Saturday, February 12, 2011

Once A Nuffnanger, Now A Nuffie!

I know, I know, I have been disappearing for quite some time now, I know. But the good news is, I am back! Not that anybody cares anyway, but whatever. :P

When I was working with Loveclients, I had the luxury of going to work at 10am, and being chauffeured every bloody day since Aien and I were working in the same office. But since that's no longer the case anymore, after doing a little calculation on the ridiculous parking fee (RM10/day), toll and petrol cost, I have decided to take the train.

Yes, that is what I have to go through everyday. God knows how much I hate the smelly crowd and the stinky trains! Unlike last time, now everyday is an early start for me as I have to leave the house latest by 7.30am and even then I will only reach the office at 9 - 9.30am. Yes, the story of my life! The only good thing about this is the fact that I have lost 4KGS out of walking and err, dieting, so I have trains to thank for, in a way. :P

One of the best things about being a Nuffie is that, I get to meet bloggers everyday! They would either drop by our office to collect their merchandise, or they would simply meet us at events like we held recently ; Burlesque Prrmiere Screening and the TuneTalk briefing.

with Lily (, Eric (, Daydeck ( and Hamzah (

If I don't get to see them on events, as mentioned earlier, I will still get to meet them when they drop by our office to collect their merchandises. And when they do, they would usually leave their trail behind on the Nuffnang Footprints Wall. Have you left your trail there yet?

Many of our bloggers have made a tour around Nuffnang office. However for those of you who have not, allow me to be your tour guide from this entry! ;)

Like all companies I've worked in so far, Nuffnang too practices an open-concept office. Here's a peek of our office when you step into our orange hut!

The very first time I stepped into Nuffnang office, I thought it was pretty cool. Slightly cluttered, but definitely cool. The office is cozy as you can see, but among all, this is my favorite spot! The chill spot where the Nuffies chill and lepak after a hard day at work! Cool kan!

Another cool thing about Nuffnang that I love is the fact that we are free to browse Facebook, Twitter and IM anyone during office hours as long as we get our work done! Now that's what being an adult is all about -- being in control of our own actions!

Heck, we even have two TVs in the office for everyone to watch while working! Mind you, kitorang tak tengok CNN or BBC channel ok, we watch Starworld, E! or HBO! :D

That's Junior Masterchef on TV! :D Oh and we also have our own little pantry, ...

... that it is always filled with "healthy" junks! Hehe.

And of course, the espresso machine. If I were so jakun when I first saw the espresso machine in Loveclients, now not anymore! Hehe. However, since I am still not a big fan of coffee besides the one and only Java Chip from Starbucks, I hardly ever use it.

Oh and who could ever forget, the aquarium meeting room! This is the very room that I went in for my interview and yes, the very room for who's about to get interviewed in the future too!

So that's all there is to it to Nuffnang office! Sighs. It's funny how life works sometimes, no? Last month I was just a regular Nuffnanger, blogging and sharing my thoughts away with my fellow blogger friends during my free time. Now I am a Nuffie in Nuffnang, and taking blogging/advertising industry very seriously! :)

Whatever it is, I am contented with what I am doing now, and I pray that I can go far in my career this time. For those of you who have yet to meet me, trust me, we will! As long as you're a blogger, and an active one at that, we will meet each other -- sooner or later. And when you do, don't be shy to say hi! :)


CikLilyPutih said...

i already been inside the aquarium also for coffee with nuffies.. its fun!

mommaholicSURI said...

4kg?????? that's a lot, babe!!! i should consider train too! hihi.

wau the office is so cool! bright colors, cheerful :) you are one lucky girl, babe. :)

daydeck86 said...

best jumpa thara coz peramah orang nyer

Eyriqazz said...

good luck..Nuffnang is one of the best company to work in malaysia..So jealouss off u...Like working in google office..Hik3,anyway good luck...Till then met again in the future event...

P/s : please disable ur word soo annoying to leave a comment..hik3..

reena said...

Bestnya! Suka company yang bebas camni. Yup, as long as keja kita done kan? Good luck Thara! And have fun!

Matjoe said...

join tali barut association already? refer eyriqazz 'tali barut'entry. im the naib president, the president is on vacation.

have fun working with nuffnang.

yanmie said...

wah dah jumpa geng tali barut ye :)
gmbr 1st mcm janji plak semua, mata sama..ehehe *jgn mrh naaa*

Liyana Lunia. said...

hai tharaaa <3

i sukaaaaaaaaa gila ur explanation dkt ticket i yg latest. TQVM tauuu, waaa jelesnyaaa u kerja with nuffnang , hopeee dpt join jugaaa big fmily ni HAHA :P

Liyana Lunia

akubiomed said...

My working workshop also like in aquarium. Visitor can see what we repair through wall glass :-)

ZuRin said...

Very cool jealous of you that you've lost 4kgs..haha. Looking forward to meet up with you one day..have a great day at work!

hamzah ian said...

hai thara... jumpe juga link.. hehe

hamzah ian said...

mataku macam hantu kak limah.. huhu

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

Nice working place you have there, though long traveling time. :)

Hope one day I can meet you in your office. :)

Nadine said...

