Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Dino Meets Baby Firas

Guess whose tail is this?

Heee. Yes, you are definitely right. Mine! Me me me. And you can call me baby dino. Aydein the baby dino. :D

Oh recently, I was brought to meet my newborn friend, baby Firas. He was so small, you see, I felt like a giant dino beside him. Chomp chomp chomp! Rawrrrr!

But he was also so very adorable lah! I wanted to say hello and play with him, but his eyes were closed all the time.

I inched a little closer and tried to wake him up, but before I could even do that, mama quickly pulled me away and took me away from him. Haih ape lah mama ni.

You see, baby Firas is Uncle Syukran & Aunty Munira's first son. They were both mamas' good friends. Mama used to go to the same school with them. Can you spot mama and Uncle Syukran?

Mama was also there on Uncle Syukran's wedding day. Oh the good old times, as mama would say. :)

And now, Uncle Syukran is now happily married with a kid! How time flies!

I can't wait for baby Firas to grow up so I can play football with him! Oh wait, scratch that. Maybe I should ask if he would like to play wrestling with me instead. Heh heh heh.



Awwwwwww.. cuteness!!
Baby dino, Aunty nak pinjam baju leh? hehe :)


Aydein..sgt cute!
mane u beli bj dino tu??
comey sungguh!!
neway Thara,Aydein dah tk sabar nak ada geng baru tu kut!:)hehehe

Thara said...

nuurill :
haha aydein ckp kene tanye mama die dulu :P

nadia :
hehe papa die yang belikan sebenarnya. die belikan dkt central, tapi haritu i saw dkt OU pon ade. haha tu la u. boring dok dkt umah sorang2! :P

RuZaNNa said...

Aydein is so fair la! jeles sungguh aunty!

Thara said...

anne :
hehe speaking of which, u know, the other day masa i p melawat baby firas ni kan, this auntie ni ckp, "ish anak teruna ni putih serlah aih!" (in penang dialect)

i mcm.. terkedu, taktau nak ckp apa. haha. mcm ni, nak kena tanned kan sket aydein ni, kasik less jambu and more manly ni! :P

BabyBooned said...

oh i love that close-up picture of aydein. he's gorgeous!

Thara said...

babybooned :
i love it too! thanks kak nina :)

atiekah said...

I am missing so many things!! Syukran dah kawin n dah ada baby, u too... N i baru tau! Been missing too much.. Anyway, I could not recognize me in the pics. HAHA! :P

Thara said...

atiekah :
yeah time sure does fly! and pls pls update us bila u nak kawen nanti ok! :D and yes, we were SO beringus back then!