Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AHC Neck Covered Inners

When I was wearing instant hijabs last time, I never paid much attention to inners even though some of them are such eye-candy, like the 3-layered syria that was once sold in SugarScarf.

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Mind you, I was so close to buying them just because they're so comel like lollipops, but I didn't, thanks to the more-rational side of me. :P

However, come 2011 I was all about shawls and colorful colors thus the need to get new inners started creeping in. At first I bought the normal syria inners that covers the head but leaves the neck bare. The problem with these kind of inners is that they can't be worn with shawls made of chiffon or rugs because these kind of hijabs are either transparent or see through. Some parts of the neck are still (vaguely) visible thus defeats the purpose of one wearing hijab.

That is why when I stumbled across AHC website and saw Hani the owner modeled AHC's very own neck covered inners, I was so delighted!

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Without hesitating, I placed my orders and bought two neck covered inners from her immediately. Much to my joy, the parcel arrived just 3 days after placing my order!

Everybody was right about AHC hijabs -- they smelt really good! A little too good in fact, that I pening sekejap immediately after I opened the parcel. Hehe harum semerbak ok! :) Without hesitating, I straight away tried on the new neck covered inners and I have to tell you, they are made from the highest quality lycra cotton that is very soft, and not too thick.


Yes, when it comes to quality and comfort, AHC definitely delivers it. I love that the stitching is very neat and thorough. However, the thing that slightly disappoints me is the fact that the inners are not very snug fitted. In order for it to stick to the frames of my face, I will need to put a pin/brooch under my chin -- otherwise it would be loose.

Contrary to the neck covered inners that I bought from Jalan TAR, the moment I slip it over to my head, it fits just as nicely without the need to put any pin or brooch on it.

However, as you might have guessed, the quality of the material can't beat the inners from AHC (the one from Jalan TAR is slightly thick), but unlike AHC inners, the one that I bought in Jalan TAR has curly seam which adds to the premium look to it. Oh, and it's cheaper too! Of course, the disadvantage of cheap items is that the stitching isn't as neat and the neck covering as you can see, is short in length so one can't get as much coverage there.

Needless to say, I am happy with my purchase from AHC and I have to give Hani credits for her excellent service throughout the purchase. One thing about AHC is that, their products memang selalu laku macam pisang goreng panas. So each time there will be an update about her product, Hani will announce first hand to her fans in her Facebook about the date and time of the new update.

So for those of you who would like to grab a few items from here, kena lah standby and keep on refreshing the screen at the appointed time ye. Because imagine, during the day I bought the items, she published her new stock at 12.00pm and by 12.30pm, banyak items yang dah already out of stock! So kalau you terlambat sikit pon, memang ok-sekian-terima-kasih lah. :P

In future, I do hope that AHC will produce neck covered inners with curly seam because although they can't be seen (as they will be tucked inside our shirt or shawl) but still, it's classy that way. :) AHC neck covered inners are highly recommended! Grab one for yourself the next time Hani restocks! :) As usual, happy melawa-lawa ladies!


Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

hehe i pon ada beli kat Jalan TAR .. ada satu agak tebal, ada satu agak nipis hehehe.. tp masih try nak cr pashmina for hana tajima style :)

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

suka inner yg ble cover seluruh leher..sbb bnyk inner leher x habis cover kan...susah nak bergaya dengan hu

Mijoe said...

i'll definitely get one for my wife from AHC!!!

thanks Thara for this entry!

mommaholicSURI said...

I think kita ni jenis kepala comel kot kan Thara. HAHA. Sebab i pun kene pin kat bawah dagu bila pakai inner nect AHC. Tapi serious mmg selembut sutera lah inner by AHC ni. Sejuk jer x panas pon :) I like! :)

Cuma i jarang pakai inner neck sebab my common style of wearing shawl yg standard tu jer. So, i prefer the normal cotton inner. So far the best i beli kat kedai ape ntah kat Masjid Tanah, melaka. RM4 hengget je satu. hik hik.

Thara, mata you memang menusuk kalbu hokeh!! :)

Nadine said...

Wah, pas sorang, sorang kawan I buat entry pasal AHC. Mesti Hani tersenyum manis bila baca entry korang :)
p.s: Hani, wpun I tak buat entry, I mmg pembeli tudung you sejak dr dulu tau ;) (nk bgtau jugak tu..haha)

I ada satu inner neck from AHC tp blum pakai lagi sbb: 1)I mmg jarang pakai scarves with inner punye style, 2) pipi I mcm dipam-pam bila mengandung, mcm x sesuai je guna inner melekap kat dahi ni. Haritu I pakai skali inner neck (but fr Radiusite) skali tgk gamba, OMG! lebaqnya pipi! Heee...ngeri tgk :P

So far semua inner/tudung instant yg I pernah beli baik online or from shop sume kena pakai pin bwh dagu. I guess my head size x standard la ikut ukuran semasa. :D

jamiey writes said...

you'll look great in pastel colour, hot mama :D

hamzah ian said...

wa.. comey2,..

babYpose said...

Hi Thara, you look just great in any colour :)

Thara said...

cherriepie :
oooh yang nipis tu, coverage dada dia labuh tak? ke short jugak mcm yg dlm my pic tu? oh u carik pashmina? bukan senang ke nak carik pashmina, u? ke u tgh carik any particular pashmina? ps : i tgh carik yang satin-like hijab tu hehehe :P

Thara said...

aima :
betol uuuu! sbb kan, kalau leher tak tutup, bergaya lah mcm mana pon, lilit lah mcm mana pon, sia-sia jugak kan. :)

mijoe :
alhamdulillah, glad to know i inspired u to get the right thing for ur wife! :)

Thara said...

nuurill :
betol u, very comfy takde tandingan and ure right, kepala kita comels, mcm nadine ckp, tak standard size hahahah! huish i nak jugak u! lepasni kalau pi masjid tanah tu lagi, i nak pesan seploh bole? haha :D

ps : uish, jangan u. silap2 u pulak fall in love, susah armi u! hahaha :P

Thara said...

nadine :
haha that proves that Hani really delivers kan! :) and besides, i suka die punye service. sentiasa gentle and saba je melayan customers dia :) alah u, i rasa elok je la u kalau pakai inners. sbb u mmg naturally dah elok bila pakai shawl. and u're like soooo slimmmm okkkk. tipu lah bab pipi di pam-pam tuuuuu! :P

Thara said...

jamiey :
i loveeeee pastel colors! did u know there's a blogshop named SO CANTIK LIKE I WANNA GRAB ALL OF EM! GRRRRR.

mekjah :
awww thanks thanks :)

babypose :
awww, thank u so much, much appreciated! :)

AbBy C said...

owh, i suka inner neck ahc :)..kalu x silap 1st edition inner dia memang betul2 ngam dgn muka, tp masa tu ada customer ckp ketat, maybe sbb tu kot lepas tu nyer edition loose sikit..radiusite nyer inner lebih loose, tp lebih panjang compared to ahc.. satu lg yg best ttg inner neck ahc ni, i bg kt my 4-yrs old girl buat training pakai tudung; so cute!