Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shake Shake, Shake Your Head!

At 8 months plus, Aydein is able to do a lot of things that never fail to amaze me.

Like recently, he surprised me by shaking his head left and right when we say no and shaking our heads, as though trying to imitate us!

Note : Don't mind the background voices. They are annoying, I know.


hushuss said...

bijaknya Aydein, baru 8 months. Tapi bestkan Thara, tgk anak membesar. Only mothers know the feelings klu tgk anak berjaya buat sesuatu, tak kira la dia immitate kita or create action baru.

pasal diet tu, jom kita sama2 berdiet. I baru beli jus diet mate. hahaha...konon.

Thara said...

huspa :
yeah it's such a blessing to see our own babies grow before your own eyes. the joy of it, mcm u ckp, only mothers know. :)

and yes mari kita berdiet sama2. jus diet mate tu i penah dgr is not safe for breastfeeding mums. ye ke eh? i pon tak sure. i am planning to take herbalife though hehe.

nad said...

awhhhhhhhhhhh cutenyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! so adorable! mata die bulaaatttt.. heee

semut-terbersin said...

ahaa good boy aydein..chomel je die geleng2 kepale..
eh baju aydein sama ngan baju aariz..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hey Raees has started shaking his head too! Very cute! However I'm not sure if he's trying to say no or just practicing his new found ability :)


hehe..can feel ur excitement dear..
U know,mlm td hmpr menitik air mata mommy Adam ni..happy:)..
Adam dah pandai immitate kita solat..angkat takbir n terus sujud kat sejadah..then tadah doa..sejuk hati mommy :)

wait dear,taklama lagik bnyk lagik Aydein new talent akan muncul..enjoy the moments..

Thara said...

nad :
hee baby aydein says thanks! :D

semut :
eh ye ke? baju die ade lion kecik2 kan? hee :D jom baby shopping sama2!

irin :
hehe i know, very cute kan? :D ooh u should have it recorded and share it with us! :)

nadia :
yeah, very excited indeed, nadia. :) ooh and abt adam, alhamdulillah. i smiled when i read ur comment. :) org tua kata, sejuk perut ibu ngandung eh :) im sure ure very proud of him! and yes, i cant wait for more surprising moments like this to happen soon! :D