Wednesday, April 27, 2011

26th Birthday Wishes

19 April 2011. I was in a deep slumber and got awaken when I felt kisses all over my face. I opened my eyes and my heart instantly melt when I saw my husband and my baby smiling down at me, one of them wishing me a "Happy Birthday" and another jumped up and down beside me cheekily. It's my birthday! Another year older and (hopefully) another year wiser!

Nuffnang is kind enough to give me the day off to celebrate this special day and honestly, I think that is the best gift a company could give to an employee! Thank you boss!

The morning started off with a trip to the dentist. You see, I have always wanted a set of gleaming white teeth like those supermodels, so on that special day, one of my wishes came true when my husband brought me to a dental clinic nearby and signed me up for the teeth whitening treatment. Unfortunately, since my gum was sore after scaling, the doctor suggested that I only start with the whitening treatment a week after. We'll see how the treatment goes in 2 weeks time ok!

That night, my husband took me and Aydein out for a special dinner. I was given a choice to go any place I want to dine, and for some reason I don't know, I chose Marche @ The Curve.

I loved the variety choices of food available there, but sadly, there wasn't much choice available on that night. Dah la food dah tak variety macam dulu, tak sedap pulak tu! I didn't even finish my birthday meal that night, such a waste!

Even my slice of red velvet birthday cake that usually tastes nice, doesn't taste as nice on that night :( It's from The Apartment, by the way.

The best part of the day was that I get to spend the meaningful day with the one I cared most in life who were always there for me through thick and thins! Nothing grand, very simple, and very meaningful. Just the way I like it. :)

Of course, what's a birthday without surprises and gifts kan! :P And if last year he surprised me with an iPhone for my birthday, this year he brought me to an optical store to fulfill one of the wishes I've been wishing for, for months -- designer shades!

I tried on many of them on tha t night, but there are some things in life that are made just for you, and in my case, I think this shades is made especially for me, so I went "Helloooo, gorgy!"

I had to think twice when I looked at the price tag, but oh well as they say, if the shades fits... :P

Shades baru saya santik takkkk? :D Heeeee thank you, husband! I love you so much more! :D Oh and for those who have wished me over my Twitter, Facebook and SMS, thank you to you toooo! Your wishes made my day! :D

Honestly, at 26, I have almost everything a girl could wished for and I could not ask for more. For that, I am eternally grateful to Allah for blessing me with all these good things in life. I know, I am blessed.


jamiey writes said...

thara babe, you are so blessed! so happy that you had a great celebration this year xoxo

Shahrul Hairy Shaharuddin said...

Hello Thara!
Comelnya anak u! Dan dapat Gucci adalah satu hadiah yang cool, tahu? heheheh..

Happy Befday ya! =D

reena said...

Happy (belated) birthday Thara!

May Allah bless u always :D

Posh Alert said...

Hey beauty, Happy Birthday!!! Stay gorgeous alwizz!! That's a nice range of pressie you got there *envy you*

mommaholicSURI said...

Alahi Thara, bestnyer you Birthday present!!! Bertambah hot you ok! :)

I nak request something boleh? lepas ni baut entry cemana nak kempiskan perut ek? Serius u pakai belt cantik je babe! hihihihi.

Nadine said...

Oh My Gucci!!!

Hihi..cantek you, tuan yg pakai shades tu pun sgtla cantek. You are looking good 26 dear! :)

-XaXao- said...

wah! gojes spek tu kak thara.hehee stay cute! =)

hazman aka species1980 said...

Hi babe....

Happy birthday to u.... looking foward to meet u in the next nuffnang event yea....

phreak-id said...

Happy Birthday Babe!

semut-terbersin said...

eh birthday kita dekat2 sama! birthday anak kita pon dekat2 sama kan?..huhu..happy birthday thara!i jeles dgn hadiah2 birthday u!! bezznye!


babe..seriously bertambah hawt with the new shades!

baiknye nuffnang bg cuti birthday,tak yah susah2 nak apply kan ;)

BabyBooned said...

happy belated birthday! muda lagi tu ;)

Thara said...

jay :
thanks jay, much appreciated! xoxo :)

shahrul :
awww thanks! :D oh, kan ke lagi cool kalau Gucci itu merupakan sebentuk bag tangan :P

reena :
thanks babe! xoxo ;)

posh :
thanks babe! hahaha ask ur hubs to get u one! :D

Thara said...

nuurill :
hehe u're so sweet la darling! thanks! :D kempis perut?? HAHAHAHA. hellooooo u nak berguru, baik u berguru dgn anne okkkk. i ni tak layak langsung sbb i pon tgh berusaha mengempiskan perut lagi without having to suck it up ni! :P

nadine :
thanks nadine! don't we all look good on our birthdays? :P

xaxao :
aww thanks babe! :D

Thara said...

phreak-id :
thanks doooood! :P

semut :
kannnnnnnnn! birthday kita dan anak kita dekat2 samaaaa! happy belated birthday to u toooo! :D

nadia :
thanks babe! hahaha yessss, one of the perks being a nuffie! :D

baby booned :
thanks kak nina! haha yeah, thankful for that! :P