Sunday, March 20, 2011

Farewell, Robb Chew!

Yesterday was an emotional day for all of us in Nuffnang Malaysia. As some of you might have known, Robb Chew also known as one of the pioneers of Nuffnang, has decided to spread his wings and embark on a departure to take on a new challenge and a different opportunity in life. Yes, Nuffnangers. Robb has decided to leave Nuffnang for the greater good.

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For those of you who have been with us for quite a while, you would know that Robb has been the backbone of the company, specifically to the Blogger Relations department ever since Nuffnang was established. He was the one that came up with the Blogger Relations Department, a department that is responsible to take care of the bloggers' welfare to date.

The very first time I spoke to him, to be honest, I was very intimidated by him. He kept asking me questions about how Nuffnang works even when I was there for barely a week! I thought, man, give me a break, I've been here for barely a week, and you're asking me all sorts of questions already?! But it was not long after that, that I discovered that he memang has this effect on people, especially for those who do not know him. But once you know him, he's really a nice chap after all! :)

Nevertheless, there was something that Robb said on that day that I would remember forever and I hang on to it till this very day. It goes something like this. He said, "Thara, you need to know how things work around here by heart. I don't want you to take this job as just another job because we are all passionate about this company and we want someone who is passionate about this job, who cares for this company, as much as we do," And he has my respect since. :)

Robb has contributed so much not only to the Blogger Relations department, but also to NuffnangMY, that some of us (the girls, of course) even had tears in our eyes when we looked at the projector that displayed all of his pictures at previous events and happenings during his tenancy with NuffnangMY on the special farewell ceremony that we threw for him.

We sang 3 songs for him -- That Thing You Do, Time Of Your Life and Auld Lang Syne led by our in-house guitarist Timothy Teoh. By the third song, I could not hold my tears any longer and I could see the same for some of the girls. Water works like crazy!

After that, one by one, boys and girls went to Robb to share their last hug.

Everyone, except me of course. Nevertheless, I walked up to him still and holding out the little gift I got for him earlier, I said, "I can't hug you, but this is for you," :)

Just before we left the office, Robb sent us all an email, and a personalized message to each and every one of us. Here's what he got to say to me :

I do not know what the future holds for Blogger Relations from now on, but I do have faith in Nuffnang and I trust that Fresh as the new Blogger Relations Team Leader will do just as great! Here's to all of us in Nuffnang!

The backbones of the Blogger Relations Department


hamzah ian said...

mmg saya respek dengan robb..

robb ni nuffies pertama yg saya jumpa, kali kedua jumpa beliau dan robb ingat nama hamzah!!!


bila dapat tahu robb akan tinggalkan nuffnang saya pun rasa terkilan juga. walaupun tak rapat sangat tapi saya harap dapat jumpa robb lagi..

CikLilyPutih said...

all the best to Robb..

as far as i know Robb memang very passionate ttg keje dia..

Isaac Tan said...

Hello there Thara! Nice meeting up with you today at Frames. Very cool gathering that nuffnang has organized. But you left earlier I couldn't get a chance to really chat with you.

I noticed you borrowed the pic of robb from my website! Wahahaa, cool. Am sad he's leaving , now i cannot see him as the Ticket Issuer Robb anymore.

* *

JAI said...

For sure ramai blogger akan merindui ROBB...Harap beliau terus berjaya dalam apa jua yang beliau lakukan..thara gua cilok gambo robb ekk

Shahrul Hairy Shaharuddin said...

As salam,

Robb seorang pekerja NN yang cool.. dan saya pasti merindui beliau.. All the best Robb! =)

hakimfaridzul said...

owhhhh, patutlah malam tadi tercari-cari mana rob...
seriusly dia memang friendly giler...
walaupun kenal kejap, mcm dah kenal lama... :)

dD Fabulous | sitekateki said...

will miss u Rob...


owh yes dia pernah reply my tickets...hehehehe ;)

Kelly Chantek said...

salam thara,

tak sangka pulak i gi amik tgv tickets on his (Robb) last day at Nuff.

tak perasan pun dia duk meja mana..

to Robb,

all the best for your future wpun i pun tak sempat kenal you!

Thara said...

mekjah :
oh dia 1st time jumpa u, ingat nama u hamzah. i 1st time jumpe u, ingat nama u mekjah. hahahaha :D

yeah, hes a great guy, and it's a shame to see a great person like him leave such a great company. tapi takpe, rezeki ada di mana2 kan. all the best to robb! :)

ciklily :
sangat passionate, sampai kita pon jadik cuak! :P

isaac :
first of all, thanks for the picture, i forgot to put credit to it hahaha. :P i've put the credit accordingly, though ;) oh and it was great meeting u the other night too! i wish we weren't so far away though, that way i could know u better as how i learnt tikkoss and vincent better! :) sorry i had to leave earlier, my husband was waiting outside since 8pm! :P hope to see more of u in our next gatherings and screenings though! :)

Thara said...

jai :
betol betol, he has left a legacy behind him when he left nuffnang kan! :) ooh sila lah sila, i pon dah tgk hasil cilokan u. quite an artist u are! pandai seni ye, lepasni lukis gamba i pulak ye :D

shahrul :
betul, dia bukan je cool, die sangat dedikasi ok! kerja lajuuu je siap, decision lajuuuu je buat. mmg excellent. :) all the best to him!

hakim :
ooh hakim selalu jumpe robb ye? i thought hakim blogger baru sbb jarang nampak dkt events. kira hakim ni otai la jugak dlm dunia blogging ni eh. nampaknya i lah jugak yang baru dlm bidang ni ye :P and true that, robb has that effect to ppl. eventho baru kenal dia, rasa mcm dah kenal lama. mungkin sbb dia friendly kot :)

Thara said...

dd :
we will definitely! :(

nadia :
haha, and his replies misti a satisfactory reply kan? i personally like to read his replies to bloggers myself. very professional and precise :)

kelly :
ooh, u mean the world invasion ye? yeah, that was his last event. lepasni, u'll see more of me and fresh. jadiklah, buat pengganti rindu pada robb ye :P

Nadine said...

Thara, cant help myself from noticing the last photo: you dh kurus giler babe!! :)

budleee said...

owhh mamat nie takde dah?

selalu nampak dia jaga tiket, bila dpt movie free...

Thara said...

nadine :
hahaha, illusi je tu uuu, illusi jeee. hakikatnya banyakkkk lagi lemak tepu yang terkumpul ni :P

budlee :
yeap yeap, hes left nuffnang for good. tapi tatau la kot one day rezeki kitorang bekerja dgn dia lagi kan :) oh yes, hes the famous Mr Ticket Issuer. lepasni u nampak Miss and Mrs Ticket Issuers je :P