Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Things To Wrap Up 2012!

I know, I know. I've been neglecting this blog, yet again. Sorry guys! 2012 has been an eventful year for me, it made me wonder how I could have left so many things happened unrecorded in this blog! So here's my 2012 in a glance..

1. I Left Nuffnang Malaysia in June 2012

I don't know why, but I still get people calling and asking me about Nuffnang this and Nuffnang that, thinking that I am still with Nuffnang! One time, this blogger even called me and asking me if I would be at an event, 4 months after I left Nuffnang! *bangs head on table* Korang sayang sangat dekat mak eh! ;p So just for the record, I am no longer a Nuffie but Nuffnang will always hold a special place in my heart! As I like to say it, once a Nuffie, always a Nuffie! ;)

2. I Re-joined Exabytes Malaysia

That's right, I am now part of the Exabees again and very much happy with it! If you've been following me since before, you'd know that I used to be part of the team back in 2008. In 2010, I left them for Nuffnang, and here I am again joining Exabytes as the person responsible to manage all their social media channels :)  It will be my 3rd month with Exabytes this month, and hopefully many more months to come!

3. Aydein Is Potty-Trained at 3!

Yes, Aydein is now diaper-free -- well, during the daytime at least! :D There have been a few episodes of "accidents", of course (even now!) but he can now tell us when he's "going" and we'll assist him to the toilet! The funny thing is, he's so used to doing his big business standing that he'll even stand on the toilet bowl whenever he needs to go big! It's pretty worrying, so we've never left him unattended whenever he needs to do his business, big or small. Nevertheless, I'm proud of his big achievement! ;)

4. Aydein Is Now Bottle-Free

The little soldier also just made the bottle-to-cup transition recently -- at the age of 3 1/2 years old! :P It's a little late, but hey, everything's gotta start somewhere right? ;) One thing I noticed as soon as we bottle-wean him though; he doesn't drink as much milk in the cup as he did in the bottle before -- which is fine to us, because we want him to get more nutrition from adult food and drink less of milk like he did before. So that's a yeay to us; about time that we spend less on his milk eh! Save sikit duit papa, nak. ;p

5. Aydein Is Going To School

Everytime I think of this day (the day Aydein will start school), I get all emotional inside. Sigh, my baby's all grown up. In less than a week, the New Year will embrace us, and it will be the start of the new chapter in Aydein's life -- attending a school! His bag is ready, his water bottle is set, and soon, he will be putting on his uniform and begin his journey as a pre-schooler! Words cant describe the way I feel about it now; happy, sad, worried, proud. Oh well, I guess it's a feeling that all first-time moms get. ;(

6. I Am A Proud Owner of an Online Business

I've always wanted to run my own business. I mentioned this in one of my 2010 resolutions and alhamdulillah, together with my elder sister, Pretty Folds is born just a few months back. To be honest, it's really a fun thing to do and business was doing well for Pretty Folds, but the thing I learnt in business is that -- one truly needs to be commited in it in order to be successful! And at this moment, commitment is something that I don't actually have, hence the slowness in stock update lately hehehe. 

7. I Am Pregnant -- Again!

Well, some of you may have already found out about this via my social media networks.. but for those of you who didn't know... I AM VERY PREGNANT! I'm going to be 8 months next week to be exact, so you can imagine how HUGE I am now! :P The best thing is it's going to be a GIRL insyaallah this time, so you can imagine how excited I am! I'm already thinking.. headbands, tutu, pretty floral tops, pink, lavendar, polkadots.. WHEEEEE! ;P I'm going to write about this second pregnancy journey again in a different post, so lookout for it soon! :D

So here's my post to wrap up year 2012.. and I look forward to the wonderful things 2013 holds for me!


RieNa said...

hah akhirnya!! rindu kamu update lah tiqah!

Thara said...

Kak Riena, Tiqah pon rinduuuu blogging! ;p

Yuyu Zulaikha said...

huhuhu.. saya pun ingat akak tak tinggal nuffnang lagi :p siap call akak!

mommaholicSURI said...

oh my dear!!!! Lama nya kita tak catch up kan? sigh.. Aydein is going to school? which school babe? I am thinking for enrolling Oman to school too but obviously dah lambat for January admission.. Which school u hantar Aydein? kot kot I can send Oman at the same school too!:)

Tak saba nak tengok Thara junior!!


Thara said...

Yuyu :

You're not the only one, don't worry! :P Hope you're doing great over there! <3

Nuurill :
It's been soooo long! I rinduuuu blogging + blog hopping! Oh, I ingat nak buat another entry for Aydein's school but since u dah tanya, I hanta Aydein ke Bahtera Ilmu, Bukit Jelutong. I dengar anak Irin yang Raees tu pon dekat situ jugak. Cuba you tengok2 kalau you suka. I think they still accept students in kot.

mommyNadia said...

I know that schooool =)

Owh,so excited to see suddenly ur blog popped on the toplist at my blog roll..write more darling!!
Tak sabar nak tgk lil pwincess =)

Thara said...


I'll try to blog more often after this! :D I'm still waiting for your entry on BF! ;P


Wow lnanya tak update. Congrats.. i ada 7 month to go ada 1 mobth lagi.. gud luck ya..

Feeda said...

girl ke thara?? wah bestnyer...!

Kunaz said...

tharaaa tau x i rindu sgt kt u tp sgt bz utk keep in touch. rsnye u and kak anne kene msk list whatsapp i. haha.. congrats dear. sonok tau jd mak 2 anak. haha

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