Monday, March 28, 2011

Discover Your Miracle with Lancôme Maqui Miracle

When it comes to compact power, I always get confused as to which tone that best suits a person -- a tone darker or a tone lighter? That is why when I got the opportunity to join Loreal Lancome Workshop organized by Nuffnang, I was over the moon!

The moment I stepped into the Loreal office, I was greeted by this very sweet scent that comes from a vase of fresh flowers placed at the corner of the room. And I am not sure if it's the beautiful staffs around there, or the sweet smell coming from the flowers, or the professionally set lounge area, but for a moment there, I almost felt like I belong there. :P

The special workshop was held to promote Lancome's latest launch -- the new Maqui Miracle compact powder. In case you don't already know, Maqui Miracle is the first 12-hour long lasting compact powder ever launched and it also contains the highest UV protection with SPF 35/PA+++ ever in a compact!

How cool is that! And did I tell you that the workshop was conducted by the non-other, the infamous Zamri Zainol, Lancome's makeup artist with over 14 years of experience in the beauty industry! With that much of experience in the beauty line, I am surprised that he has not come up with his own beauty product just yet! :P

On to the product, now as mentioned in my previous entry, I am very particular about putting something onto my face unless it is tested and proven to be safe on all types of skin, especially on dry skin like mine. However, after confirming with Zamri and the fact that all of us received a goodie bag with the new Maqui Miracle in it, I figured, hey's let's give it a try!

The special thing about Maqui Miracle compact powder is that it has dual-sponge, a two-sided sponge that helps you create the coverage you desire. The velvety porous side is used to pick up the powder, while the silky smooth side helps to blend and polish the foundation, giving you the perfect finishing that you want. Pay attention to the 2 sponge's surfaces below :

For all you busy ladies out there who seriously have no or very little time to apply makeup but still wishes to have that radiant look to your skin, this is the answer to all your prayers! With Maqui Miracle, it honestly takes less than 2 minutes to get that fresh, natural look that you've all been waiting for! Need convincing? Check this out!

This is me, before Maqui Miracle.

This is me, WITH Maqui Miracle!

Can you see the difference? Mind you, no Photoshop editing done whatsoever okay! I discovered the miracle purely by using Lancome Maqui Miracle itself, and the best thing is, the powder langsung tak over okkk, I LOIKE! :) Now you can have it too! All you need are just 3 things ; Lancome Genifique Serum, Lancome Teint Miracle and Lancome Maqui Miracle. I do not have Lancome Teint Miracle, but even without that, look what transformation it has made to my skin! (With a little help from eyeliner and gloss of course :P)

By the way, when choosing the tone color, Zamri told us that it depends on individual's preference. If you just want to look totally fresh and natural without a trace of makeup, then go for the same tone as your skin. (Tapi rugi lah kan, dah bayar RM130 pastu tak nampak macam pakai makeup pon, baik pakai bedak Pureen je :P). But if you want to look natural with a slight hint of makeup, go for a tone lighter. However, you can also go for a tone darker but you need to make sure that you're fully makeup (with eyeshadows, blusher & gloss).

Among the ladies who came for the workshop

Now I know I told you that Topshop Powder Foundation is good, but I am telling you, Lancome Maqui Miracle is way better and I myself am impressed with the output, no kidding! Okay, suddenly rasa gatal nak beli Lancome Teint Miracle pulak!

Oh wait, Lancome Teint Miracle or Topshop Skin Tint?

Hmm temptations, temptations, go away!


reena said...

Nampak perbezaannya! Emm..Why not beli both Lancome & Topshop? :p

Nadine said...

A'ahla babe, so much different! Kebetulan my compact powder pun dh nak habis. Hmm, perlu tukarkah pd Lamcome? Mcm menarik :D

em, masa u pakai dlm d photos tu, u pakai genifique serum dulu ke terus apply maqui tu?

ZuRin said...

Wow..very nice..:) looks natural and fresh yet so radiant..:)i also loike! Hehe...yup for me i always found it tricky to get the right tone of compact powder and foundation that suits for my skin. Nak nampak bermake-up tapi tak nak terlalu over. Feel like wanna drop by Lancome counter to try both Teint and Maqui Miracle lah..thank you for sharing Thara..:)

mommaholicSURI said...

