wild, Westfield

Although it was a tiring day out the day before, I was keen to continue the sight seeing the next morning! So the normal routine begin - I would wake up early, at about 5am to either prepare or help my SIL prepare the porridge for our babies.

*Tip : It may be the weather, but the porridge cooked in UK do not go bad (basi) easily. So don't worry about the food going bad; bring em homecooked meal and feed your baby on the go!

At about 6am the family will all be up for breakfast. I would then feed Adeena, (Aien would feed Aydein) and then bath/dress her. Once she's ready, I would pass her to someone else and quickly take my shower (while listening to Adeena's loud criessss!).

By about 9am, we would already be leaving the house. Macam lama gilaaaa nak keluar rumah kan? That's how it is, leaving in a house with 15 people in it! Satu family dah siap, 2 family belom lagi. 2 family dah siap, satu family belom lagi. Semua dah siap, tetiba satu family reverse balik, tertinggal benda pulak. Gitu laaaaah. But anyway, the agenda for that day, was to spend the whole day exploring one of London's biggest shopping mall - the Westfield!

Both of the pictures above Googled to give you an idea how huge the mall is! :D They're huge alright, but I didn't get to shop much because it's winter, and all of their clothing are made for winter weather. Long sleeve, wool etc. Bawak balik Malaysia nak pakai dekat mana? Snowalk @ iCity? Hahaha.

In there, they had ALL the brands you can possibly thank of, both mid-range designer brands like - Topshop, Zara, H&M, to the high-end ones - GUCCI, Prada, Miu Miu, LV -- everythingggg, that you actually need one whole dayyyy to tawaf the hugeeee mall. But the one store that got me excited the most when I saw it was this brand -

Nak menangis okkk! It's the one brand that I cannot find in Malaysia -- yet! Murahhh tapi bila convert, gigit jari jugak laaa hahaha.

And then, it was mealtime! Guess where we had our lunch?

PENANG! Penang in London, can't get any better than this! :D :D Not only we found Malaysian food, we found the very food that is very dear to my heart -- Penang food! Of course coming from Penang myself, I was the one paling jakun excited lah kan. Siap bergambar dengan waitress semua hahaha.

In terms of taste, I'm not sure if it's because we've tasted better authentic recipes in Malaysia or because we were charged RM41 for a plate of sayur campur, (I think it's the latter bahahaha) but we found it so-so je lah. Sorry lah, it's hard not to mentally convert the currency when you're there!

Ooh and being a mommy myself, I can't help but to feel amazed at how spacious their baby room there! They have proper changing table, 4 spacious nursing rooms, and a space for moms and kids to golek-golek. They even have diaper dispenser machine! How cool is that!

Anyway, if it wasn't because of the cranky baby, I think I would have enjoyed shopping here! Ini tak. Tolak stroller laju2 macam nak bertanding dalam sukan, and kejap2 carik biskut nak umpan Adeena makan supaya senyap, sampai nak muntah dah anak aku tu hahaha. Sooo yeah. After a bit more of walking, we decided it was time to go home.

We had a good time in Westfield, but had a better time in Canterburry, Kent! Stay tuned! (To be continued)

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Sue said...

salam perkenalan... this is my 2nd time singgah sini. at the very 1st time last few days, i terus add ur blog to my list :)

seronoknya gi holiday... paling suke tgk menu kat Penang! tu.. menu bahasa melayu lagi.. owner restaurant tu malaysian ke.... fuhhh tapi mmg pengsan la bila da convert harga tu haaha