Friday, February 19, 2010

Remembering What Used To Be Good

I was rummaging through some files to look for a bill when I came across this file. Can you guess what's inside?

It may look like another ordinary red file to you, but for me, it contains memories so precious, I would never trade it for the world. What I found inside the file, made me smile widely like a mad person.

Have I ever told you that Aien is a very organized person, more organized than me? Anyway, while I was busy looking for the bill, I actually found out that he actually kept ALL the cards I gave to him back when we were *ehems* jiwang-jiwang back then, neatly in a file.

(some of the cards that I took out for illustration purpose :P)

And when I say ALL, I literally meant ALL – together with the wrapping paper, neatly folded and kept in the file.

However, among all cards, this is the card I loved the most.

Why? Because it is 100% handmade and made with love (eceh!) by the none other, yours truly. :) Oh I remember sketching the image of the card on a paper before it was put to "live". I remember driving to the art shop to get the things needed to make the card. I remember sleeping late at night and sewing the card (yes I sew on the card!) because I was running out of time and the card needed to be ready on the next day – his birthday. I remember my roommate telling me I should not be wasting my time making a card and that I should just get him a card from a shop instead. I remember not listening to her. Because he is special, and I wanted to do something special for him.

And then, there was this red box. Can you guess what it is?

It is actually a mini post box which comes with mini "love letters" that I made myself during the first few weeks that Aien and I became an item.

Reading back all the notes, letters, and cards I wrote to Aien, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Geli pon ade jugak. I can't believe I was that jiwang back then okay. :P

But then again, why did I stop being all jiwang? Why did I stop giving him cards, shower him with gifts and flatter him with the flowery words (even A. Samad Said pon kalah ok) that I used to do a lot back then? What happened to the simple calls and texts, just to say "i miss you" or "i love you" when his day is a little gloomy? What happened to all the effort to make cute little crafts just to show how important he is to me and brighten up his day?

When I read back all the things I wrote to Aien back then, it was full of sweet promises, hopes and expectations. However, I realize now that sadly, some of the sweet promises I made were not fulfilled and I definitely owe it to him after all he's done for me.

It's true. Sometimes, it is these little things that remind us the good times we had, and why we are where we are today, and what we should do, to keep our loved ones closer to us, everyday.

We need to remember what used to be good.


Iskandar said...

mini post box??


bintiegenxyz said...

serius sweet! ni lg jiwang dr wa ni. pe cer? ahaha.

RuZaNNa said...

I super duper like love notes!!!
dulu i pun suka bagi cards and notes.. but what made stop? sbb ikhwan tahu terima aje.. and doesn't how and what to reply.. in the end i malas.. hahaha
Please tell me that ur husband also send you notes so that i can brag it to my husband... husband org lain can do it.. why can't he kan? heheheh
But yeah, i will avoid baca surat2 cinta zaman pre-kahwin, sbb i pun akan puke baca surat2 and kad jiwang tuh.. hahahha

Anonymous said...

patotlah cgpa kamu kat universiti rendah.hahahahahaah.sorry kakngah!

semut-terbersin said...

whoaa u both so sweet!
eh i suka laa mini post box u tu!

Thara said...

iskandar :
hehe u suke ke. nanti i buatkan utk u eh. tapi with blank letters lah tapi. yang tu, u kene tulis sendirik kasik dkt awek u. kalau i tulis, laen mcm pulak nanti. :P

bintie :
haha. gua mmg jiwang karat beb. tapi gua tak sangke gua jiwang karat gile DULU! :P geli wei. haha.

anne :
i know right! i love them too! i malas nak carik in my "aien's box" (which contains the things he gave to me) and read up his cards to me. but as i can recall, he's not much of a word-person either. he'll give me cards, yes, tapi nanti tulis2 sket, sign dkt bawah, then dah. kalau i ni, tulis lah sampai berjela2, siap kasik poem2 lagi. haha. aien is more into giving gifts, like bears, gadgets, stuff like that. kalau nak karang ayat ni, mmg tak ah. i guess men are all like that lah babe. kita je rajin terlebeh. :P oh, but aien gave me a lot of those love-smses though. :P

raqib :
eh hello. please ok. at least it was BETTER than average and definitely BETTER than yours and im not ashamed of revealing my cgpa to ppl when being asked, unlike someone! lalala. :D dah, pi study. u have a longggg way to go still, lil bro. at least im all hired and earning now. ngehehe. :D

semut :
aww thanks ila. u pon suke? ok ok nanti i buatkan utk u jugak eh. tapi as for the mini love letters, i nak tulis surat cinta pada aariz bole? i jatuh cinta dgn mata bolattt die tu lah. :D


hehehe... so sweet! lomantik gitew!! Rajin sungguh u Thara! :)

Dulu i pun suka buat2 card ni... every 14 in every month mesti bagi kat kat Armi. Konon monthliversary la.. Tapi nak tulis panjang2 x pandai.. setakai sign je lah. wakakaka... Armi pulak bukan tulis2 punya org. Cuma ade sekali tu sangat tergezut, masa genap 1 tahun couple ngan dia, dia hantar 1 surat (format surat rasmi tuh) expressed all his feeling towards me. Pengsan achik!! hahaha :)


wahwah Thara..creative sunggoh..
cantik2 plak tu..ala2 aeiou card gtu..
nadia pun suka jgak buat2 card ni..selalu je ada luvletter to him..I guessed semua gurls mmg suka buat card la..meaningful kan??
but far I rase my hubby ada keep all the cards specially a luvletter I promised him onething..safely keep in his wallet till now..awh!!
tp my hubby mmg takde nye nak duk congok buat card for me..beli,sign,ada lah tmbh 2,3!huhuhu..

