Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aydein Turns One! (Part 1)

Last 31st May 2010, as the clock stroke sharp at 3.03pm on Monday afternoon, a sudden realization washed over me -- it has been a year since the very first day I held Aydein in my arms!

The very baby who only weighed 2.75kg has now tripled his weight and grew into someone very handsome, just like his papa! :)

That very night, The Little Family and my siblings went out to celebrate this joyous occasion. Aien and I thought hard as to where to celebrate at first, but settled with Paddington House of Pancakes eventually as we feel that it will be safe for Aydein to indulge himself with a nice plate of pancakes all to himself!

We went through the menu carefully and took a long time determining the best first real birthday meal for Aydein to indulge in, but they all looked delicious!

Eeee! Banyak nya pancakes dekat sini, ma! Confuse lah nak pilih mana!

In the end, we chose Dollar Pancakes, the one that looks best of all. It has more fruits with a scoop of ice cream along with a few coin-sized pancakes. After all, how wrong can you go with pancakes, right? Which baby will be fussy about pancakes anyway?

Apparently, Aydein is one of them! Haha. I am not sure if it was due to his full tummy (because I forgot to inform bibik not to feed him porridge that night) or the taste of the pancakes, but he surely did not really enjoy his meal! In the end, the adults ended up finishing up his DELICIOUS meal for him! Seriously, it was so nice ok! I pon pelik kenape Aydein tak suka! Tsk tsk. Rugi lah birthday boy! :P

Aydein's Dollar Pancakes

Needless to say, I enjoyed each and every bite of my meal. Aien's meal to me, was just an o-kay. But ours were nothing compared to my sister's meal. I tak ingat nama my sister's meal, but it's got a delicious, delicious hotdog on it! Sedap gilaaaa, rasa macam nak switch je! Speaking of which -- I forgot to snap the picture of it!

My Blueberry Pancake meal

Aien's I-forgot-the-name meal

And since it was Aydein's first birthday, we went easy on him for the first time ever. No "NO AYDEIN!" ; just "GO ON AYDEIN!" all the way! :P We let him have his first taste at ice cream and anything he can get his hands on in his bowl full of pancakes & fruits! But since his tummy was (presumably) full, he had fun playing with the food instead and making a mess of the place happily! :P Just this one time, boy, just this one time, ok? :P

The look of a happy birthday boy!

Here's a funny video taken when Aien let he have his first taste at ice cream. Take a look at his "sejuk" face! :P

Although I would have liked it more if Aydein were to enjoy his meal, it was nonetheless still definitely a birthday to remember. :) As for Aydein, sorry baby, mama will make sure you enjoy your meal the next time we go out for a celebration okay? ;)

Aydein squashed in between Pak Lang (left) and Pak Su (right)

Lucky for me, I managed to make it up to Aydein on his birthday bash celebration held last week. He loved each and every bite of his birthday cake!

Mama & Papa : Happy birthday baby! Mmmmwahss!
Aydein : Gosh, you guys! Get off of me already! AAAAAA!

Stay glued for more fun birthday updates tomorrow (or the day after)! :P




i havne't got the chance to bring Oman to taste the pancake here. I'm sure will do one day!! One thing for sure, Oman will enjoy messing up the place dari enjoy the food. He's like that nowadays.... fenin kepala mama. :)

Owh Aydein looked so handsome on his birthday dinner!!.

Happy Birthday, Aydein!! :)

Nadine said...

First time we went to Paddington's, Fadzil had a bad experience with his food. Terus kena ban dr our list. Hihihi..x sempatla I nak try Dollar Pancakes. It's so tempting, dgn peachesnye, banana, nuts and of course, ice cream..uuuuh, *drooling*

Hihihi..Comel giler tgk Aydein n the ice-cream. Tak enjoy mammam pun takpe, he looks so happy dat nite.. and urm..handsome too! :)

RieNa said...

sampai skrg k riena masih taktau, kalau Raqib = pak lang dan Akim = paksu, then ayun = ??

mak long?
mak yun?

pernah tanya ayun dulu, dia kata dia pun xtau nak suruh panggil apa. hampeh.


I love Paddington so much..Adam pun..tapi I tak order special for surely he will main2 aje..

I love the second pic..hawt momma dear..;)..n the birthday boy yg commey n hensem...
cant wait for the part 2..btw how many celebration u have before the finale?

and ur full name Thara Nur Atiqah ek? sweet..mcm tuannye jgak ;)

amirah said...

Aydein dah npk besaq weh!!!And he looks more like you I suppose..hmmm,btoi ka??Whatever!hehe..
Suka tgk gamba yg last kali..muka korang happy gila,muka aydein plk tersiksa.hahaha..cute2!!
Cepat2 update lagi..I want more!!hehehe..=))

irradhil said...

hepi 1st birthday to Aydein....
sodapnyer nmpk pancake tu...bilerla nk rs ni.heheheeh

pst:agaknyer aydein dpt pressie aper yer...heeheheh.

kunaz said...

sgtla lain muke aydein ms lahir dgn now. ala x saba plak nk tunggu irfan bsar. nk tgk end up jd muke sape. heh! hepi belated besday yer aydein. btuah aydein dpt mama & papa yg best. makcik kunaz pn best. hahaha!

Thara said...

nuurill :
oh? then u should! they have more than a hundred of pancake menus there! u should try it soon -- im sure oman will love it! :D

aydein says thanks auntie nuurill! :)

ye ke u! kesian fadzil! mungkin he made the wrong choice? that could happen, pasal terlampau banyak sangat kan menu dkt situ! dollar pancakes is nice, although they're actually meant for kids :P

hehe. aydein says thanks auntie nadine! :)

k riena :
hehehe. ayun tak bitau lagi ke? she's decided. her decision is : mak long! :P

nadia :
haa tu la kenape eh budak2 ni. pancakes tu punya la sedap, bole la pulak derang main2 aje! :P

aww thanks babe. aydein says thanks too! ;) and yes, my full name is Thara Nur Atiqah. panjang kan! hehe.

irradhil :
aydein says thanks auntie irra! auntie pegi la PHOP tu. sedap tau! tapi aydein kenyang lah masa tu. aydein main main dgn the food je :P

ooh itu rahsia haha. nanti aydein reveal ok!

kunaz :
kan kunaz? lain gilaaa! dulu masa kecik, kecikkk gila. and masa newborn dulu, ramai ckp aydein byk ikut muka thara. skarang dah lain pulak, ramai ckp byk muka aien pulak. hai apa apa lah labu :P

aydein says thanks!

ps : auntie kunaz mmg best pon! :P