Thursday, May 22, 2008

She Blogs!

I’ve always had a passion for writing. I started writing my very first poem in Malay as early as the age of 8 (as I can recall), and it goes something like this : (Ehems ehems. I haven’t even started reciting the poem, and already I’m blushing to roots!). Ehems!

"Kapalku, berkilat berseri,
Hingga seorang pon ku tidak kesahi,
Jangan jangan, jangan kau sentuh kapalku,
Ikan ku tarik-tarik, hingga habis,"

IKAN KU TARIK-TARIK HINGGA HABIS? Ikan ku – WHAT? What the hell was I thinking?! I must have had one of the wires loose from my brain socket or eaten a bowl of boiled frog eggs and gone retarded - I DONT BLOODY KNOW! But yes, I was that creative, I could even make A. Samad Said cry if he ever stumbles across this brilliant masterpiece, for all I know! Heeeee heeeee.

Even after that horrendous (but brave!) attempt on the Kapalku poem, I still kept on writing. And I have managed to compose a few more poems after that, even a novel! In English this time lah tapi. Hehe. I wrote my first romance novel wayyyy back when I was 17. (eh, mistilah romance novel nyah. masa tu kan dah pandai jadik ulat bulu sket, so.) I do not know where I got the inspiration to write from, probably from all those mushy novel junks those eeeeevil authors have successfully fed into my brain, (the Sweet Valleys, Love Stories, and Full House – Stephanies), but I managed to write one of those too-good-to-be-true romance novels myself.

Here’s to prove it! :D

I’ll be honest. All the while I was writing the novel, I was imagining the main character was ME, and the life she has, was.. well, the kind of life I want to have. Ehehe. I must have been fed to eat the frog eggs alive this time while I was sleeping for even dreaming for that to happen, but hey, a girl’s gotta dream, and she’s gotta dream big right? :D

Even back in campus, when we had assignments to do, I made it sure that I would be the one to handle the documentation part as much as possible, just because I know I can at least contribute something rather than typing the codes madly, not knowing there are heaps of errors waiting to be debugged. Oh btw, I suck in programming, so don’t even dream of asking me anything about programming or all that you will get from me is, cout<<"go get a textbook and get lost!"<<endl; Wehehe! :D

And then one day, I was introduced to this BLOG-thing which is supposedly to be the IN-thing since the last few years. But I never wanted to blog – at least not for the public to read. I was always against it because I never really believed in exposing my whole life drama for the world to know. Until.. the day I became (get this) the sole Creative Writer in Exabytes Network - No.1 Webhosting Provider in Malaysia which needs me to do a lot of blogging - that I started to blog! Hee hee. Yes, dears. The Creative Writer in Exabytes now is the same budak beringus that got laughed at when she first wrote her "Kapalku" poem which she composed with.. much pride and determination, actually! hmphs. But yeah, blogging for Exabytes blog has somehow encouraged me to have a blog of my own, and so, here I am! Ranting my heart away! nyak nyak nyak :D

Although I did not take up Journalism during my study years, my love for writing has brought me this far. And even though I know my writing skills isn’t as half good as some of the people I know, (you should meet my cousin, Haniza) but I’m contented and thankful for what I am today. :)

And so, how did an IT graduate turn out to be a Writer again? Hehe. Like they always say : All you need is love! ;)

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