Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello London! - The Handsome Kent

Not this Ken.

But this Kent!

So so so handsome, and so beautiful, isn't it? 

Just in case you didn't know, Kent is another city in England. It's a bit far from central London, about 2 hours drive, but I enjoyed the journey to Kent anyway. Actually, I enjoyed any scenery over there lah, due to the green grass, and small cottage houses. So.. English! :P

Can't say the same about the weather though. It's always raining over there! :(

In fact, it was raining when we reached Canterbury. I was so bummed because we didn't get to explore much there due to the rain. Most of the time we sought for shelter in the shop houses, pretending to be interested in their products! Lol. 

Look at the wet street! :( And I'm not if it's due to the rain or because we were there early (it was barely 11am then), but many of the shops were closed still.

Anyway, when the weather did get a little better, we took the chance to quickly snap some pictures there.


Ok see that majestic ancient looking building behind me? That's actually a cathedral, one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. It is said to have 21 bells in the towers! In fact, I could hear distant ring as I took this pic then.

Kent was really beautiful. Think ancient buildings with scenic view, that's Kent. I'm just really disappointed the weather wasn't nice to us there and we couldn't take many pics of us there :(

The next day was an even better day. Well, to me (and the ladies) at least! Designer handbags, shoes, handbags, clothes, and did I say handbags? :D

It's the place all women want to be - the Bicester Village! :D (to be continued)


ReeneeRaaid said...

Rindu nak gi sana!! Huhu! Btw, you look lovely as always! Enjoy your holiday!

Thara Sofian said...


Aww thanks! :) You penah sampai Kent? How long were you here!

Anonymous said...

Hai..i've been there early was raining too went i reached there..but after that it was sunny...i love canterbury too!did u went to Bath?