What a nice office Nuffnang has! Dalam banyak2 benda, I jeles satu: the flat screen tv! /// xde :( bestnya babe boleh watch HBO agak2 stress ke otak blank ke kan. Ada game console gak eh? Those guitars tu to play guitar hero ke babe?? :D

I know u are a good writer, and a creative one too. InsyaAllah, you can go far babe. I doakan :)

p.s: Wished one day lovelifecompletely will be displayed in the footprints wall :D

Thara said...

ciklily putih :
really? come again and we can have coffees together! ok, milo for me lah hehe.

nuurill :
kan! im so happy gilaaaaaaa hahaha. free workout wpun pagi2 agak kemalasan :P yea babe, bright colors kan! apparently nuffnang offices yang lain pon katanya orange jugak :P thanks babe, i indeed am blessed. :)

daydeck86 :
yeay! kamu semua pon sama jugaaa! :)

qyriqazz :
thanks! i pon tak percaya im actually working with nuffnang! tapi bila pagi2, tengok tickets berduyun-duyun, percaya jugak lah. T____T hahaha. looking fwd to knowing more of you in the future! :)

ps : ala kene able kan jugak la sbb penah ada spam!

reena :
kan kan kan! paling tak suka company yang terlampau work oriented sampaikan minda kita tak berkembang. confirm diri jadik demotivated kan! thanks babe, hope to see u one day! ;)

Thara said...

matjoe :
hehe thanks! and i dah carik, tapi still tak berapa clear lah. talit barut ni apa actually? is it like, a gang consisting of u, eyriqazz, ciklilyputih, kak ina, hamzah and daydeck86? ke ramai lagi? ke apa? grrr confuse ni!

yanmie :
lagi satu geng tali barut. apekah maksud semua iniiii, apekahhhhh? about the pics tu, ahahaha. tu lah, semua mata mcm hantu mak limah :P

liyana :
hiiii liyanaaaa! i tried my best to answer each tickets, and im glad u liked my response to your ticket! yeay! :D hope to see u soon! eh, kalau berminat, apply lah. mane tau bole get selected kan ;)

akubiomed :
hehe, thats awesome! kalau centu kene repair betul2 la ok, kalau tak nanti ur customer nampak mana u simpan spanar, so kalau u repair tak betul, derang boleh ketuk u! :P

Thara said...

zurin :
haha kannnnn! i cant believe i managed to shed off 4 kilos myself! 4kgs down, 6kgs to go! :D yes yesss, looking fwd to meet u one day too! there's a premier screening coming soon tau. maybe u can check nuffnang's website out and that could be a great time for us to meet! :D

hamzah/mekjah :
matamu mcm mataku juaaaa :P

worry father :
yesssss! very longgggggg right! sighsss. but then again, what to do. :) i hope to meet u one day too! ;)

Thara said...

nadine :
yes babe! the flat screen tu mmg terbaik! tapi kan, usually benda tu pon mcm pembaziran je sbb kitorang pon hardly watch. benda tu mcm terpasang, tapi masing2 busy dgn kerja, baik takyah pasang kan haha. at the moment belum ada game console babe, tapi kalau ada pon, i'll best it's gonna be under utilized mcm TV-TV tu skarang :P and abt the drum & guitar tu pulak, seriously, i have no freaking idea! haha. :P

thanks babe, appreciate your well wishes & prayers. :) and i wish u all the best in ur undertakings too! xoxo.

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such a cool place to work dear..
mesti enjoy're so lucky dear!!

how I wish to be a famous blogger tooo..hahahaha...berangan!!

Again,all the best dear;)

sansanlee said... working place.... :D

Wish you all the best Thara !!!!

Shahrul Hairy Shaharuddin said...

As salam Thara,

Wohoo, jumpe blog kamu dalam Google! hehe, sebab tadi cek email, dapat email from Nuffnang, selalu yang bagi email tu signature by XinXian, but today nama u! oh my! harus la i cari siapa Nuffie itu.. huhu

Salam kenal! =D

Kelly Chantek said...

salam Thara!

very cool place work!
kalau la office i pun macam ni...

all the best in your career at Nuff! :)

Thara said...

nadia :
thanks nadia, im having a great time so far, although at times it could get pretty stressful! but then again, kerja apa yang tak stressful ye tak? ;) hey, everybody can be a famous blogger ok! kene rajin je, which memanglaaaaaaaa bukan i :P

alysa :
thanks babeee! :D

shahrul :
wah, siap google nama kita! :P thanks, thanks. salam kenal juga! :)

kelly :
salam, kelly! sedap nama u ;) hehe bila-bila dtg la singgah office, bole kita meet in person! ;)

Kelly Chantek said...

salam Thara,

thanks. weird je nama kelly. orang ingatkan pompuan..ha ha..

btw, mmg nak kene pergi ur office pun, nak collect tgv punye ticket tuh.

and just like Shahrul, i did google ur name lepas dapat email dari NN! :p

dinashuz said...

hi thara... waaa... bestnya keja with nuffnang! i wish there's more offices like this... is there any job vacancy kt nuffnang? nak apply! hehehehe