Thara, you're so lucky. You've got so much opportunity to join such grooming or product intro like this one! Pulak tu terbukti do wonders pulak tu!! :)
Dear, your skin mmg cantik hokeh. Xpakai make apa-apa pun licin jer. Nyelous!!!! :)

Cherie said...

"while the silky smooth side helps to blend and polish the foundation" babe im confused! is it a cream foundation or a compact powder? or could it be a miracle 2 in 1? ;)

ps : you look smoking! xx

TheFusionTea said...

Hi Thara, i love both look with n without. I wanna try tho, my skin needs it :)

Thara said...

reena :
wah, good suggestion! although i cant find good money for that! :P

nadine :
pls pls pls get it babeee! dia tersangattttlah magic! dia buat kulit jadik bersih licin tapi tak over gitu! thats the best thing i like about it! my husband pon agree! mungkin sbb it's lancome kot -- dah bertahun-tahun tested and proven kan. premium brands always usually deliver! :)

tak, i pakai genifique dulu, baru pakai maqui tu. genifique tu fungsi dia mcm mengembalikan the youth in us lah u know :P

Thara said...

zurin :
kan kan kan! soooo this is memangggg the solution for u! seriously, i myself am very impressed and in love with it! sayang nak pakai pon sbb takut habes hahaha. so habes pakaikan yg topshop punye dulu -- yang lancome pakai utk special event je :P oh and, u're most welcome! i love sharing bcoz i want all of us ladies become pretty for our husbands! :) hangat lagi di pasaran okkkk! :P

Thara said...

nuurill :
alhamdulillah u, i mmg happy so far ni. :) eh ape cite u? senyap je? tak jadik eh? :P anywaysss abt my skin, tapayah jealous la uuuu. itu illusi je tu uuuuuu. mcm i ckp sblm ni, cuba mai dtg dkt2. ade je lobang sana comping sini :P

Thara said...

cherie :
hey beautiful! thanks for the compliment although i think everyone would look smoking thanks to the miracle of this lancome maqui miracle! :P oh, it's actually a compact powder. yang cream foundation tu is the lancome TEINT which u apply BEFORE u pakai this maqui miracle compact powder. it goes like this :

1) Lancome Genifique Serum
2) Lancome Teint Miracle (cream foundation)
3) Lancome Maqui Miracle (compact powder)

yang part blend and polish tu contohnya mcm ni lah. kau basuh lantai kan, kau letak detergent tu kan then kau mop kan? ok this is like the function of the porous side of the sponge. then kau nak kasik berkilat kilat lantai kau, kau pakai satu lagi jenis mop lantai yang kesat tu, yang kasik licin and polish tu kan, ok this is the function of the OTHER side of the sponge (kasik blend serbuk powder yang maybe tak even atas kulit kau and polish kasik glowing gitu dkt muka kau :P)

get what i mean? kalau tak paham pon, buat-buat paham je lah ye haha. :P

Thara said...

thefusiontea :
aww thanks babe, ure too kind. :) im sure everyone yang pakai lancome maqui miracle ni pon kulit akan glowing u! sbb i rasa dia mmg magic lah. i suppose it's the special dual-sponge tu kot yang buat effect smooth & glowing mcm gitu :) try lah u! it's really value for money! :)

AnnaYJia said...

Well I think may be you can wait until next month for their Maqui Blan Miracle Liquid Foundation to launch ? I think that will be a perfect match with this compact foundation ^^ Can't wait to try !

Cherie said...

wahaha nice comparison! totally classy. although i have to admit, i paid more attention to the mop lantai bit cos i didnt know thats how it's supposed to be done! xx

irradhil said...

thara...suker tgk.muke u dh mmg lawa la...tmbh2 pkai lancome lagiiii lawa.
ala irra br jer bli compact powder anna kes berkenan kt casing die la.kelopak bunga.huhuhu.nk pakai pn sayang...hehehe.nti2la try lancome lak.

suker kan melawa utk hubby....hehehe

Jessying said...

Wow this look good on you !! If dry skin using Teint Miracle is fine but if you have problem with T-zone and oily face then the upcoming launch of Maqui Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation is a better choice, because have oil control :)

* [ [ Isya ] ] * said...

It looks good on you! may i know what shade did you get? :)