Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wagyu Steak, Anyone?

How do married couples usually celebrate their 2 Years Anniversary? A short getaway at a hotel by the beach? Quality time with family at home? A treat at a fine dining restaurant?

As for me, I got all 3 of them! The moment we reached home that Sunday morning after our short vacation in Langkawi, we spent the whole day just chillin' at home with the little one, after 2 days of non-stop activities.

The next day, Aien took me to San Francisco Steakhouse that does not only have a very nice ambiance to it, but it is also near to our house! It seems like the perfect place to go for a once-in-a-while treat, so just after Maghrib, we swung by that place for dinner.

Once we were seated, we took our time going through the menu. Too many good food for our small tummies lah! But we settled with Cod Fillet, and Wagyu Steak.

While we wait for the main course to arrive, we were first served with bread and butter for starters. I loved the butter! However, although they were good, I do feel that they can't beat the bread and butter in Italiannies! :D

Once we were done with the starters, the waitress brought in our main course. Aien was served with Chilean Cod Fillet with Miso Paste.

I was served with my order, Wagyu Rib Eye Steak. I had mine medium-well done. Hey, how come fine dining dishes are always very little and simple looking?

A little on Wagyu Steak. It is said to be the most expensive steak in the world. The steak is made of the highest meat quality, that it even has certification from CAAB and MSA EQA.

Did you know however, these cattle only eat grain for 500 days, and they are so goddamn pampered, they live in an airconditioned room, not allowed to move around much, and believe it or not, they even get massaged!

Easier said, ini spesis lembu pemalas tahap gaban, rasa macam nak lempang je! :P But seriously. Lembu? Kena massage? Even I yang pi kerja kene naik turun bukit pon, bila balik takde sape nak massage okay! Balik rumah kena masak lagi ade lah! :P

Although the steak is famous for being exceptionally tender, juicy, and flavorsome, for some reason I dont know, I found it just like any other steak. It's juicy yes, it's very nice yes. But to me, it's just not worth the price. Aien's cod fish on the other hand, was so extremely good, and so much better, I would choose that cod over Wagyu steak anytime! On top of that, it is 3 times cheaper than my steak!

Oh, did I also tell you that they also have menu for kids? The menu for kids also look very appetizing that I plan to bring Aydein here the next time we dine here! :)

Whatever it is, it was needless to say, a beautiful evening and a night to remember, thanks to the man I fell in love with then, now and forever -- the none other, Ahmad Azarinurazie, the one and only. :) Happy Anniversary again, sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

terawikh entah ke mana

Thara said...

RS :
heppp. bukan ke dulu cikgu, ustaz, semua penah ajar, berdosa tuduh suka suka.. ini hari isnin, 2 minggu lepas. 2 hari sblm ramadhan. sighs. ape nak jadik adikku seorang ni.

ps : ckp je la jealous tak sempat nak join bcoz u were already in Penang then! hehehe :P

Cherie said...

hamboy! over ni celebrate anniversary mcm tu skali. i celebrated mine in my dreams, 6000 miles away from my dugong and too exhausted to log on skype.

mommaholicSURI said...

Awww dear, this reminded me on my 2nd Anniversary celebration .. we celebrated there too.
Oh by the way which one you went ek.. Summit? :)

Owh you should try rib-eye or sirloin at Monte's babe. Crazy tasty!!!!!! :)

ain said...

LOL part lembu kene urut tu

life songs said...

delicious... they get pampered so much cos they'll be slaughtered to be served. so it's a good thing we dont get massages when we get home haha =D

Nadine said...

Eh, eh, Thara dh kuruslah *wink*
You look good babe, congrats! :)

Ni kat Jaya Square kan Thara? Tiap kali pegi sana nak play indoor badminton I slalu tertanya2 sedap ke tak makan sini, halal ke tak. Now that u shared about this, terjawab all the ???. Hihi. Thanks for sharing, blehla pegi cuba nanti since Fadzil mmg steak lover :)

izdi said...

thara ...found ur 1 of 7 kembar

hit the link

Thara said...

izdi :
hahaha. u biar betol, beb. gua takde ah cun mcm gitu. not yet, anyways. hahaha. nak kena workout lagi to get closer to that look! :P but uh, thanks for the compliment anyways :P

Izdi said...

mmg naturally muke sama la thara :) ..welcome..hows aien and aydein?

Salty Bodice Ripper said...

shit man, i just remembered when you mentioned Wagyu. Girl, Wagyu cows are given beer la, sleep on mattresses and given massages. They're treated like gods. Go check Nat Geo if you don't believe that beer part

Thara said...

priti :
actually im aware of that, and although that is true, i was told that the ones over here are not fed with wine. but thanks for the notice though! ;)