Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello London! - The Shopping Heaven

That morning, I remember getting up earlier than usual, excited about our trip that day. If Disneyland is THE place the kids were looking forward to, Bicester Village is THE place all of us ladies were dreaming about going since Day 1! :D

Just in case you didn't know, Bicester Village (pronounced BIS-TER) is a designer outlet where you can find everything-designer, from designer bags, shoes, clothes at bargained price. The moment we reached the place, I could already smell the expensiveness of the place! Hahaha.

The very first outlet that I laid my eyes on to was Burberry, looking grand and expensive, alongside his designer friends like, Dior, Prada, Fendi, Chloe, Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, Tod's, Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry, Juicy Couture, Anna Hindmarch, Coach, Celine, Furla.. the list goes on!

I was disappointed that LV isn't a participating brand though.

Anyway, here are the bags from Prada and Gucci.

And, these are the beautiful, handmade bags from Fendi! Cantik kannn!

And this, is Anya Hindmarch store. I was prepared to splurge on something here actually, but too bad there wasn't anything that I really like. :(

Basically, in Bicester Village, what you see is what you get. Meaning if you've been eye-ing for this particular bag, and it's in the outlet display, then you're lucky. But if you can't find them here, then you'll need to go to the respective boutiques to get them. (At standard boutique price lah ye hehe).

And then, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of Kate Spade!

I don't know about you, but there's something about Kate Spade that makes me want to borong all of their bags! They're young looking, they're colorful, they're chic and they're affordable!

The best thing is, one of the sales assistants there also told me she's been to Malaysia before! Apparently she followed her daddy to Malaysia for work purpose, and stayed in Puchong for 3 months. I was like, why Puchong of all places la? Hahaha.

Yeah, it was nice to meet a local who's been to Malaysia before, but it was even nicer to step out of the store, with something in my hands! :D

Of course, when you're there, you can't escape the "pesanans" from the people back home too. In this case, my sister, the bagaholic. That's me getting Tod's signature "D-bag" for her. The bag is so beautiful, this picture just doesn't do justice!

Apparently, the late lady Diana really loved this bag, that it was named after her.

It's funny that I didn't even notice the time when I was there. I didn't even feel the hunger, until it was time to go home. (Seriously weh. I forgot lunch and the next thing I know it was getting dark!) So, I stopped by this stall, Crêperie Angélie to try out their crepe.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of crepes, but after trying out their something-something-mushroom, I was hooked! It was soooo good. No wonder the queue was longgg! (Picture above was googled, I had no time to take pictures then, what's with the strollers, shopping bags and all) But anyway, definitely a must try.

Before we left Bicester, we had our last stop at D&G. Not for me, but for..

Yeah, who said men don't shop? :P

Something funny happened while we were here. We were checking out on sunnies, and there were sunnies that can be worn for both men & women. I picked up one of them, and asked the sales girl, "So these are for bisexual?" The lady looked at me for a moment and said, "Uhh yeah, they're for unisex," HAHAHAHAHA. I could feel my cheeks burning, but I casually said, "Yes, unisex. Nice, very nice," I looked at my husband and he was giving me that whats-wrong-with-you look hahahaha. Oh well, doesn't "bi" represent "two" in English? That's why it's bicycle right, not unicycle! Ok fine. Pffft whatever.

And that's about our day out in Bicester. :) I don't know when I'm going to be back here again, but I hope I will again soon! <3>


Flying Fish said...

Hi, you've just given me idea on what to do in London hahaha thank you.

Datang la visit my blog I pon baru buat entry on London jugak :)

Anonymous said...

LV mana ada outlet. huhu