Friday, June 13, 2014

Let's Go To Europe!

It has always been my dream to step foot in Europe. But knowing how much it will cost just to get there, I'd normally brush the thoughts away, everytime. So when my husband asked me where I would like to go for that year end holiday, I chose a cheaper destination instead - Australia. But suddenly he asked,

"You've been going on about UK. Taknak pegi sana?" I told him to stop joking around, and that he would just get my hopes up by doing that. But his face remained serious, and said "Taknak sudah"


Hahaha. I would be crazy to push my luck, so I coolly said, "Okay sure if you say so," while trying so hard to hold myself back from doing a jiggly dance :P

I quickly googled "London weather" and it said, "3 °C"! So obviously there is one important need for this -- winter clothes shoppingggg! :D :D :D That weekend, I went almost crazy trying to decide on the best winter wear I should get for the trip! I mean, look at some of these stylish winter wear for both adults and kids!

We got some of our winter wear from Uniqlo, H&M and Terranova. From our scouting, we found that Uniqlo has some of most affordable & decent looking winter wear. They also have this heat-tech inner wear that you wear underneath your clothes (something like long johns) to retain the heat of your body in so many candy colors! I almost grabbed 5 of them, but husband told me to be rationale "bawak mengucap yang, it's heat wear ok, lepas balik Malaysia nak buat apa?" were his words, so I came to my senses and just grabbed 2 instead. :P

Oh and H&M has the cutest kids winter wear ever! So so so exciting!

I also wasted no chance to get myself new pair of knee-high boots! FINALLY I have a reason to buy and wear them stylish boots! :D :D 

But that's not the best part. The best part about our trip is that, we were not going on our own! Our in laws heard about our trip and decided to come along with us as well! Man. 3 families on a roadtrip, how fun is that! :D

And since it was our first time travelling with kids, I made sure we brought together essential stuffs like - organic baby food, toys, iPad, moisturizer, lip balm, medicines and thermometer.

Tip : Use vacuum bag to keep your winter wear. You can easily bring 5 (or more!) down coats and save so much space!

The rest of the family also spent the whole day packing and making sure we brought everything we need while we were there. Okay, maybe a little too much of everything...

Seriously though! Segala mak-nenek were in there, from 10kg beras, bihun, sambal kacang, nasi impit, maggie, serunding, gula, garam, ikan bilis, kicap - basically we needed one special luggage just for food alone! Chronic tak chronic. My mother in law even brought her small rice cooker and blender with her! No kidding! Nasib la kawin dengan family Jawa kan. Haha :P

And then, it was time.. (to be continued)


Airin Diana Anuar said...

Wow! segala mak nenek ada.hehehe
have fun dear!!

Mark Javed said...

haha sounds like a super duper plan :D

Nadine said...

Welcome back, babe! keep it up!

Hehehe tengok luggage bag penuh food stock reminded me much of me packing one huge luggage of foodstuff for my wasn't easy to load everything in and in the end, all not enough to cover his first 3 months there. Eheh!