Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2nd Child Syndrome

They say first-time parents get overly-excited about everything. You want to record every little thing about your baby - first smile, first word, first fart. And that's exactly what I did for Aydein every month without miss, here. In fact, I managed to get his milestones recorded for good 16 months!

But now, with Adeena.. I tend to skip that whole thing.. a lot! And I blame Instagram for that! C'mon it's not an excuse, and I promise I'm not slacking. It's just.. so much easier to do it on Instagram -- capture the moment and upload it with a few sentences, done! Would have done the same if we had Instagram back then!

But somehow it's not the same. It doesn't give you the same feel like blogging does if ya know what I mean. And I realized that the last milestone I updated for Adeena was when she was 6 months! I didn't even update her first birthday celebration here like I did for her brother! (Really, it's the Instagram!) So in this entry, I will try to recall the important milestones for Adeena up till 16 months for memory sake. *Inhales*

Adeena darling,

At 8 months

You started crawling. Before you were able to crawl, you would creep and spread your arms like a bird! I miss that about you. You also have the habit to mess about my bag and closet!

At 10 months

You were already able to drink from the straw, as opposed to your brother who only mastered this skill at 13 months.

You developed bad case of stranger anxiety. No one could come close, except your Mama, Papa, Abang or Bibik. At times, Tok Ayah & Opah.

It was also your first oversea trip to Europe! Such lucky girl, you.

At 12 months

You celebrated your very first tutu birthday, with your friends. You couldn't walk just yet, but I could tell you were enjoying yourself nonetheless with the unlimited chocs, cakes & candies around you specially on that very day. I'll elaborate more on your big day in a different entry. (Hopefully!)

About the same time after your birthday, you fell sick for the first time, where you were down with fever. :(

At 12 months 10 days, you were able to stand a few seconds on your own before toppling down.

You have a total of 8 teeth then.

During this time, you showed deep interest in everything feminine & girly -- like mama's lipstick and handbag!

Still, you hated having anything on your head, like the headband.

At 13 months

You began walking, 2 months earlier than your brother. 

At 14 months

You begin to add more words into your vocab, but not as much as your brother did last time. At this time, you only managed to say "Mama", "Papa", "Aba" (Abang) and "Nak" I tried to make you say "cat" so many times, but you refused and made lion roar instead. Yes, not even a Meow. 

At 15 months

You were capable of expressing your emotions well, what you like and what you didn't like, clearly. One time, you were angry at me for making your brother cried, that you also cried while thumping your legs!

You can also already salam when prompted. 

At 16 months

You will only turn 16 months in a week's time, but already, you are now able to add a few more vocabs to your dictionary, but still not as much. Now, you can say "Aa-ba" (Allahuakbar) and "Titit" (Mama's Milk) :P

You can wave and blow flying kiss when we say "Bye Deena!" or "Flying kiss?"

You understand simple instructions like, "Come here" "Where are your shoes?" "Take your shoes" "Give to Papa" "Go there" "Where's Abang?" and "No"

You're becoming a fussy eater too. You can make faces, like your "angry face" when being prompt.

When Mama and Papa dress up, you know it means going out. You will automatically take your shoes, thinking we will bring you along. When we don't, you will cry your heart out :(

You know the phone goes to the ear, but you can't say "Hello" just yet.

You know the comb goes to the head/hair.
You can eat/drink milk by yourself, but prefers to be fed. (Manja ni!)

And.. well, that's all that I can recall for now! I'm sure there are so many other things that I've left out which I will update when I remember!

Until then, let's see if this blog will get updated again anytime soon! :P


ReeneeRaaid said...

dah besar dah baby girl u. so cute!

PetakBunga said...

seronok tgok anak membesar depan mata.. hari2 berlalu rasa sekejap je..

Thara said...

@ Reenee,

Lamanyaaa kita tak bersapaaa kan! :D Yes, she's all grown up now! Banyak akal & mengada dah skaranggg :P

@ PetakBunga,

True that! They say babies wont be babies forever so gotta embrace it while it lasts! :D