Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do You Love Your Job?

I do! I love it so much, I even do a hula dance every morning before going to work! Ok, that’s a lie. But really, I love my job! As all of you might know from my previous post, I work as a Creative Writer in Exabytes Network, the top webhosting provider in Malaysia. It has only been a month plus since I first entered Exabytes, but I find myself fitting in so well here, I feel that I may have finally found my supreme comfort zone, at last! :) It probably has got a lot to do with my love for writing, but I have never felt this way about a work place before!

I have worked as a graphic designer with the great Studeo Grafix, a branding company. The reason why I find Studeo Grafix great is because I have never known such great bunch of people, lead by an even greater leader, Wesley, in my entire life. They deliver super service, professionally too! But I could not stay long – all because I could not seem to find any time to myself while I was there. It was hard for me to leave them, though. I found that somehow, there was a bond created between all of us even if it was for a very short time. But I will be getting married soon (ngehehe, jangan jealous!). And if half of my day is spent in the office (I used to go back at 10pm every night. Sometimes at 1am in the morning), I thought, who would be taking care of my lonely husband at home? buatkan dia pegi carik tina laen kat luar? tak gila aku? Hehe. But I don’t blame them, though. It was the nature of the job actually. I have asked around, and it seems that working really late at night is memang normal for graphic designers. Besides, they have even asked me way earlier when I was interviewed if I was ready to go back late at night, and I said yes, but I guess I was wrong, so yeah. I have always had high regards for Studeo Grafix and the people in there – and I still do! And if it wasn’t because of the long hours, I might just be on my way of becoming the next great graphic designer there. But fate has other plan for me, and so, here I am, building my career as a writer in Exabytes, hopefully for good this time! :)

I’ll be honest. Before I started with Exabytes, I was pretty nervous. Not about the job scope – about the people there! I went to their blog before, and noticed there isn’t a single Malay employee in there! It is not that I have anything against those of different races, but it’s just that, I do get irritated when they start speaking in their mother-tongue language, which would in the end, cause me to “watch a very bad badminton game” stupidly, and so I worried that I would face this problem in my new working place! But still, I put up my brave face, gathered every ounce of confidence I could muster, and went to the office, hoping that my new collogues would be as nice as those in Studeo Grafix. I entered the office (I was actually late on my first day at work btw!), scanned the office as quickly as I could, and sure enough, not even a single sawo-matang skin detected by my retina.

Therefore, being the only Malay in Exabytes, I thought I was going to be treated differently. But boy was I wrong! I was actually given a warm welcome by all the staffs there even on my first day at work! Once I was stationed at my place, I was surprised to be greeted by at least 5 bleeping MSN chat windows at my screen, welcoming me! And a week later, I was selected to be in one of the board members for the weekly marketing team meeting! Which, ehems, makes me one of the important figures in Exabytes, of course! ngehehe. My nature of work in Exabytes covers almost everything that has got to do with writing. I write press releases, newsletters, articles, meeting minutes, memos and blogs! – the reason why I started to have my own blog! And me being in the marketing team gives me the power to voice out anything I feel is necessary besides contributing ideas to the company! :D Anyway, here’s the list of some of the reasons why I just loveee being in Exabytes!
  • I am doing something that I love. So going to work does not actually feel much of a chore, but more of a fun way of filling up my time instead. :D
  • I get to have my own personal HP laptop.
  • I get off work at 5pm daily! (but since aku ni budak baik, aku keluar jugak la pukul 5.20pm everyday. heeee)
  • I am surrounded by a bunch of laid back, friendly young people, most of them around my age!

And no, I don’t have anything against the.. uh, elder generations either, but, kamon lah. takkan laa aku nak borak pasal nintendo wii or facebook dgn pakcik makcik yang kadang komputer pon tak reti nak “on”. kan? haa. :D

But yeah, I just love what I am doing now for all the reasons I mentioned above and more! :D You can check out more of our fun-filled family activities here to know what I mean! :)

Here’s a picture of the big family and I on the last Earth Day celebration. Uh-huh. We all went green the wholeee day just to show our dedication to "saving the Mother Earth"! a’ah, sampai cenggitu skali kitorang punya sayang kat alam sekitar ni nyaaah. Hehe.

And oh yes, you can never rock in green as well as we did! nyeehee. Needless to say, I don’t find working in Exabytes as a job, but more of a career instead! ;)

Until you hear from me again.. Long live Exabytes! ;)

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