Thara said...

nuurill :
babe, i rajin dulu je! i pon tatau mane menghilang kerajinan i dulu tu. satgi nak carik sampai jumpe! :P eh u pon celebrate monthly anniversary eh! haha nice! i pon! tp i tak serajin u nak beli card every month! i sampaikan salam cinta via sms je. hahaha. ok, geli. :P

aww sweet. wait btw, bape lame u couple dgn armi before kawen ni? im sure dah berdozenssss of cards die simpan kan! :D

nadia :
tu la u. i think all gurls suke buat bende2 "buang masa" ni lah. part tu kita rajin. tapi cuba suruh kita hanta kete pi service. hmmmmmm. confirm i buat2 tido. hahaha. :P

aww thats so sweet. u promise ape tuuuu? :P tu la u. men are like that lah kan. derang sayang dalam hati, tapi tak pandai nak express via karangan terbaik mcm kita ni! :P

Iskandar said...

Thara, I'll take your word for it eh. Dah ada gf, I'll buzz you. Hehe.

Thara said...

iskandar :
feel free! but wait, bukan u dah ade gf ke? nyanyanya :D


dear..I promised him an iguana if he passed one subject during study time..I cant make it since i super geli with that kind of creature la..:P


Kah Kah Kah i xdela beli tiap2 bulan darling.. i made some. Pakai kertas A4 puteh je pun ade tau. I lukis2lah sket gambo kartun ke. Hahaha

Owh.. i couple 2001, kahwin 2006, dapat Oman 2009. Kad2 dulu tu kalau i tanya Armi mana.. dia x jawab ape2.. tapi just tepuk dada dia pastu baru jawab "dalam hati".. pergh.. i tau tu alasan sebenonye kad2 tu ntah gi mana dah.. haha.. tapi i terpaksa pengsan jugak.. cair!! :)

Thara said...

nadia :
iguana?? thats SO EXOTIC ok! ur hubs suke iguana ke? oh wow, kira kita semua ni set2 bercinta dari Uni la ni eh. haha. cuteness! :D

nuurill :
awwwww. SGT SWEET la korang ni! :D :D

hushuss said...

Thara, sgt2 kemas la ur hubby.
Jarang jumpa lelaki mcm ni tau. huspa punya hubby pon lebe kurang la, tapi tak sekemas hubby Thara.
Semua cards and notes masa bercinta kemas je letak dlm kotak. Lelaki camni, dia org punya life, Insyallah, mmg organize. Hubby huspa suka create his own birthday/sorry cards utk huspa masa jiwang2 dulu.

Thara punya post bagi huspa sedar skit mmg kadang2 kita ni take for granted kan pasangan kita. Tgk barang2 sblm kawin, made us realize that we should practise what we did masa zaman bercinta. kan kan?

Dan Thara sangat creative ok. Jeles! suruh huspa buat mini post box tu, taktau la jadi kotak ape, kotak mancis kot..hahaha

Thara said...

huspa :
actually, pikir2 balik. ade betol jugak ape huspa ckp tau. aien mmg sgt organize org nya, and he plans his life and his family's life well, alhamdulillah. im blessed to have him, really. tapi tu lah, mcm huspa ckp, i tend to take him for granted. sighs. kenape kita kene jadik mcm tu eh.
thats why kalau i tgh mood elok2 sket, i suka baca balik sms lama2 dia (yes i still keep em!), and ingat2 balik all the sacrifices hes made for me. lepas buat tu, misti hati rasa sejuk, and i tend to make him the happiest man that day! :D

haha itu dulu huspa. bende yang kita tak pandai buat pon, jadik pandai pasal kita bersungguh! haih. kene carik balik "kesungguhan" tu ni! :D

semut-terbersin said...

haa u buat sendrik the mini box? wow sangat kretip! i loikee!
thanks i pon jatuh chenta ngan aydein yg comel itu! eh kita ni tak jumpe2 lagik kan? i janji nak kasik greys tu pon tak kasik2 lagik..i thing we better arrange sekarang..set the time..selagik tak set, selagik tu laa kita tak tak? 14th march u free tak?

Thara said...

14/3? wow begitu jauh planning date-nya! haha. insyaallah free. :D okeh mari kita berjumpa! nanti i'll leave u a msg in ur fb/cello. we'll plan properly then ;)


eheh..same lah cm Nuurill..nadia start couple 2001 jgak..9/11 lagik 1st date..kuikuikui..
tp betol huspa ckp..we take it for granted..huhu..maybe sb time limited..hope they will understand..:)
p/s:..still remember Huspa duk risau time nak amik cuti kawen sb baru join flex..hehe..kan Huss??

Anonymous said...

sweet sgt ur memories thara!happy sgt bace.mesti best dpt tengok balik kenangan2 lame, sambil senyum, dgn aien ade by ur side kan!happy 4 u, aien n aydein!=)

hushuss said...

hahaha...Nadia, ingat lagi huspa risau pasal tadak cuti time nak kawin? sungguh2 risau masa tu. Dah lama jugak kita kenal kan Nadia, dekat 5 thn. time flies.

Thara, sorry...kat sini lak jadi tmpt kita org sembang. hehehe..hope u dont mind yeah!

maniscinta said...

so creative n the karatttss...
huahuahuhua...(cakap orang pulak ekk...)
love the mini post box..very cute...

Thara said...

nadia & huss :
no problem at all! :)

hermy :
thanks hermy. i hope u find ur happy ending too :)

aimy :
haha thanksss! :D kalau nak order, lemme know ye :D