Monday, April 23, 2012

Twenty Seven.

Memorably sweet. That pretty much summarizes my birthday celebration this year and that has got to do a lot with the people I mentioned in my blog entry earlier. You see we hang out with each other a lot.

That is why, when they told me to meet at Delicious, Bangsar after work for dinner, I had no expectation that it was going to be extra special. I really thought it was just going to be okay-happy-birthday-this-is-your-birthday-dinner-let's-om-nom-nom because I knew we were there for my birthday dinner, but little did I know that they've taken some time out of their busy time to arrange something sweet for me :) :)

The moment I stepped into the place, my jaw dropped open when I saw this just behind my chair.

It might not be anything to you, but it means everything to me because I know how busy these people are! Just arranging balloons for me could have allowed them to send 2 emails to 2 different people!

I was dizzy with happiness, I didn't even realize the gifts that were laid there on the plate for me ; I actually thought it was the food menu! LOL.

Guess what did I get for my birthday from them?

That's right! A special birthday comic strip done by the ex-intern Joel and a beautiful gold leaf necklace from all of them! Thank you guys, I love them so much! *tears*

And then, it was time to order the food. There were so many delicious meals to choose from in the menu, but the best meal yet to me has got to be.. this meal!

I call it the ultimate birthday meal because the birthday girl got to taste all the different meals combined on the table in one plate! YUMS! :D

Heck, the birthday girl didn't only get to taste all 6 different types of food, she also got to blow candles on 2 birthday cakes! *grins widely*

After that, we spent hours and hours just talking, bitching, and talking, and then bitching again about the world! Oh and of course, a whole lot of camwhoring too after the dinner! :P

The birthday girl didn't miss the chance to be.. uh, "under the balloons" herself! :P I was wearing a maxi dress in fuschia by ThePopLook, bangles in turquoise by Belle and beaded necklace in turquoise by an unknown brand.

It was indeed a beautiful night with the beautiful people that I'd treasure forever. :) Here's to the beautiful friendship from now till years to come! I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3


Mijoe said...

happy birthday fren! :)

may Allah bless u always...Amin

shaharil said...

Happy Birthday.

mommyNadia said...

great friends!!
u gals mmg awesome taww!!sweeetttt ;)

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous!

Alahai baru 27, mudanya you compared to me..tsk! :)
May you have a wonderful year ahead, and mudah-mudahan your "wish" will come true this year. I'll be waiting for the good news ;)

airin diana said...

Happy birthday Thara! Wishing u all the happiness :)
u look so sweet and pretty in that dress.


cantik snagat dress youlah.. dah orgnya pun cantik..

wanayu said...

happy birthday...may Allah bless u

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