Thursday, June 12, 2014

Breastfeeding Guru

When it comes to breastfeeding, I'm sure we all have our own "guru" that motivates us to go that extra mile to complete our breastfeeding mission. It could be our mom, sister or even a friend. For me, it's Irin Putri, the very TV3 host who also happens to be my friend.

I must say, her breastfeeding journey stories that she shared on her blog does play a big role in my own journey of breastfeeding. Everyone can achieve the 2-year breastfeeding mission if you work the 8-5 job. But it's different with Irin, and this made me admire her even more. 

In case you didn't know, Irin is a TV host come producer whose nature of job requires her to leave her son for outstation assignments every now and then. Despite having hectic schedule to juggle with, she still managed to find time to pump wherever she goes, thus completing her mission to fully breastfeed her son, Raees for a little more than 2 years!

Her determination inspired me (and I'm sure a lot of her other readers!) and I thought to myself, if she, who had to travel overseas on assignments every now and then, could do it, why can't I? Again, it all comes back to determination. :)

Be inspired. Read on Irin's breastfeeding journey here (remember to click on Older Posts and dig up her olddd achives! :P)

So, who's you're breastfeeding guru? :D Happy breastfeeding, mommies! :)

Ps: Irin is now expecting her second one anytime soon! And looks like her breastfeeding mission is starting all over again for her eh! Hehe. But first, let's pray for her smooth delivery! <3 <3


kausar said...

true!! kena ada inspirasi kan kalau bab bf ni. that will keep us going.mine wud be my own mother. she bf us 11 siblings fuh fuh. well i just ended my journey...tak sabar nak dpt baby lagi sbb nak bf bulih tak ;p salam kenal:)

Thara said...

Hi Kausar,

Wow, 11 fully breastfed children? Tabik springggg lah auntie! :P

Haha breastfeeding is beautiful kan. I'm sure gonna miss it once I finish my mission in 8 months time insyaallah! :D

Congrats to you for finishing your mission and salam kenal to u too! :)