Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pretty Dress Gone Wrong

Dresses. They're supposed to make one look sweet, demure and stylish, right? Heh. Well, not all the time! Not when you trip the stairs when you accidentally step on the dress, or when your two fat legs get shown whenever there's strong wind, or in my case, when the dress get stuck at the side of the escalator! *gasp*

I am dead serious.

Some of you may have known that I've (quite) recently celebrated my 27th birthday from this post, but what you didn't know is that I also had a small birthday celebration with my little family the very next day.

I wanted to look my best on my special day, so being the (tough) girly girl that I am, naturally, I chose to wear a dress. From PopLook. And if you know PopLook, you'd know that their dress is usually a little long for petite Asians like us.

I was wearing an Elara maxi dress from ThePopLook, shawl from Alhumaira Contemporary (AHC), and a necklace (with a gorgeous locket!) by my mother in law.

So what I usually do whenever I take the escalator is, I would lift up my skirt a little when the end of the escalator is near. But on that day, my hands were full somehow, as one was holding Aydein, and the other was holding the escalator for balance (I was also on heels!)

As I confidently stepped out of the escalator once it reached the end, the next thing I know, I was pulled back to the escalator and couldn't move an inch! I turned to look what was holding me back, and to my horror, I saw my skirt getting stuck at the side of the escalator!

Out of pure panic and well, embarassment, I tugged frantically on my skirt in hopes that the piece of cloth would break free, but no matter how hard I tugged and yanked on it, it just wouldn't break free! In fact, it made it even worse as the more I pulled at my skirt, the more it seemed to tear!

Luckily there was this lady who was quick enough to press the emergency button. Once the escalator stopped moving, my husband helped to tear the stuck skirt off the escalator and I *ahem* gracefully walked with my head held high again asthough nothing happened, although my skirt was short at one side!

C'mon, what did I tell you guys about confidence again? Yes, muka kena confident beb. Walaupun kain singkat sebelah. :P Heehee.

Once the drama was over, we went to Shogun to stuff ourselves with the yummy food over there and we laughed it off over plates and plates of sushis, oysters and noodles!

Oh well, so much for being sweet, demure and stylish, huh? :P But then again, I have to say, it was really a birthday to remember! ;)



yup!! mukaken confident dgn harapan org tak perasan kiki

Thara said...

mama amana & arief :
hahaha exactlyyy! and jalan kene laju supaya org LAGI tak perasan! :P

Nisa Kay said...

Nisa ponnn penah kena mcm ni. kain stuck kat escalator kat Low Yat! Bayangkan betapa ramainyeee orang masa tuuuu. wuwuwuuu T_T my favorite skirt lak tuu.
tp luckily kain nisa x koyak. Maybe sebab dia tebal kot.. just kotor je la kena gris excalator =.="

sayahappyslalu said...

Ni perkara yang menakutkan I bila pakai skirt and naik escalator.. Sedangkan jalan biasa pun boleh terpijak kain sendiri, apatah lagi bila naik escalator.. hehe..

Nadine said...

OH my...

Once my hubby saw a similar accident, since that day, bila kluar to the mall he would never failed to remind me suruh lift up a bit my skirt/dress. susahkn jadi petite ni.. :P

but babe, i agree. apepun jadi muka kena confident! :D

N.Aima K said...

oh my..it happened to my friend..nah mmg PANIK juga time tu..adoi!!

mommyNadia said...

OMG!!Yg penting confident kan..tu baru sket, my fren's mom kena, terus tercabut habis tinggal pettycoat je..
mujur kat depan kedai baju,terus masuk beli kain lain..
Ever since that,I always remind myself nk kena careful bila naik escalator and specially bila ber skirt..
Mujur sempat bergaya dulu before incident kan babe! ;)

BabyBooned said...

ok hun all i can say is thank god nothing nasty happened to u! btw, happy belated birthday! 27.. still so young!

mommaholicSURI said...

Thara, xkiralah u pakai skirt senget sebelah.. even kalau u x pakai kasut sebelah pun you tetap maintain cun melecun. :)

I baru berkesempatan baca entries birthday you. Waaaaaa!! bestnya. On your birthday, you surrounded by all your loved ones!! :)

Sabrina said...

Hi Thara, ouchhh sorry to know about your torn dress. Two thumbs up for being able to walk in confidence :) Happy belated birthday to you, am sure you had a nice celebration!

wanayu said...

wah.. sedapnye tgk makanan tu.. trliur nu

obagi nu derm starter kit said...

What a nice dress!!! enjoy dude......