Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Just Another Fairytale

I was going through my private blog that I used to share with my cousin Haniza, and came across this post I posted wayyyy back, when I first started to know aien. It was about our first date actually, and I thought it’s time to share with all of you out here. :)

a lovely evening, lovely event, lovely ending. :)

dear diary,

last night was one of the nights when everything was so right, you didn’t want it to end. it was magical, almost perfect. went out earlier with dee dee to buy a new dress for me for last night’s event. it did cost me a fortune, but it didn’t matter. i wanted last night to be different, i wanted last night to be something that i could remember my whole my life ; i wanted to be a princess. and it was worth it. i felt like a princess, and was being treated like one last night, infact. :)

aien [the guy who took me out] picked me up in the car that took my breath away. and since we barely talk in class, i thought the journey was going to be an awkward one. but boy was i wrong. there was so much to talk about, it felt like we've known each other for like, years! and then, we reached the place. org ramai gila mmg tak ingat la kan. the show had started. saw mickey and minnie waving and skating on the ice. chomels gilaaa! the show was like a short sketch of Aladdin's story, Snow White, CINDERALLY [the best!], beauty and the beast, Little Mermaid, Mulan, the list goes on. i kept squealing, that at one point, i forgot that the person beside me was aien, not little pony. heehee =P but i couldn’t help it! they were ever so priddy, so graceful on the ice, i couldn’t stop myself! =P owh and the popcorn! sakit hati gilaaa.. they sold the popcorn for 10 bucks okay? GILA TAK? it was my mistake that i ASKED for the pop corn dulu, baru tanye the price.. habes, when org tu dah handed the popcorn to me and asked for 10 bucks, takkan nak kata "ehh bang, tanak la.. mahal la pulak" kan? so we decided to split 5 bucks each, and i swear to God, it was the tasteless popcorn i’ve ever tasted! GSC punye popcorn lagi sedap okay. eee sakit hati gilaaa.

but besides the popcorn, everything was just.. right. went for dinner after the show, and i learnt a whole lot about him along the way. i don’t know why he opened up so easily to me like he did last night, but i felt honored. :) and when he sent me to my block, we said our goodnites and just as i was stepping out of his car, he asked in a very cute way, "eh kejap, you nak present tak?" and i went like.. "HUH?" then he turned and took something from the backseat anddd... handed me a box which has... a princess Barbie in ittt! heee.. =D okay so im not gonna lie. i was flattered, and touched. hehe ;) eh surprise surprise ni gua mmg suka bebb.. apa lagi bab bab prezzie prezzie ni.. lagi la meloncat! haha =P and of course it didn’t just stop there. D'UH. =P he got back and msged me and we spent the next few minutes msgin each other until we both got sleepy. ;) i don’t know where it leads from here, but it was indeed, one of the best nights in my life. :)

and as all you might have guessed, 2 weeks later, we got together, and it has been 3 years 2 months ++ since! :)


nadsim said...

aww..sweetest first date ever.. juz like fairy tales..feel free 2 visit my blog eh? =))~

Thara. said...

i know right! :D oh u have a blog too? cool, will definitely drop you a visit! ;)